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"August" Zhang Dalei: I did not play Tokyo or horse, "August" Tokyo Premiere of Sina entertainment news recently, Chinese film "August" at the twenty-ninth Tokyo Film Festival "the future of Asia" screenings. Zhang Dalei with the virgin, has demonstrated its "future" — in addition to the Tokyo Film Festival, the film is also a finalist in the fifty-third annual Taiwan Film Awards, with 6 nominations. Show ended, the audience in the hall on the ground in front of the orderly lined up, one by one with director Zhang Dalei photo chat, a twenty or thirty year old woman said to him: "I am ten years old left Chinese, see your film remember as a child." Zhang Dalei said, his childhood are going back to the elderly every weekend, the time is free, you can feel a day to watch the sun come out at noon, the wind blowing the leaves, until the afternoon, the day a little dark." Between junior high and high school cram school, Zhang Dalei began to contact rock and roll, to the high school, so it is not how to go to school. In the 80s of the last century, the Chinese rock and roll is its golden age, the rebellious period of Zhang Dalei also began to and elders, rules against, and then left the school directly. At the age of sixteen, Zhang Dalei decided to go to Russia to study music, "have taken the test, but then found that, in the music hall inside, are all very polite, elegant and sacred, suddenly feel in Western dress and leather shoes, this thing I can’t.." Zhang Dalei chose the film, he said, there is no reason, is to follow their own ideas. In Russia, he has been studying for six years. After graduation, Zhang Dalei returned to his hometown in Inner Mongolia, the first few years, he joined the crew, but are very difficult to fit with his imagination, "most is according to a process that replicated the work". Zhang Dalei chose to write something, but also shoot a few short films, wedding activities have also been filmed: our wedding video is a script, no one in Inner Mongolia to do so." August 15, 2008 – Zhang Dalei did not know why he remembered so clearly, he was in the courtyard of the grandmother’s home, suddenly reminded of his childhood, decided to write a related script. In July 2012, the script was completed, and Zhang Dalei named it "August.". In 2014, Zhang Dalei felt the film should be taken, or no way to carry out the work behind, so come up with their own hands 600 thousand, looking for family and friends to borrow some money, money to his people, and "farewell" director Degna’s mother, previously, "farewell" won the ninth FIRST Youth Film Festival best film, was screened at the Tokyo film festival. Later, we all know, "August" was nominated for the twenty-ninth Tokyo Film Festival "the future of Asia" unit, won the fifty-third Taiwan film awards with 6 nominations. However, Zhang Dalei for the award is the idea: "I see, all." Dialogue Zhang Dalei Sina entertainment: I heard that you were the first band to play? Zhang Dalei: I was a student, junior high school entrance exam did not test, and then fill a year. When I was in high school, I had been playing with the band while I was at school相关的主题文章: