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News-and-Society Since its inception in 2000, The Akshaya Patra Foundation has been rigorously working towards making India a hunger free nation. The vision of the Foundation is "No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger" with the mission of feeding 5 million children by 2020. To achieve the stated motto, Akshaya Patra started a Mid-Day Meal programme in Bangalore by feeding 1500 children in 5 schools. Today it serves mid-day meals to Government and Government aided schools in 9 states, 20 locations and more than 9000 schools. It is the world’s largest NGO run mid-day meal programme; feeding over 1.3 million school children on all school working days. These children .e from poor economic background, and for them this mid-day meal could be the only .plete meal for the entire day. This meal be.es a strong convincing point for the parents to send their children to school. This in a way is also addressing the issue of illiteracy. Through providing freshly cooked, nutritious food to these children, and bringing them back to school day after day; Akshaya Patra is working doubly towards achieving two major Millennium Development Goals- elimination of child hunger and illiteracy. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations have pulled up their socks to support such causes that have the ability to influence the future of a society and nation in specific, and the world in general. In a move to eliminate child hunger and malnutrition, World Bank too, has extended its .plete support to various organizations. In a recent blog, it has specially addressed the skewed statistics that reveal- of the total number of hungry children in the world, almost half resides in South Asia. It has also raised many questions like, "Why has the growth remedy – rising in.es correlating with improved nutrition indicators – not worked in South Asia, in contrast to other regions of the world?" The article also mentioned that World Bank would be happy to support challenges like .bating child hunger, malnutrition and poverty; and a dream of no more hungry children. Join the league of helping hands that are in constant thrive to eliminate hunger and illiteracy, by associating with Akshaya Patra. Contribute Rs. 675. Your contribution will feed a child with wholesome meal for an entire year and allow him to get educated in the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: