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Buddha taught me the right choice of Dharma taught me the right choice wenjue Che — "teach" the study circles shared by "practice education", so I understand that life is actually a return to the original Buddhism Buddhism, return to the original spirit of the people, is to provide a healthy outlook on life and life the way for the public. Because of its wide range of education, life and reality as the carrier, it is easier to accept. The mentor of the Buddhist emphasis from classic to reality, let us recognize that "Buddhism focuses not on the books, is not in the temple, it is said that Zen s, the real focus in our hearts, as well as various heart making, this is the finger pointing to the moon, is the real target we need to find the." The first half of the study, I start from the mechanically, later come to be accepted, whether at work or in life, I was really to benefit. Previously, a family of their own do not agree about the eyebrows a wrinkly, disgust immediately hang on the face. Now, I encounter the same thing will be able to sincerely accept, but also stand in the other side of the position to think about the problem, in a timely manner to look at their own heart, to see their own shortcomings. Before in the unit, I always look at others with a critical eye, I think this ability is not enough colleagues, the colleague is not enough. In fact, these are all their own subjective settings. Confucius had said: "the three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher." As long as the sincerity of their own shortcomings, you can find the strengths of others. Buddhism is the wisdom of life, a guide to truth. What happened last week in the unit made me feel deep. Sent to the factory and our customers for home goods does not meet the requirements, colleagues at once ignorant, this means that the number of orders is likely not on schedule, and will affect future cooperation. If this happened in half a year ago, I will be furious, colleagues blame bungled, the next step is to find the family home and factory customer defects, in order to shirk their own company’s responsibility. Now, when this happens, my mood is peaceful. This Thanksgiving in three grade school, let me understand the law is the origin of impermanence, will not be bothered. Peace of mind is the premise of success or not, the wisdom of Buddhism is to help us solve the problem of protection. I didn’t expect the Dharma to be so good. After several communication I, the willingness to adjust color, home customers also willing to accept my proposal, consider a new color. It is the wisdom of the Buddha that taught me to make the right choices in life and work. In the past, the heart can not be obtained, and now the heart can not be obtained, the future can not be." We just need to hold on to the moment. Everything has its own law of cause and effect, as long as the heart is right, the process of efforts, what the results are the best. Now, I will as in the past to get control of everything, do not want to lose, always eager to get, I get tired, confused, covered with thorns, to see all the world is inverse margin. I always thought that when it was done, my heart would settle down, but once it was done, the new.相关的主题文章: