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80% art auction trading in Beijing Liu Mian Beijing daily newspaper news (reporter Liu Mian) this year’s Spring Auction report released yesterday, a total of 188350 national works on 82456, the success of the transaction. Yesterday, at the 2016 Beijing · Chinese cultural relics International Expo main venue, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau spokesman Yu Ping introduction, the country’s auction transactions occurred in Beijing in 80%. One by one down, become the spring of this year, the key words. Chinese art spring film market turnover of 24 billion 400 million yuan, a slight decline of 2.3%. The reduction in the amount and volume on condition, the turnover rate is up 10 percentage points, and the 9 auction turnover of 100 million yuan. This market is the first time in 2011 after the market fell. "The spring auction price reached the highest single works, 295 thousand and 400 elements, more than 290 thousand and 100 elements for the first time in the spring of 2011." Heritage industry analysis, the auction market has gradually entered the stage of reduction in price. China painting is still the most value of the project, the turnover ranked first, 35646 pieces were sold for 11 billion 500 million yuan. At the Expo site, the audience is no longer dominated by white people, more and more young collectors appear. Attendant, is the emergence of more and more new categories of cultural relics, Zhanmai counter for the first time, bonsai and other categories of jewelry. The Expo will continue until November 1st, hundreds of collectors at home and abroad will bring treasure debut, more than a thousand pieces of cultural relics for the capital of the first show.相关的主题文章: