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The implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Logistics Standardization Alliance – Beijing Channel – Beijing in November 24, to promote the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development strategy, expanding the breadth and depth of logistics standardization pilot work, improve the operation efficiency of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional logistics, regional logistics to promote the standardization of policy coordination, collaborative work and standard docking and this morning, in the three business departments under the guidance of the logistics industry organization led to the establishment of logistics standardization based on the alliance, jointly set up the logistics standard of Beijing Tianjin Hebei union. The alliance aims to help coordinate the implementation of logistics standardization in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, strengthen cooperation in downstream enterprises docking of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region on the supply chain, improve the universal and integrated logistics standardization, to build the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region business exchanges and cooperation platform, promoting regional logistics standardization level to a new level. Background: Beijing city logistics standardization to promote the work achieved remarkable results to improve the logistics level of standardization, to reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency, plays an important role in improving the operation quality of the national economy. In the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce and other guidance, Beijing city as the first pilot city (only to the central government funds to support the city is the first batch of pilot city), with pallet standardization and common cycle as a starting point, and actively promote the construction of logistics facilities standard equipment, lowering the efficiency of the logistics industry, promote the the construction of credit system has played a positive role, and achieved economic and social double effect. 2015, 29 pilot enterprises in Beijing actively communicate with the upstream and downstream in the city to form a standardized transformation and upgrading of the logistics, innovation and development of a lively situation. First, the rapid growth of the use of standardized pallet. The increase of pilot enterprises standardized pallets from the original 1 million 400 thousand to 2 million 120 thousand, increased by 52%, standard pallet ratio increased from 11% to 16%, with more than 3 million complete pallet transport board, promotes the implementation of integrated pallet operation. Among them, the 3 party logistics equipment standardization service providers before the pilot has a tray of 1 million 150 thousand, after the implementation of the pilot project to reach the number of the number of tray pool of 1 million 450 thousand, the size of the business model of the pallet rental significantly expanded in. Two is to enhance the efficiency of the pilot logistics enterprises significantly lower costs. Pilot enterprises within the library transportation equipment, labor efficiency increased by more than 50%, the efficiency of cargo turnover, inventory accuracy, warehouse space utilization were significantly improved, the rate of damage significantly reduced. Due to the reduction of handling times, the cost of handling personnel is reduced by more than 50%. At the same time, through pallet leasing, enterprises reduce the backlog of logistics equipment, reduce logistics costs, reduce the waste of social resources. Three is to effectively alleviate the traffic pressure surrounding commercial facilities, significant social benefits. New free acceptance (delayed approval) enterprises (stores) more than 400, the average exemption receipt volume accounted for 28%, cargo handling efficiency and transfer efficiency was increased by more than 2 times, effectively alleviate the queuing to surrounding traffic congestion of freight vehicle pressure led to a high degree of mutual trust and cooperation between enterprises. To achieve the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry in Beijing, ease urban traffic congestion, promote the integrity of the system, and promote the building of a harmonious livable city, is important相关的主题文章: