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Cao Yunding: before the premonition of selected country enough to improve their physical characteristics – Sohu   14:35 this afternoon, Shenhua team boarded the flight landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Just out of the cabin in the team, go to the luggage area waiting for luggage, a lot of people’s mobile phone rang, we received the information, China Football Association announced Lippi as head coach of the national team after the first phase of the national team list, Shenhua team Cao Yunding not surprisingly impressively, this is the first time the national team Cao Yun also, Shenhua this season ranked fourth place in the Super League team only a striker. Xiao Bian get information just after Cao Yunding met head-on down at the mobile phone, "Xiao Cao, Congratulations," he said at the same time in speech and deportment were very calm. Obviously, for the selected, Cao Yunding is also a certain psychological preparation, indeed before there is a certain premonition. This can be selected to illustrate their performance in the past season has been recognized by the outside world." To feel the distinctive Cao Yun is more mature than before. Today, in an interview with the small interview, Cao Yunding talk more or their own shortcomings, and now there are problems that can be improved next season. Cao Yunding said he will continue to improve themselves, I hope to be able to get more goals next season, the team to bring more assists, there are more beautiful data. The Cao Yun’s career positioning as their learning, "to show their own characteristics in training, their ability to play out, their status reflected." As for the final in the national team can play the main force, Cao Yunding did not think too much, he considered is to do their own. Gan Hui: the end of the 2016 season, how to evaluate their performance in this season? Cao Yunding: there’s a good side and a bad side. In general, in the offensive, assists in all aspects of the better, but the score is not enough, or need to continue their efforts to improve. In defense is also the weakest link, but also to make up for their deficiencies. Gan Hui: look at you in front of the data for several seasons. What are the reasons you have made great progress this year in terms of playing time, starting times, scoring goals and assists, all of which have gone up a bit before? Cao Yunding: first of all, usually on their own inadequacies to understand, to analyze, the second is the leadership of the club coach, for you are not the same, and the confidence of your team-mates, the coach’s trust to you, give you the chance to play more slowly, sum up a lot, you will be a little better. Gan Hui: last year’s FA Cup final in the two round of the game, you won the opportunity to break a number of times, to give people the feeling that it is a little bit worse, it is a pity. Did you think a lot after the game? Cao Yunding: think a lot is inevitable, must be thinking a lot. This year should be said that all aspects of their confidence has been improved, the usual summary is inseparable from the sum of their own, the most important thing is confidence than before enough. Gan Hui: before you.相关的主题文章: