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Bowie said to the two reasons with Cai Yun: he is an ideal partner for Bowie sina sports day ago, Cai Yun and Denmark badminton champion Bowie participated in the Malaysia Open Badminton Championship news this year caused the attention of many fans, many fans want to see a message that Cai Yun and Bowie in the arena of cooperation but so far, the combination can be matched with unknown entries. A few hours ago, Bowie wrote about Cai Yun signing up on the social networking site, and for Cai Yun, Bowie said, "for me, Cai Yun is the ideal partner." Previously, Cai Yun and Bowie competed on a sina sports, who interviewed the former, Cai Yun said: "now China Badminton Association has not formally agreed (with Bowie and I, because of this entry) to see the State Sports General Administration and Pingyu center approved by the. Because our team had not done so before, if the State General Administration of sport did not agree, I could not participate in the competition. Now the application has been submitted to the Pingyu center, see Pingyu center agree, and then to the State Sports General Administration for approval." Can not play in the case of Bowie morgensen partner, they want to be able to find another partner to participate in the competition to maintain a good competitive state, so he thought of Cai Yun, "when Carsten (Carsten Mogensen -) in the rehabilitation of the time, and I want to play some games together with Cai Yun. I wanted to stay in touch, so I talked to coach Lars about who could be my new partner, and then I asked Cai Yun what I wanted to do." Bowie continued: "for me, Cai Yun is the ideal partner, not only because he is the best player in men’s doubles this generation of players, and because he is very nice. I really hope Chinese Badminton Association approved Cai Yun and I can play with." Cai Yun and Bowie have known each other many years ago, they are rivals in the field, and they are friends. Before that, they all took part in the India League, and in the time of the match, their friendship was more profound. They kept in touch at the end of the game. (Dong Zhengxiang)

鲍伊道出想与蔡赟配合两原因:他是理想的搭档 鲍伊   新浪体育讯  日前,蔡赟与丹麦羽毛球男双名将鲍伊报名参加今年马来西亚羽毛球公开赛的消息引起了众多球迷的关注,很多球迷留言表示希望能够看到蔡赟与鲍伊在赛场上的配合,但到目前为止,这对组合能否配合参赛尚属未知数。几个小时前,鲍伊在社交网站上写到了关于与蔡赟报名参赛一事,对于蔡赟,鲍伊表示:“对我而言,蔡赟是理想的搭档。”   此前,关于蔡赟与鲍伊报名参赛一事,新浪体育曾采访过前者,蔡赟说道:“现在中国羽毛球协会还没有正式同意(我和鲍伊配合参赛),因为这个要看国家体育总局和乒羽中心批准不批准。因为之前我们队没有队员这样做过,如果国家体育总局不同意的话,我是不可以参赛的。现在申请已经交到乒羽中心了,看乒羽中心是否同意,然后还要向国家体育总局报批。”   在搭档摩根森无法参赛的情况下,鲍伊自然希望能够另寻搭档参加比赛以保持好的竞技状态,于是他想到了蔡赟,“当卡斯腾(卡斯腾-摩根森)在康复的时候,我希望能够和蔡赟一起配合打一些比赛。我想保持状态,所以我和教练拉尔斯商量谁可以成为我新的搭档,后来我就问了蔡赟的意向。”   鲍伊继续写道:“对我而言,蔡赟是理想的搭档,不仅是因为他是我们这一代球员中最优秀的男双选手,还有因为他人很好。我真的希望中国羽毛球协会能够批准蔡赟可以和我配合参赛。”   蔡赟和鲍伊在很多年前就相互认识了,他们在赛场上是对手,在场下是朋友。此前,他们都参加了印度的联赛,在参赛的那段时间里,他们之间的友谊更深厚了。在比赛结束后,他们一直保持着联系。   (董正翔)相关的主题文章: