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Baidu wallet from the storm: no reason to receive verification code but did not ignore the stolen brush

these two days, Zhao Beijing experienced a bizarre fraudulent bank card events, on receipt of a payment verification code SMS, bank card is 199 yuan she take wings to itself. "I thought it was a scam." Let Zhao puzzled is that since the payment platform need to verify the code to pay, why did she receive verification code SMS did not do any operation, her card is still stolen brush it?


received a phone call to Zhiyu fraudulent payment platform

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that Ms. Zhao bank card stolen brush thing is not what she found, but the network payment platform staff called to tell her.

"I am on January 12th at 4:43 in the afternoon received Baidu wallet wind control of the phone, he said that my Minsheng Bank has two card spending, a sum of 199 yuan, a 500 yuan, I ask whether it is operating." Ms. Zhao heard other inquiries after the ignorant, but quickly react to tell each other not her operation, the other immediately said her bank card may be stolen brush card and let it freeze as soon as possible, Baidu wallet will stop second pen 500 yuan payment.

despite the doubts of Ms. Zhao subsequently confirmed with Minsheng Bank, bank card does have a 199 yuan consumption, payment is Baidu wallet. She remembered the phone in three minutes before received a payment from Baidu SMS verification code, because there is no consumption on the Baidu platform, she put the message as spam processing did not carry out any operation, unexpectedly, the fraudulent bank cards in the short letter did not get the verification code is completed on Baidu wallet payment.


a minute even brush two single wind control

Zhao after the bank card to the police station to report to the police. To her surprise, she never used Baidu wallet, do not know when to bind the bank card, and even can not find this 199 yuan is through what network platform who brush away and what kind of consumption. I did not go into a phishing site or to provide a liar verification code, then the liar in the end is how to brush the money without verification code? My bank card, the phone number is not all leaked? Baidu wallet is how to find the problem in just a few minutes?"

second days in the morning, Ms. Zhao again received a phone call from the risk control. It is understood that the wind control staff told her that the fraudulent bank card account with her in a minute in Baidu Nuomi orders to buy 199 yuan and 500 yuan of goods, due to the continuous order intervals of not more than one minute, the wind control problem that orders the automatic monitoring system, so the artificial asking whether I buy. The other side also told her that her bank card is automatically purchased in November 2015 when she buy coupons on the sticky rice.

"but he still didn’t explain that I got the validation;