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"Blind date" Jiang Xin blunt is not shy about weight 10 pounds of fat Jiang Xin recently, Jiang Xin drying out the "blind date" of the "wedding" in micro-blog, although look fine, but neither does not increase any kinds of filters, like than usual public impression of the "Star" way of taking pictures, and fans netizens are praising the camera style simple, upright temper. Not only in the self style directly at random, Jiang Xin in the face of "fat" this sensitive topic can not take into account their own "star image", that he "blind date" because of the shooting and weight gain of ten pounds, "I really enjoyed the play, every day can be made to eat, completely without restraint three months, ten pounds of fat". Not only that, but also talk about their not easy fat physique: "I like this food, to keep it in shape, really not easy fat physique, because I really eat a lot, my every meal does not fall, and I also eat snacks." Jiang Xin style has always been the upright Jiang Xin on her and Lu Yi cooperation, but also forthrightly said Lu Yi like her father, even if two people is the first screen cooperation, Jiang Xin also can not too much thinking about it her impression of Lu Yi, and the "random Renqin" model of Lu Yikai: "I remember when he played" yongbumingmu "my dad said this guy looks just like me. When I first met Lu Yi, I thought, wow, he’s really like my dad!" Jiang Xin Lu Yi laugh in "blind" about the shooting scene also used blunt words. The face has always been serious Lu Yi two serious in speech and manner, Jiang Xin in the film stills when joint site staff together to Lu Yi even said many times "Lu Yi brother handsome ah", attracted everyone laugh. Although two people have a lot of scenes in the play, but when asked Jiang Xin and Lu Yi will show up when the sparks, Jiang Xin with "with an old cadres can wipe out what sparks, he is really old cadres."相关的主题文章: