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Ben Xi exposure, turn the article MV notice of silence after two years of return to Sina entertainment news recently, 90 original female singer Ben Xi new album title song Turn article MV notice officially exposed. Two years of silence, Ben Xi finally brought a new original album, a person’s return. It is reported that this album by mainland music producer Tian Tang [micro-blog] sword production, joint top domestic team meticulously completed. The album title song "the first wave" article is invited to Jolin [micro-blog], Show Luo [micro-blog] such as singer choreographer queen Rambo teacher choreography, in order to present a better visual effect, Ben Xi and the team went to Taiwan to shoot the title song "MV" article. In the exposure of the MV trailer as can be seen, the title song MV color bold style jumping, lively and lovely, dressed in a black and white striped pants suit, wearing a cute hair like Ben Xi is trapped in a red telephone booth, booth four was wearing strange monsters surrounded, and on the other a teaser photo, Ben Xi stood in the four monsters, confident and look like a fearless girl. In September 24th a live interview program, Ben Xi officially announced the return, revealed its latest original "one" will be officially released on the 29 August, songs including the title song "turn", a total of three pieces of different styles in the album. In the show, Ben Xi live a cappella "love story" and "snow season". In the interactive link and fans, fans of Ben Xi expressed support and encouragement is that she can always adhere to the dream of music to the present power, silent two years is accumulated for two years, and now she has been gaining momentum, with sincere work back fans.相关的主题文章: