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You know what? Mac and iPhone have the magical collocation – Sohu digital   there was a person to buy a iPhone, then not long after he bought a iPad, then iPad , then Macbook  mini; air, pro and iMac…  …;   apple is an innovation and creative the height of the identity of the company, the company will be good at brand spirit into their own products, at the same time by means of monitoring to ensure strong hardware and software product quality, the product concept can be implemented and continue. All kinds of products are interconnected, so there is a story above. Mac and iPhone use     collocation; Jobs in the 2007 D5 meeting with Bill Gates in an interview said: "apple is a software company", what is Mac, it is OS  the X operating system, it only has a beautiful shell, but it is OS  X operating system. If you think about what iPhone is, it’s also software. So the Apple Corp’s biggest secret, perhaps, is no secret, and that’s what Apple sees as a software company. Jobs said: "apple is a software company"     because has the same design concept, so apple in the 2014 WWDC conference released a flagship Mac  OS  10.10 and iOS8 system, this time Apple put the two systems together, such as in the Mac computer on answering and call each phone, read data, to iPhone users, Mac has a PC function can not be achieved.     believe that many Mac users have iPhone at the same time, then want to know what these two products together will produce what kind of chemical reaction, let us go down to see. Today we’re going to talk about the match between Mac and iPhone. ICloud automatically backup key string     although iCloud in domestic use rate is not high, in addition to the automatic record backup is not suitable for SkyDrive use, and store more things, but also need to pay to buy additional storage space. But there are several functions that are well integrated with computers and mobile devices. ICloud automatic backup keys such as     iCloud function keys can be used to record the user name in the authorization of the Apple device, the user password and binding credit card account information, at the same time it is good in the open, icloud keys after   when you visit the website of the time can be saved very convenient your password will not be disclosed to third parties, can also be used in your other apple devices, you only need to enter the security code. We access the mobile phone website, only need to login in a device, to avoid the tedious steps. 你知道吗?Mac与iPhone搭配有这些妙用-搜狐数码  曾经有一个人买了一台iPhone,然后没过多久他又买一个iPad、然后是iPad mini、然后是Macbook air pro、然后是iMac……   苹果是一家对创新和创意具有高度的认同感的公司,公司善于将品牌的精神赋予进自己的产品中,同时通过强有力的监控手段来保证软硬件产品的品质,使产品的理念得以贯彻和延续。各种产品之间都有互联,因此也就有了上面一段故事的产生。 Mac与iPhone搭配妙用   乔布斯在2007年的D5会议和比尔盖茨一起接受访谈时说到“苹果是一家软件公司”,Mac是什么,它是OS X操作系统,它只是有一个漂亮的外壳,但它是OS X操作系统。如果你想一下iPhone是什么,它也是软件。所以苹果公司最大的秘密,或许已经不是什么秘密了,那就是苹果把自己看成是一家软件公司。 乔布斯称“苹果是一家软件公司”   正因为拥有相同的设计理念,所以苹果在2014的WWDC大会上主打发布了Mac OS 10.10与iOS8系统,这一次苹果把这二套系统融合在一起,比如可以在Mac电脑上接听和拨打电话、相互读取数据等,于iPhone用户而言,Mac有着pc无法实现的功能。   相信不少拥有Mac的用户都同时拥有iPhone,那么想知道这两样产品搭在一起会产生什么样的化学反应,让我们接着往下看。今天我们就来谈谈Mac与iPhone之间的搭配。 iCloud自动备份钥匙串   虽说iCloud在国内使用率并不高,除了自动的记录备份不适合当网盘用,并且储存的东西多了,还需要付费购买额外的储存空间。但其中有几个功能还是很好地结合了电脑和移动设备。 iCloud自动备份钥匙串   例如iCloud钥匙串功能是可用于在已经授权的苹果设备上记录用户名,用户密码和绑定的信用卡账号等信息,同时它的好处是在,打开icloud钥匙串以后 在你访问网站的时候都非常方便可以保存你的密码而不会泄露给第三方,在你的其他苹果设备上也可以使用,只需要你输入安全代码即可。我们通过手机访问的网站,只需要在一个设备登录即可,避免了繁琐的步骤。   在iPhone的设置中找到iCloud后输入自己的Apple ID打开iCloud功能。随后在iCloud中列表中找到“钥匙串”选项,打开该功能即可。 通过iPhone解锁Mac   Mac设备目前尚未提供Touch ID指纹解锁,有时候当我们离开Mac几分钟后,它就会自动锁上,而当我们回来后就需要重新输入登录密码,有时候便会显得不太方便。通过一款名叫《Near Lock》的软件就能使用iPhone解锁Mac。 通过iPhone解锁Mac   《Near Lock》通过Mac端和iPhone端应用,可以使用你的iPhone来自动锁定和解锁你的Mac。当你从Mac前走开时,它将自动锁定,而当你靠近Mac的时候,它就会帮你解锁Mac。同时可以利用Touch ID和Apple Watch在每次登录的时候进行验证,提高设备的安全性。 QuickTime录制iPhone   在以前,如果我们想要在电脑上录制iPhone的屏幕内容,一般都是借助AirPlay来实现,通过无线网络把屏幕投放到电脑上,然后再进行录制。在当前的Mac OS X Yosemite系统中,可以为实时录制苹果iPhone手机上的内容。   把iPhone与Mac电脑用数据线连接起来,在Mac上打开Quick Time Player应用,点击顶部“文件”菜单下的“新建影片录制”接着Quick Time Player会打开Mac上的前置摄像头随后在相机下方选择当前接入Mac电脑中的iPhone选项即可开始录制。 AirDrop跨平台传输   苹果的AirDrop是一项随OS X Lion一同问世的文件分享功能。它可让用户将文件跨越Mac进行传输,而无需使用电子邮件或外置存储设备。在随后的iOS 7当中,苹果的移动设备也享受到了这一功能。随着OS X Yosemite的正式发布,用户可以使用AirDrop跨越Mac和iOS设备进行文件传输了。 打开Mac上的AirDrop AirDrop提供跨平台传输   先在Mac电脑上打开Finder“前往“这一选项打开AirDrop选项,接下来在iPhone上打控制中心,点击AirDrop选项,选择所有人,当二台设备都打开AirDrop以后,在能接收的范围内,在Mac上就可以看到iPhone了,直接把想要传到iPhone上的文件或照片,拖到AirDrop中显示的iPhone上即可。 游戏搭配   在Mac上可以使用iPhone作为手柄,进行多人游戏,在即将到来的除夕夜,守岁时间漫长,看春晚又无聊,如何才能度过漫长的时间,不如和家人一起玩个游戏其乐融融。 《BombSquad》可以使用iPhone作为手柄进行多人游戏 《BombSquad》   《BombSquad》是一款好玩动作类游戏。在游戏中能跑,冲,扔。通过自己的方式赢得胜利。你可以一个人玩或者和朋友一起玩。一共有十关的运动模式。游戏中可以扔一个炸弹正中对手或扔一个冻结炸弹冰冻他们。多么有趣。在一台MAC上最多可以有八个人一起玩,通过手上的iPhone就可以直接连接游戏。 办公搭配   苹果可以利用自家硬件设备,以及系统的优势来做很多事情。例如在工作场合时常需要演讲,今天在这里要说到的便是Keynote演示文档,可以通过iPhone来控制Mac上的Keynote文档,从而进行远程控制演示,非常方便。 通过iPhone来控制Mac上的Keynote文档   先在iPhone上打开Keynote应用,然后请点击左上角的“远程控制”按钮。如果没有这个远程控制按钮的话,请更新到当前最想的Keynote版本。接着请点击“继续”按钮随后iPhone上会显示正在查找Mac电脑的画面,值得注意的是在此时iPhone与Mac必须要连接到同一个无线网络才可以。接着在Mac上同样打开keynote进行配对操作,此时在iPhone上就可以看到“播放”按钮了。相关的主题文章:

The vitality of life, enjoy half price food secret (season second) Sina > credit card promotions > > the vitality of life, enjoy half price food secret (season second)     02 2016 22 August   11:29    banks: Industrial Bank time: March 31, 2016 check Venue: Shanghai time: February 15, 2016 to March 31, 2016 (Monday to Friday) participants: the normal state of the industrial bank card credit card customer activities: during the event, the customer to the secret food in Shanghai designated 44 stores credit card spending, can enjoy single spending 50 yuan up by 25 yuan discount (limit is the price of consumption, not cumulative preferential and store other preferential share). Enjoy 1 times per person per day, the monthly limit at 2, eligible 4 times during the event! The total limit of 3000! First come first served, first served basis! Participate in the activities of business information: number of merchant name business address business phone Shanghai Volkswagen RC Tibet Road No. 268 room B1-02 021-63403071 Shanghai Shanghai Raffles City C9 No. 1018 Changning Road shopping mall No. B1008 and No. B1712 021-52081371 Shanghai Kerry KP Pudong New Area Huamu Road No. 1378 floor room B110 Shanghai 021-50150969 Hongkou HKC9 Shanghai Hongkou District City West Bay Shanghai No. 388 Shanghai Zhengda Cade long dream B2-K13 021-62500713 ZD No. 168 Lujiazui West Road, Shanghai Zhengda Plaza 5F24-25 021-50327157 Meiluocheng MC 1111 Zhaojiabang Road 1 floor 1-30 unit 021-54245556 Shanghai Paris Shanghai Putuo District Changshou Road No. 155 spring BLCT L122B (Paris spring Shaanxi Road) room 021-52825821 eastern suburb of Shanghai DJ No. 1288 layer A1F16 to store the true light road 1 ZHBLA1 021-31315022 in Shanghai city in central Shanghai Bailian Shanghai Shanghai Road, No. 2420 Building 8 floor G50-F01-1-018b 021-68536859 JQWD Shanghai Jiangqiao Wanda Wanda Plaza Jiangqiao Jiangxi Jinsha Road 1051 Lane 1, room 3098, Shanghai 021-69130107 Hongkong HKMD Huangpu District city Henan Road No. 489 Shop No. L101-34,35,36, 021-63527721 road YLL Minhang District Le Le road 569 Lane 5, 105, 106 units of 021-54867117 KD Minhang District Qibao Kidd seven Xin Road No. 3655 Qibao Shopping Plaza No. K14 Kidd a layer of 021-54862157 River CFJP Putuo District Dadu River Jing Changfeng Road 168 Lane 56: 活力人生,半价畅享食之秘 (第二季) 新浪财经 > 信用卡 > 优惠活动 > 正文 活力人生,半价畅享食之秘 (第二季)   2016年02月22日 11:29   活动银行:兴业银行起止时间:2016年3月31日止活动地点:上海 活动时间:2016年2月15日至2016年3月31日(周一至周五) 参与对象:卡片状态正常的兴业银行信用卡持卡客户 活动内容: 活动期间,客户至食之秘上海地区指定44家门店刷卡消费,可享受单笔消费满50元立减25元优惠(限正价消费,不累计享受优惠,不与店内其他优惠同享). 每人每天可享1次,每月限享2次,活动期间可享4次!活动总限量3000份!先到先得,额满即止! 参与活动商户信息: 编号 商户名称 商户地址 商户电话 上海来福士 RC 西藏中路268号来福士广场B1-02室 021-63403071 上海龙之梦C9 长宁路1018号龙之梦购物中心B1008号和B1712号 021-52081371 上海嘉里城 KP 浦东新区花木路1378号地下一层B110室 021-50150969 上海虹口龙之梦 HKC9 上海市虹口区西江湾路388号凯德龙之梦B2-K13 021-62500713 上海正大 ZD 陆家嘴西路168号正大广场5F24-25 021-50327157 上海美罗城 MC 肇嘉浜路1111号1层1-30单元 021-54245556 上海巴黎春天 BLCT 上海普陀区长寿路155号L122B(巴黎春天陕西路店) 021-31315022 上海中环百联1 ZHBLA1 上海市真光路1288号肆层A1F16室 021-52825821 上海东郊店 DJ 上海市沪南路2420号8幢一楼G50-F01-1-018b 021-68536859 上海江桥万达 JQWD 江桥万达广场金沙江西路1051弄1号3098室 021-69130107 上海香港名都 HKMD 黄浦区河南南路489号L101-34,35,36号铺 021-63527721 运乐路店YLL 闵行区运乐路569弄5号105、106单元 021-54867117 凯德七宝 KD 闵行区七莘路3655号凯德七宝购物广场一层K14号 021-54862157 长丰景畔 CFJP 普陀区大渡河路168弄56号长风景畔广场1层104B室 021-52657563 巴黎春天宝山店(新村路) 真华路888号巴黎春天宝山店地下一层31B号 021-66073261 日月光(打浦桥) 卢湾区徐家汇路日月光中心618号B2-T-21室 021-64042590 张杨文峰 浦东新区张杨北路801号F109-110号商铺 021-68411572 复兴素之秘 素之秘 复兴广场-上海市黄浦区马当路398号E栋E101+E102号 021-63330930 锦康路 浦东新区锦康路252号 第一层02单位 021-68416375 光启城二 徐汇区宜山路455号光启城购物中心地下2层43 021-61209596 松江万达 松江区广富林路658弄668号万达广场室内步行街三层3038号商铺 021-57633906 世博源 浦东新区世博大道路1368号B2层3B07+08 021-31078609 虹桥天地 一店 虹桥天地购物中心-上海市申长路688号六楼L6-06室 021-52218853 虹桥天地二店 上海市申长路688号夹层27室、28室 021-52218315 绿地新都会 上海市宝山区共和新路5000弄绿地新都会绿地DIG进口商品直销中心G-COFFEE蛋糕专柜 021-61178398 江湾城素之秘 素之秘 尚浦商务中心-上海市杨浦区江湾城路99号5号楼第一层105单元 021-65112736 愚园路富邦 富邦晶品中心-上海市静安区愚园路68号LG1层02室 021-52192585 桂平路国商 漕河泾开发区国商中心-上海市徐汇区桂平路391号A座114A室 021-54198301 陆家嘴星展 上海市浦东新区陆家嘴环路1318号星展银行大厦B1层09单元 021-58465091 青浦吾悦 上海市青浦区淀山湖大道150号青浦吾悦广场第一层1F-024 021-59757615 新世界大丸 上海市黄浦区南京东路163街坊的新世界大丸百货B2D-02 021-33307090 成山路巴黎春天 上海市浦东新区成山路1993号巴黎春天成山店地下壹层拾号商铺 021-60897105 美罗城2店 美罗城-上海市徐汇区肇嘉浜路1111号第3层B区3-12单元 021-54652105 虹口龙之梦 上海市虹口区西江湾路388号凯德龙之梦虹口(A05)层33号 021-56372081 五角场万达 杨浦区淞沪路77号五角场万达地下一层B-03 021-55899610 瑞虹天地 瑞虹新城-上海市虹口区天宝路280弄27号1-30 021-55910883 嘉定塔城路 上海市嘉定区塔城路295号11幢-05一层 021-69173027 金桥易初莲花 易初莲花-上海市金高路1256号1F-23 021-68416350 宏伊 南京东路299号B1层B118-119 021-53839823 星空购物 上海市长宁区虹桥路1665号星空购物中心B-B110单元 021-62752810 高科西路 上海市浦东新区高科西路2110号由由商贸中心地上一层F1F0051+F1F0052铺 021-68719958 金桥家乐福 上海市浦东新区碧云路555号Unit.SHJQ_27 021-50305310 松江家乐福 上海市松江区荣乐西路860号101 021-37680019 莘庄龙之梦 上海市闵行区沪闵路6088号凯德龙之梦B2层26号 021-54849522 欢迎发表评论 分享到:相关的主题文章:

Xu Wenwei: Interview with HUAWEI in 2016 will become the most hot year 4.5G definition of 5G- science and technology Sohu Sohu technology Barcelona reported this year Mao Qiying MWC2016 technology for 5G, then, HUAWEI 4.5G and 5G what is the relationship? How is the 5G standard going? Xu Wenwei, President of HUAWEI strategy Maketing, said in his exclusive interview with Sohu technology during the MWC2016 that 2016 was the first year of 4.5G, and basically realized its commercial use. "HUAWEI started to do 4.5G, the first time to see the industry on the basis of 4G, you can achieve from 150M rate up to 1Gbps, the number of connections from 20 million to 100 thousand, for IoT possible." Xu Wenwei revealed that HUAWEI will upgrade more than 60 networks to 4.5G this year. Xu Wenwei also talked about the 5G standard problem, MWC2016 not only displays the relevant 5G solutions, but also in the digital forum link, around the 5G in the future application sequencing, key technology, standards and so on to reach consensus. Xu Wenwei said, MWC2016 HUAWEI’s biggest change is "open, cooperation, win-win", emphasizing the integration with the industry chain enterprises, especially with competitors". "Opening, cooperation and win-win" become the trend, through the industrial chain cooperation to build a world connection, the former industry competition more, less cooperation, the next competition will be more and more cooperation." HUAWEI in the MWC2016logo color from traditional red to white, HUAWEI has more IT elements, put down serious faces, to open, flexible, inclusive ideological culture. 2016 will be the year of 5G standards, telecom operators, equipment vendors around the 5G related standards for technical testing. HUAWEI, Ericsson, ZTE, TCL, cool and other global communications companies pushed 5G technology to the front desk. HUAWEI executives have previously revealed that HUAWEI 5G has invested 600 million dollars in budget. Before the end of 2018, HUAWEI is committed to the standardization of 5G, in 2018 will be the first to cooperate with partners to open 5G commercial trial network, in 2019 to promote the completion of the industrial chain and to complete interoperability testing, 2020 officially commercial. On the 2015MWC, vice chairman of HUAWEI and CEO Hu said that 5G will become an important infrastructure and key enabler for the whole world and future information society. Hu pointed out that the future of the 5G network, will have as many as 100 billion of the number of connections, so that "everything interconnected" become a reality. At the same time, 5G will also have a low to 1 millisecond delay and the peak rate of up to 10Gbps, so that automatic driving and other industrial applications with high demand for delay will also get considerable development. In addition, due to the bandwidth has been greatly improved, ordinary users download a 8G HD movie time, also from the 3G era of 70 minutes and 7 minutes of the 4G era, down to 6 seconds.

专访华为徐文伟:2016年将成为4.5G元年 定义5G-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 毛启盈 巴塞罗那 报道   今年MWC2016技术的最热点为5G,那么,华为4.5G和5G是什么关系?目前5G标准进展如何?华为战略Maketing总裁徐文伟在MWC2016期间接受搜狐科技的专访时表示,2016年为4.5G元年,要基本上实现其商用。   “华为着手做的4.5G第一次让业界看到在4G的基础上,可以实现从150M速率上升至1Gbps,连接数量从2000万个到10万个,为IoT实现了可能。”徐文伟透露,今年华为将会将60多张网升级至4.5G。   徐文伟还谈到了5G标准问题,MWC2016不仅展出相关5G的解决方案,而且在数字论坛的环节,围绕5G在对未来应用程序排序、关键技术探讨、标准等达成共识。   徐文伟称,MWC2016华为最大的变化是“开放、合作、共赢”,强调与产业链企业的融合,尤其是与竞争对手“携手”。“开放合作共赢成为趋势,通过产业链合作打造世界连接,以前行业竞争多合作少,未来竞争下的合作会越来越多。”华为在MWC2016logo颜色从传统红色变成白色,华为有了更多IT元素,放下严肃面孔,走向开放、灵活、包容的思想文化。   2016年将是5G标准之年,电信运营商、设备商都在围绕5G相关标准展开技术测试。华为、爱立信、中兴、TCL、酷派等全球通信企业将5G技术推上了前台。华为高层此前透露,华为5G先后投入预算6亿美元。2018年底前,华为致力于5G标准化制定,2018年将率先与合作伙伴联合开通5G试商用网络,2019年推动产业链完善并完成互联互通测试,2020年正式商用。   在2015MWC上,华为副董事长兼轮值CEO胡厚?就表示,5G将成为全联结世界和未来信息社会的重要基础设施和关键使能者。胡厚?指出,未来的5G网络,将拥有多达1000亿的联结数量,从而使“万物互联”成为现实。同时,5G还将具有低至1毫秒的时延和最高达10Gbps的峰值速率,使自动驾驶等各种对时延有着极高要求的工业应用也将得到长足发展。此外,由于带宽得到极大提高,普通用户下载一部8G高清电影的时间,也将从3G时代的70分钟和4G时代的7分钟,降低到短短的6秒钟。相关的主题文章:

Old AI Kan shares: Volume Changyang opening year big 800 point rally, the Sina chief financial commentator old AI [micro-blog] [lead] volume Changyang is like a thunder, rock burst, jump out of a channeling day monkey, kicked off the year 800 points big rebound! The spring of stock operation has arrived, and we should actively capture the bull stock of structural market! "It’s not going to go down, there’s going to be a rise."!" Yesterday, just finished this sentence, today achieved a big rally, it is really pleasant! And today is a heavy volume rose, no one will take the amount to say it! At the bottom of a big bang Changyang is like a thunder, rock burst, jump out of a channeling day monkey! The monkey at the beginning of the year, two consecutive big line, but yesterday and today is really false candle, candle! Compared with the trend of continuous fall after new year’s day, we still have a strong lunar new year! Then the problem, the two line monkey, whether to open a big rebound in the beginning? From these two days and the enthusiasm of the market, this is indeed possible. But what kind of rebound is big? Isn’t the 500 point big? Of course not! This is easy to do, the current stock index is only 2800 points, while in January is down from 3600 points, and 800 points have not been recovered, if recovered, of course, is a big rebound! But the most important thing is the issue of time, but the monkey year has just begun, there is another year, we do not need to rise every day like this, slowly rising on the line, the recovery of these 800 points can not take a year! In fact, we do not need to care too much about the market, yesterday said, this year’s market will be like monkeys, jumping above the main jump. That is to say, there may be no systemic bull market, but structural market oriented. Some people may be disappointed, but we have to get rid of bull mentality, even if there are big bull market, how fast, fast down, and finally a chicken feather. While the structural market still have a big bull stock, such as the 2013 gem bull was born many niugu. Take a closer look at the rebound after October last year, more than 300 stocks hit a record high, and this year has just begun, is not afraid of more than 300 stocks innovation high? There are hundreds of stock options, also worry not catch Niugu? The whole environment has warmed up, and the spring of stocks has arrived. After yesterday, the two stocks prompted by Sina Financial Planner have gone down again! For short-term master, you can light the stock market heavy stocks, the spring of stock operation is indeed coming! (click "subscribe" to the old AI Niugu Niugu daily) (the author introduction: sina finance chief commentator, veteran investor. This article is the author’s exclusive authorization to use sina finance, please do not reprint. The statements made do not represent the views of the station.

老艾侃股:放量长阳开启猴年800点大反弹   文 新浪财经首席评论员 老艾[微博]   [导语]放量长阳就像一声春雷,炸裂顽石,蹦出一只窜天猴,拉开了猴年800点大反弹的序幕!个股操作的春天已经到来,要积极捕捉结构性行情的大牛股!   “该跌不跌,必有一涨!”昨天才刚说完这句话,今天就实现了大涨,真是让人痛快!   而且今天是放量大涨,不会有人再拿量来说事了吧!底部放量长阳就像一声春雷,炸裂顽石,蹦出一只窜天猴!   猴年伊始,连续两根大阳线,只不过昨天是假阳线,而今天是真阳线!和元旦之后连续大跌的走势相比,还是咱们农历新年厉害!   那么问题来了,猴年的这两根阳线,是否开启了大反弹序幕?   从这两天的走势以及市场热情上来看,确实有这个可能。但何种反弹为大?500点算不算大?当然算了!   那这就好办了,目前沪指仅有2800点,而一月份是从3600点跌下来的,还有800点尚未收复,如果收复了,当然算是大反弹!   不过最重要的是时间问题,但猴年才刚刚开始,还有一年的时间,我们不需要天天这样大涨,慢慢涨就行了,收复这800点根本用不了一年的时间!   其实我们大可不必过于在意大盘,昨天说了,今年的行情会像猴子一样,以上蹿下跳为主。也就说,可能没有系统性的大牛市,而是以结构性行情为主。   有些人可能会失望,但我们要摆脱牛市思维,即使有大牛市又怎么样,涨的快跌的也快,最后还是一地鸡毛。   而结构性行情照样会有大牛股,比如2013年创业板牛市就诞生了众多大牛股。就拿近的来说,去年10月份之后的反弹有300多股创历史新高,而今年才刚刚开始,还怕没有300只以上的股票创新高吗?有几百只股票可供选择,还愁抓不住牛股吗?   大环境转暖,个股的春天已经到来了,继昨天之后,今天在新浪理财师提示的两只股票又涨停了!对于短线高手来说,完全可以轻大盘重个股,个股操作的春天确实来了!(点击订阅《老艾牛股》得每日牛股)   (本文作者介绍:新浪财经首席评论员、资深投资人。)   本文为作者独家授权新浪财经使用,请勿转载。所发表言论不代表本站观点。相关的主题文章:

Observation of consumer financial products: the overall homogenization phenomenon is quite obvious Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Xie Shuiwang Shanghai reported consumer finance market is ruguojiangzhiji. After the introduction of net loan regulatory measures, the P2P platform has transformed consumer finance, but also increased the "hot" consumer financial market". At present, the consumer financial market participants including financial institutions within the system of commercial banks, Consumer Finance Companies, auto finance companies, including Internet financial institutions within the system of electricity consumption, P2P financial platform, the Internet platform stage. So, what are the consumer financial products currently on the market? How do institutions and customers evaluate these products? What is the trend of future products? The homogenization phenomenon is obvious in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that the commercial bank financial products to consumer credit card, unsecured unsecured loans, the Consumer Finance Companies to cash loans (including unsecured unsecured loans, mortgage loans and consumer installment), the consumer financial institutions are actively exploring the Internet consumer financial products. Overall, the homogenization phenomenon is quite obvious. A bank consumer finance business told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, cash loans and consumer installment is the two most common consumer financial products, cash loan amount of up to 200 thousand yuan, the consumption stage refers to the customers in the consumer financial institutions store merchants buy goods or services, apply for personal loans, apply for consumer installment and by the financial consumer agency for customer payments to merchants, customers directly enjoy the goods or services of products; there are also some innovative products, such as consumer trust, consumer credit insurance, but the proportion is very small. So, how to evaluate a consumer financial products? Which consumer financial products are more popular? In this regard, the Nanjing consumer banking center general manager Zhang Weinian told reporters: "the twenty-first Century economic report mechanism of consumer financial products have the opportunity and potential, need time to test, from the institutional perspective, we will see the comprehensive customer experience, technical risk and profit model." A number of the financial consumer agency official said, according to the price, amount, timeliness, convenience, target customers, promotion and other factors analysis and evaluation of a consumer financial products, in general, price and convenience is the most important factor. The consumer banking business said, according to the general mechanism of capital cost, operating cost, risk cost indicators such as pricing, capital cost is relatively low, so the product rate is relatively low, the product quality customers, the bank interest rate is the lowest for 5.88%, consumption of newly established financial institutions may through the price war grab the market. However, in her opinion, for premium customers, market agencies pricing difference, in fact also is not too sensitive to the customer, so the customer experience has become more and more important factor. The convenience of online products to improve the convenience of consumer financial products

消费金融产品观察:总体同质化现象颇为明显 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   本报记者 谢水旺 上海报道   消费金融市场主体已如过江之鲫。   网贷监管办法出台后,P2P平台纷纷转型消费金融,更增加了消费金融市场的“火热”。   目前,消费金融市场的参与者既包括金融机构体系内的商业银行、消费金融公司、汽车金融公司,还包括互联网类金融机构体系内的电商消费金融、P2P平台、互联网分期平台。   那么,目前市场上都有哪些消费金融产品?机构和客户又是如何评价这些产品?未来产品的趋势又是什么?   同质化现象明显   21世纪经济报道记者采访了解到,商业银行消费金融产品以信用卡、无抵押无担保贷款为主,消费金融公司等则以现金贷(包括无抵押无担保贷款、抵押消费贷款)和消费分期为主,各家消费金融机构也在积极探索互联网消费金融产品,总体来说,同质化现象颇为明显。   一家银行消费金融业务人士告诉21世纪经济报道记者,现金贷和消费分期是最常见的两种消费金融产品,现金贷额度最高达20万元,消费分期即指客户在消费金融机构合作商户店面购买商品或服务时,通过申请个人贷款、办理消费分期,由消费金融机构替客户将费用支付给商户,客户直接享受商品或服务的产品;也有一些创新的产品,比如消费信托、消费信用保险等,但是占比很小。   那么,如何评价一款消费金融产品呢?哪款消费金融产品更受青睐呢?   对此,南京银行消费金融中心总经理张伟年告诉21世纪经济报道记者:“各机构消费金融产品都有机会和潜力,需要时间检验,从机构角度来看,我们会综合看客户体验、风险技术和盈利模式。”   多家消费金融机构人士表示,可以根据定价、额度、时效、便捷性、目标客群、宣传推广等因素分析和评价一款消费金融产品,总体来说,定价和便捷性是最主要的因素。   上述银行消费金融业务人士表示,机构一般根据资金成本、运营成本、风险成本等指标定价,银行资金成本相对较低,因此产品利率也相对较低,针对优质客户,其所在银行的产品年利率最低为5.88%,新成立的消费金融机构可能会通过价格战,抢夺市场。   不过,在她看来,针对优质客户,市场上各机构定价差别不大,实际上客户也并不太敏感,因此,客户体验越来越成为重要因素。   线上产品成趋势   为提升消费金融产品的便捷性和改善客户体验,各家消费金融机构都在积极探索互联网消费金融产品。   比如,在金融机构体系内的持牌消费金融公司中,中银消费金融、兴业消费金融、招联消费金融等都有专门的互联网消费金融产品,客户可以在线申请贷款。   南京银行消费金融中心也在探索互联网消费金融,不过,张伟年表示:“线上是方向,必须要去推进,但前提是技术到位,如果牺牲风控,即使流程快、体验好,也不是成功的模式。”   相比传统金融机构,互联网类金融机构在发展互联网消费金融上具有先天优势。   2016年上半年,南京银行消费金融中心撰写了《中国消费金融市场-机遇与挑战》,报告披露了互联网类金融机构的消费金融市场份额,2015年年末,电商消费金融占57.7%,网络分期平台占22.8%,P2P平台占17.9%。   上述银行消费金融业务人士表示,消费金融机构在渠道、场景双向渗透,消费场景非常重要,电商在这方面具有先天优势,而且还有海量客户、大数据风控等,不过只能做一些小额度的业务。   马上消费金融最新调研报告显示,目前,除了银行之外,很多新型的互联网金融企业也推出循环额度产品,即客户在最高限额内分次、循环地使用贷款,到期后一并归还或提前分次归还。其称,有94.21%的消费者愿意使用这种产品,而在没有信用卡的人群当中90后占52.79%,超过半数。   一家消费金融公司人士认为,这种产品类似虚拟信用卡,将对实体信用卡形成冲击。   上述银行消费金融业务人士则认为,全线上、无纸化、快速出审批结果、及时放款、随借随还、循环额度的产品将会受到客户青睐,也是未来趋势,比如蚂蚁花呗、京东白条等,不过这要求机构具有完善的风控技术。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: