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Home-Appliances According to a recent survey it was found out that people who spend more time in the bathroom, not necessarily for relieving themselves but reading, thinking etc are more successful. This survey highlights the significance of bathrooms in our life. If this theory is even remotely true then building a good bathroom is definitely a necessity. Bathrooms are an integral part of the house as they provide an individual utmost privacy. It is a room where one can unburden oneself of worries and tensions. As tiles are the building blocks of a bathroom therefore it should be chosen with utmost consideration. As every other accessory is matched with the tiles, its selection should be done with care. There are various varieties of bathroom tiles which are available in the market, granite tiles, marble tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles and natural stone tiles are a few good examples. These tiles are available in various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. One such popular variety of tiles is the travertine tile. Travertine tiles are made up of limestone which is chemically known as calcium carbonate. These tiles are smooth, porous and durable. Travertine tiles have been used for many purposes like flooring, wall coverings, Buildings, showers, baths, outer tops etc. Since these tiles are fairly durable they are often trusted to be used for important constructions. These tiles are available in many textures out of which the honed texture is the most popular one. The other is the polished texture which provides a shiny appearance to the tile. Brushed texture gives a smooth elegant look and appearance and the tumbled texture gives a fine finish. The travertine tiles can be chosen from a wide range of colours such as beige, gold, walnut and ivory. They give a .pletely new look to the bathroom. However there is one in these tiles. These tiles are largely reactive with acidic solutions as they are made of natural stone. Therefore, use of these tiles requires a degree of caution. They should not be used in places where they are prone to acid contact like in basin and pots. These tiles are designed uniquely and hence liked by all. The .panies which manufacture these tiles are Cifial, Ferratsi, Vitra, Sottini, Heritage, Duravit and roer etc. When these tiles are matched with other bathroom accessories such as bath tub, shower curtain, water taps, shower rods, flooring etc they provide a magnificent appeal to the bathroom interiors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: