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Beihu District picturesque landscape beautiful village to open the door to welcome customers Yongchun terrace Deng Xialin photo Beihu tourist colorful hand-painted map Hua Tian Deng Ying Qi Yang Tianhu Xinggui Cao Zheng photo taken in the city of white Li Bingjun Tang Wenli Liao Xinlin Ruan Pearson Tao, two thousand years of history. The name of the Qin and Han Dynasties, literati poetry. Draw fairy Weng, blessing around the peak. There is a city in the forest, a living landscape. The thousands of heavy footsteps stopped village. Beautiful to meet, open the door to meet the guests……. In September 23rd, Beihu District Hua Tang Zhen Village in Hunan in 2016 three, the first Chenzhou beautiful rural tourism cultural festival kicked off in the nursery rhymes, singing and dancing. In order to prepare the Tourism Festival, the lake for the strength, dress up in urban and rural areas, make a profound historical and cultural heritage of the city opened a new chapter, a new picture of rural civilization started slowly in front of eight party guests! Party secretary Jiang Limin introduced, at present, the lake is the leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration area, the most beautiful China ecological leisure area. Global tourism is leading the area in the town last year, rural per capita disposable income ranked first in Chenzhou city based on the forefront of the province, and continue to stride forward. [to festival as an opportunity, striving for national global tourism demonstration area] landscape scenery, picturesque lake, generally available six words to describe: male, insurance, Xiu, odd and vast. There are magnificent at the Giant Buddha and steep stone forest in Anyuan, the vast angtian Lake alpine grasslands, deep gorge cave, Fu Xian beautiful legend of the dragon hot spring scenic spot, known as "the last drop of tears" angtian Lake alpine lakes, into the Guinness world record for the 100 Fudading, full of rich folk customs the small Bu Village, and is known as "Barry Gallery" river ecological leisure scenic belt. Not only that, Beihu excellent location and convenient transportation. Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing Guangzhou railway, Beijing Zhuhai Expressway, 107 National Road runs through the north and the south, Xiamen Chengdu expressway, Chenzhou Avenue across the East, Chenzhou north airport is built into the body already, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta "one hour economic circle". In recent years, our striving for national comprehensive tourism demonstration area as the starting point, give full play to the ecological advantages, mining cultural heritage, highlighting the rustic, good health care and leisure articles focus on the lake into Hunan Guangdong Jiangxi Provincial best "Ecological Sightseeing Park and health care demonstration area, leisure vacation destination." Jiang Limin said the contractor in 2016, Hunan, Chenzhou, the first beautiful rural tourism and Cultural Festival, is a rare opportunity to promote this work. They keep up with the global national tourism development strategy, adhere to the high starting point, high standard design, the depth of mining tourism resources, to create a very personality charm of the tourism scenic spots. And hired Beijing Boya strategy of tourism landscape planning and Design Institute to establish "the overall plan for tourism development in North Lake (2015-2025) and the revision of" angtian lake, river scenic belt, Xianling spa area construction plan. The planning for the "five ideas" and "global tourism" as the guide, relying on the city Beihu District Center for strategic location, construction of "city" pastoral leisure as the main body, to angtian lake, river scenery, village cluster development pattern of key support, will create a Beihu District Leisure Function Lake相关的主题文章: