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Between explicit and implicit tolerance as built beside the green lake Xuan Hengda future city anti utilitarianism, detached from objects outside the hermit and seclusion is a social phenomenon Chinese history, gradually formed a unique "hermit culture". Many celebrities have China history legend of the Zhou Dynasty hermit, a founding father of a country Jiang Ziya, had been hidden in the valley of Zhongnanshan pan, he used a hook fishing, fishing as a pool of vicissitudes; "early Han three" Zhang Liang "Bigu" success back to death in Zibai mountain, King Sun Simiao; medicine right, Lv Dongbin, Xian Jia Zhongli and Jinyuan when Taoism founder Wang Chongyang had hermit. The hermit life, is a kind of optimism attitude. They oppose utilitarianism, the pursuit of style and artistic conception of a detached from the external, become a brilliant history in the Milky way a stream. Special way, hermit in the city, whether it is hidden, implicit, static implicit monarch, hidden, hidden by officials and so on, its core meaning is to masquerade, death is hidden, not with the outside world, avoid contact with the outside world. However, these are only small faint in the wild type, if the heart is no waste, whether it is hidden in the wild or hidden in the city, can be detached from the forgotten dust. The more prosperous, the more the need for transcendental mood. The city’s urban world, scene of debauchery, the city urban heavy traffic, called handsome, what’s more, rumours that the south is gold everywhere, everywhere is the imperial city at the foot of fame, in vanity fair that, if can keep body and mind as a mirror, as on the goods. Jade Garden fam, natural building copies of good building growth in the natural soil, buildings and objects and people with heart is closely linked, with the simple yet touching way of dialogue, suddenly, the body has been floating in the air. Hengda future city (real estate information), after several drafts, natural jade, obsidian eyes and elaborately polished. Referring to the humanities, with romantic rational spirit, the philosophy disseminated every day, and to have satisfied with wisdom in life, in a dream, in the realm of. South Kan covers an area of about 2500 Mu Nian Tan Park, about 150 acres of Wetland Conservation Park, about 700 acres of longkow Lake area. On the north side of Qingyuan park about 2 kilometers away, a double Lake Park, lake, forest, wetland, fusion island landscape, huihaopomo outline Yi builds the grand layout. Pleasant scenery, good to hear or see, is a good place to relax, wash the soul. More stereo five band to the hustle and bustle of the city garden, a touch of green. A hex, relying on the beauty of the terrain, ecological lawn walkway and closely connected, open up broad vision with fresh and natural gas; binary, leisure platform provides pleasure for your public space, ecological lawn through twists and turns, can enjoy the scenery, leisurely laughing; three hex, a Fang Jing Mi elegant world, but to a range rover, suddenly the waterscape wall old world charm and elegant harmony; four hex, theme landscaping, create the center of the whole garden with trees, flowers, garden walk, enjoy the scenery, moon, carefree and content; five hex, stack water fountain, increase the anion content in the air, to bring you a fresh air of high quality let the mood, feel more comfortable. Project VIP hotline consultation: 400-819-1111 turn 610921相关的主题文章: