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"Beloved" deflagrated school season in fine days – the strength of the dyfi Sohu "beloved" still   entertainment; entertainment news Sohu by Zheng Yecheng, Li Chun, Dai Fei etc. the strength of the new generation idol starring martial arts costume drama network "painting arena" people has recently landed broadcast network platform. "Beloved" does not draw the rivers and lakes is adapted from the same name of domestic original animation, since its inception, has attracted a large number of original animation fans attention, has not been released, has not broadcast the first heat, after the broadcast is the strength of ring powder, ultra high Yan value explosion school season. Fine day "chest thump" Li Xingyun strength charm does not discount in the earlier exposure of the first edition of trailers, played by Zheng Yecheng Li Xingyun was played by the dyfi fine day – "chest boom" in the boudoir bed scene, hot hot, make netizens shouting "ask again". In the play, played by Dai Fei is hot, beautiful amazing nine days SungHee "fine day", there are many wonderful scenes and Zheng Yecheng’s bad Li Xingyun. Fine day was born hanayagi GouLan, but in many versions of the flower shop, wearing shiny Philippines to feminine beauty "way of speaking, and the whereabouts of debut, appearing in the eyes can not hide the vicious charm. According to the original party revealed that fine day is one of the nine voices, Fang Ji day beauty incomparable, hot temper. To win the Longquan sword, captured Li Xingyun, learned that Li Xingyun was to be brought back to the blue-blooded descendants, voices fang. Then come to the rescue Shangguan que Li Xingyun beat Li Xingyun, "never beat a woman" the purpose is placed back into the sound of the magic square. In fact, the dyfi with high degree of reduction will make her amazing fans eye in the first stage, the Philippines will wear reality play style attire and animation image of God do fine day reduction, in addition to costumes, matching up against reality and the dyfi animation from the "form" and "spirit" the feminine charm of the perfect expression between "fine day" every twinkle and smile to show. Many users on the network after watching the drama, have published emotion, "San Ji fine really like ah!" "It’s a dress!" The big screen broke the dyfi plastic of the ultra high value benchmark Tsing Yi Yan Yan Yi bursting goddess temperament looks Tsing Yi Dai Fei is the daughter of a humble family privately be endowed with both beauty and talent in the Suzhou River, the growth of the dyfi usually love painting and study at any time to enrich themselves is delicacy, she always adhere to the principle. It is reported that the "beloved" arena will not draw in the exclusive network media every Wednesday, Thursday two episode. According to the anime storyline that, in the next story, nine days SungHee days douyong and Shangguan Yin Que and Li Xingyun in the battle of wits after capturing Li Xingyun, joined the "battle of Longquan sword", and the characteristics and essence of feminine charm is in the days after the fine day will be better, please continue to pay attention to the dyfi in "excellent performance" does not draw the beloved arena.   相关的主题文章: