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[stocks] slightly lower on profit taking and oil prices dragged weaker Huitong news network February 19th – major European stock index on Friday (February 19th) most opened, the pan European Storck 600 index opened 0.3%, European stocks weaken or due to profit taking and result of the weak oil prices; in U.S. stocks fell overnight and the days of the Asia Pacific stock markets generally weaker, also make the European stock market confidence has suffered some drag. The German DAX index opened down 27.64 points, or 0.29%, at 9463.64 points; the FTSE 100 index opened up 1.55 points, or 0.03%, at 5971.95 points; the French CAC40 index opened up 2.24 points, or 0.05%, at 4239.76 points; Spain’s IBEX35 index opened up 5.1 points, or 0.06%, at 8295.4 points; Italy Fu when the index opened down 70.86 points, or 0.41%, at 17112.36 points. Pan European Storck 600 index map hour overnight three major U.S. stock indexes generally fell, the S & P 500 index fell 0.47%; earlier in the Asia Pacific stock markets are generally weaker, the Nikkei 225 index closed down 1.42%, the Shanghai Composite Index edged down 0.1%. The U.S. EIA crude oil inventories increased 2 million 147 thousand barrels of Saudi Arabia and overnight clear cuts continue to suppress the price of crude oil was steady at low overnight, NYMEX crude oil futures in April a slight concussion in the vicinity of the main contract of $32.65 a barrel, oil sector stocks under pressure. In terms of stock returns, Allianz, the German insurer, said its operating profit grew by 3.2% in 2015, close to its target range, while Holland insurance company Aegon announced a 20% increase in its fourth quarter net profit. Kering, a luxury goods company, said its revenue grew by 15.4% in 2015, thanks to the euro’s depreciation and its GUCCI brand’s outstanding performance. Beijing time 16:46, the FTSE 100 index fell 0.08%, to 5967.32; German DAX index fell 0.53%, to 9413.44; French CAC40 index fell 0.17%, to 4232.35 points. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

【欧股开盘】小幅低开,受获利回吐及油价走弱拖累   汇通网2月19日讯——欧洲主要股指周五(2月19日)多数低开,泛欧斯托克600指数低开0.3%,欧股走弱或因获利回吐及油价走弱导致;此外隔夜美国股市收跌和日内亚太股市普遍走弱,也使欧洲股市信心遭受一定拖累。   德国DAX指数开盘下跌27.64点,跌幅0.29%,报9463.64点;英国富时100指数开盘上涨1.55点,涨幅0.03%,报5971.95点;法国CAC40指数开盘上涨2.24点,涨幅0.05%,报4239.76点;西班牙IBEX35指数开盘上涨5.1点,涨幅0.06%,报8295.4点;意大利富时指数开盘下跌70.86点,跌幅0.41%,报17112.36点。   泛欧斯托克600指数小时图   隔夜美国三大股指普遍收跌,标普500指数收跌0.47%;稍早亚太股市亦普遍走弱,日经225指数收盘下跌1.42%,上证指数收盘微跌0.1%。   受美国EIA原油库存增加214.7万桶及隔夜沙特明确表态不减产持续打压,原油价格持稳于隔夜低位,NYMEX原油期货4月主力合约小幅震荡于32.65美元 桶附近,石油板块股价也因此承压。   个股收益方面,德国保险公司安联(Allianz)表示,其2015年的营业利润增长了3.2%,接近其目标区间的上端;而荷兰保险公司Aegon则宣布其第四季度净利润增长了20%。   奢侈品公司开云集团(Kering)表示,其2015年营收增长15.4%,这是得益于欧元贬值以及其旗下古奇品牌的优秀表现。   北京时间16:46,英国富时100指数下跌0.08%,报5967.32;德国DAX指数下跌0.53%,报9413.44;法国CAC40指数下跌0.17%,报4232.35点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Sina Finance Evening News: September 7th evening news affecting the market summary: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million macro news Li Keqiang: to build a closer Chinese – ASEAN Community of destiny, according to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 7th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang local time on the morning of 7 countries in Vientiane the conference center with ASEAN leaders attended the Chinese ASEAN dialogue relations 25th Anniversary Memorial ceremony. Li Keqiang said that since the establishment of the dialogue relationship between China and ASEAN since 1991, the banner of development and cooperation has been highly held, and mutual respect, understanding, trust and support have been maintained. The bilateral relations have made great strides forward, which has effectively promoted regional peace, stability and prosperity. China is willing to make joint efforts with ASEAN countries to further strengthen strategic communication, further promote the implementation of the 2+7 cooperation framework, strengthen cultural exchanges, inject new impetus into bilateral cooperation, and build a closer China ASEAN Community of destiny. The central bank to carry out 275 billion yuan MLF operation according to the central bank micro-blog news, September 7th of the 15 financial institutions, in order to maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, combined with MLF expires 123 billion 200 million yuan, the people’s Bank of 15 financial institutions to carry out MLF operation a total of 275 billion yuan, of which 6 months 194 billion yuan, 81 billion yuan for 1 years, the interest rate unchanged from the previous period 2.85%, 3%, respectively. Central bank: at the end of 8, China’s foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 185 billion 167 million fell by $15 billion 890 million, China Securities Network, according to the central bank data show that the end of 8, China’s foreign exchange reserves of $3 trillion and 185 billion 167 million, the former value of $3 trillion and 201 billion 57 million, compared with the end of 7 fell 15 billion 890 million U.S. dollars. China’s foreign exchange reserves of 2 trillion and 284 billion 350 million SDR at the end of 8. China’s gold reserves are 58 million 950 thousand ounces at the end of 8, and 58 million 790 thousand ounces at the end of 7. The central bank on Wednesday to carry out 30 billion reverse repo rate continued maintenance of stability according to the central bank announcement, September 7th, the central bank interest rate tender carried out 30 billion yuan repurchase operations, including 20 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan 7 days reverse repurchase 14 days reverse repurchase, interest rates continue unchanged at 2.25% and 2.40% respectively. In view of today’s due repurchase amount is 90 billion yuan, so today’s open market to achieve net capital return of 60 billion yuan, sixth consecutive days to achieve net capital return, from the side shows the recent liquidity adequacy of the banking system, the central bank intends to continue a net return of funds. The NDRC promoting coordinated regional development priority to the implementation of the western development strategy China securities network reporter 7 from the national development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission issued on the implementation of regional development strategy guidance on promoting coordinated regional development, put forward to optimize the spatial pattern of economic development, improve the regional innovation policy, strengthen regional cooperation and improve the interaction mechanism of regional development requirements. "Opinions" put forward, to further promote the implementation of regional development strategy, the implementation of the strategy of the western development priorities, support the development of special types of areas, increase the revolutionary base areas and the people

新浪财经晚报:9月7日晚间影响市场消息汇总 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你说了算 上炒股大赛分掉6000万   宏观要闻   李克强:共同建设更为紧密的中国-东盟命运共同体   据新华社9月7日报道,国务院总理李克强当地时间7日上午在万象国家会议中心同东盟国家领导人共同出席中国-东盟建立对话关系25周年纪念仪式。李克强表示,中国和东盟自1991年建立对话关系以来,高举发展与合作旗帜,坚持相互尊重、理解、信任和支持,双方关系大踏步前进,有力地促进了地区和平稳定和繁荣发展。中方愿与东盟国家共同努力,进一步加强战略沟通,深入推进落实“2+7合作框架”,大力加强人文交流,不断为双方合作注入新动力,共同建设更为紧密的中国-东盟命运共同体。   央行对15家金融机构开展2750亿元MLF操作   据央行微博消息,9月7日,为保持银行体系流动性合理充裕,结合MLF到期1232亿元,人民银行对15家金融机构开展MLF操作共2750亿元,其中6个月1940亿元、1年期810亿元,利率与上期持平,分别为2.85%、3.0%。   央行:8月末我国外汇储备31851.67亿美元 环比降158.9亿美元   中国证券网讯 据央行数据显示,8月末我国外汇储备31851.67亿美元,前值32010.57亿美元,较7月末下降158.9亿美元。8月末我国外汇储备22843.50亿SDR。我国8月末黄金储备5895万盎司,7月末为5879万盎司。   央行周三开展300亿逆回购 利率继续维稳   据央行公告,9月7日,央行以利率招标的方式开展了300亿元逆回购操作,包括200亿元7天逆回购和100亿元14天逆回购,利率分别继续持平于2.25%和2.40%。鉴于今日到期逆回购量为900亿元,故今日公开市场实现资金净回笼600亿元,连续第6个交易日实现资金净回笼,从侧面显示出近期银行体系流动性充裕,央行有意持续净回笼资金。   发改委促区域协调发展 优先实施西部大开发战略   中国证券网记者7日从国家发改委获悉,发改委印发关于贯彻落实区域发展战略促进区域协调发展的指导意见,提出优化经济发展空间格局、完善创新区域政策、加强区域合作互动、健全区域协调发展机制等要求。   《意见》提出,深入推进实施区域发展总体战略,把深入实施西部大开发战略放在优先位置;扶持特殊类型地区发展,加大对革命老区、民族地区、边疆地区和困难地区的支持力度;加快城市群建设发展,支持北京、上海建设具有全球影响力的科技创新中心;拓展蓝色经济空间,打造若干海洋经济圈和特色海洋产业园区。在完善措施方面《意见》要求加强区域政策顶层设计,提高区域政策的精准性。   7日人民币对美元汇率中间价上涨121点   中国人民银行授权中国外汇交易中心公布,2016年9月7日银行间外汇市场人民币汇率中间价为:1美元对人民币6.6555元,1欧元对人民币7.4881元,100日元对人民币6.5384元,1港元对人民币0.85823元,1英镑对人民币8.9356元,1澳大利亚元对人民币5.1108元,1新西兰元对人民币4.9300元,1新加坡元对人民币4.9478元,1瑞士法郎对人民币6.8644元,1加拿大元对人民币5.1774元,人民币1元对0.60858林吉特,人民币1元对9.7000俄罗斯卢布,人民币1元对2.1022南非兰特,人民币1元对164.65韩元。   湖北、四川、辽宁等8省区电改方案获批   据发改委9月7日消息,国家发展改革委办公厅、国家能源局综合司同意湖北省、四川省、辽宁省、陕西省、安徽省、河南省、新疆维吾尔自治区、山东省开展电力体制改革试点。对湖北省方案的复函强调,2018年前,初步构建湖北电力市场体系。完成电网准许收入和输配电价核定,建立输配电价形成机制,完成交叉补贴测算核定。   事件性利好   全球虚拟现实中国峰会今召开 千亿级市场酝酿中(附股)   首届全球虚拟现实与增强现实中国峰会将于2016年9月7-8日在上海举行。据悉,本次峰会将汇聚500多位来自20多个国家的高层代表出席,他们来自全球VR AR领域的重量级高科技公司和创业新秀,涵盖VR AR整个生态链。在本次峰会上,30多位业界领袖将做精彩演讲,内容涵盖产业链各环节,如将发布行业白皮书,展示新产品,发布新技术创新成果,并展开多种形式的互动和合作。   中泰证券研报指出:中国VR发展将始于线下,普及于移动端。国内线下体验店已超过2000家,拥有成熟及良好现金流的盈利模式。PC级产品实现对用户的教育和培养,移动VR 在硬件和内容层面都更有可能取得快速突破。VR盈利模式初见端倪,终端优先进入红利期。该券商建议关注:顺网科技(优势平台渠道,匹配目标人群)、奥飞娱乐(全产业链布局,IP VR 变现)、岭南园林(主业协同发展,线下乐园起航)、恺英网络(“平台+内容+VRAR”三大战略,构建互联网娱乐平台型企业)、联络互动(国际化视野布局VR产业链)等。   中国商飞:C919将力争2016年底前后实现首飞   为介绍第十一届中国国际航空航天博览会的筹备情况,航展执委会于9月7日召开新闻发布会。中国商用飞机有限责任公司市场营销部副部长陆峥在会上介绍,C919大型客机于2015年10月2日下线,目前各项试验,比如说天鸟试验、航天综合试验、航天系统等机载系统试验正在全力稳步推进,前期静力试验已经开始。C919项目后续还将开展航电、飞控、液压等各系统试验,机载系统集成试验和全球定位试验等。   工信部:今后3-5年将迎制造业创新变局关键时期   据工信部网站7日消息,9月6日,由中国通信标准化协会、中国电子工业标准化技术协会与华聚产业共同标准推动基金会共同主办的第十三届海峡两岸信息产业和技术标准论坛在黑龙江省哈尔滨市开幕。工业和信息化部副部长怀进鹏在开幕式上指出,今后3-5年将迎来制造业创新变局的关键时期。   我国研制成功世界首根100米量级铁基超导长线   据科学网消息,日前从中科院电工所获悉,在北京市科技计划、科技部“973”、国家自然科学基金等项目的支持下,该所马衍伟研究员带领科研团队近日成功研制出国际首根100米量级铁基超导长线。这一成果开创了铁基超导材料从实验室研究走向产业化进程的里程碑,标志着我国在铁基超导材料技术领域的研发走在了世界最前沿。   铁基超导材料在工业、医学、国防等诸多领域具有广阔的应用前景,被《科学》认为是目前最具有发展前景的新型高温超导体之一。未来,中科院电工所将进一步优化长线的制备工艺,继续提高超导芯的载流性能,从而不断降低超导线的成本,最终为我国超导产业链的创新发展和产业升级提供新的动力。   维生素价格最大涨幅超2倍 龙头公司最受益(附股)   据上海证券报9月7日消息,数据显示,今年以来涨幅最大的是VA,累计上涨237%;其次是VE上涨111%;VD3上涨72.7%;VB1上涨26%。作为国内VA及VE双龙头生产商,新和成无疑是本次维生素涨价最大的受益者。浙江医药主导产品VE年产量居全国首位(1.2万吨VE油),排名世界第三。亿帆鑫富、兄弟科技、花园生物等公司分别受益VB5、VB1和VD3等维生素品种涨价,亦有望在三季度保持业绩高增长。   维生素概念股:金达威:金达威是辅酶Q10 全球最大生产厂家,占全球市场50%份额;浙江医药:公司维生素E产量国内最大,为全球第二大生产商;广济药业:公司是维生素龙头,具有较强的资本实力和产品价格引导能力。VB2、V6等产品价格持续上涨,公司业绩拐点清晰;新和成:公司主营维生素,同时积极发展香精香料、蛋氨酸、以PPS 为代表的新材料、原料药等高技术业务;兄弟科技:公司通过非公开发行募集资金新建了1.3 万吨维生素B3;花园生物:公司在NF 级胆固醇和VD3 的市占率均超过50%;   结核病防治“十三五”规划将出台 4股迎布局良机   据中国证券报9月7日消息,中国疾控中心结核病控制中心副主任成诗明近日在广州调研期间透露,根据即将出台的结核病防治“十三五”规划要求,到2020年,100%地市级定点医疗机构需具备开展药敏试验、菌种鉴定和分子生物学诊断能力,80%东中部、70%西部县区需具备开展分子生物学检测的能力。    结核病概念股上市公司有:智飞生物(300322):结核病疫苗;复星医药(600196):此前曾宣布与沈阳红旗制药有限公司合作,开拓国际市场;华北制药(600812):治疗结核病的基础药物二联FDC(异福片)已经拿到国家药监局的产品文号;精华制药(002349):芩部丹片治疗复治肺结核。   中移动集采互联网智能机顶盒2000万台 6股望分食大蛋糕(附股)   9月7日,据中国采购与招标网消息,中国移动二次集采互联网电视机顶盒,此次数量达到2000万台。今年2月,中国移动曾启动集采魔百和互联网电视机顶盒1069万台。据招标公告显示,本次采购货物为魔百和业务终端(安卓智能机顶盒),每家供应商只能提报一款型号的产品,采购规模约为魔百和业务终端(含杜比)740万台,魔百和业务终端(不含杜比)1260万台,共2000万台。本次采购预估金额为35亿元。   机顶盒概念股一览:百视通、银河电子、同洲电子、精伦电子、四川九洲、金亚科技。   内地首个石墨烯量产基地正式投产 望引爆产业革命(概念股)   据中新网消息,中国内地首个石墨烯量产化基地6日在厦门正式投产,引起石墨烯产业人士高度关注。业界知名专家在当天举办的“石墨烯引爆产业革命”高峰论坛上称,其意义不啻正式拉开中国石墨烯的商业化应用;“石墨烯引爆产业革命”,2016年有望成为全世界石墨烯产业化元年。   从市场表现来看,石墨烯概念股近期交投活跃,有望再度掀起一轮拉升行情。在机会方面,平安证券建议关注标的:德尔未来、东旭光电、中泰化学、中国宝安、珈伟股份、杭电股份、智慧能源、乐通股份、方大炭素等。   龙虎榜数据   9月7日深交所在盘后公布的龙虎榜数据显示,14只个股出现了机构的身影,其中7只股票呈现机构净买入,7只股票呈现机构净卖出。当天机构净买入前三分别是国星光电、天翔环境、阳光股份,机构资金流入净额分别是2.78亿元、0.92亿元、0.45亿元。   公告消息   慧球科技:顾国平已不再也无意成为公司实控人   慧球科技公司原实际控制人顾国平声明公告。顾国平称,根据2016年半年报中的描述,慧球科技仍认定其为慧球科技控股股东及实际控制人。对此顾国平郑重声明,其已不再也无意成为慧球科技控股股东及实际控制人。同时顾国平表示,其已于9月7日向慧球科技发送《关于广西慧球科技股份有限公司实际控制人认定的声明》,并要求立即披露。然而直至公告发布,其本人无法与慧球科技取得联系确认披露该声明,故予以披露。   碧桂园:分拆碧桂园物业服务于A股上市获证监会受理   8月31日,碧桂园旗下非全资附属公司碧桂园物业服务,已就其首次公开发行A股并于上交所上市向中国证监会递交申报文件,并于9月7日收到受理通知。预期碧桂园物业服务将于上交所发售不超过4010万股股份,相当于其经扩大后已发行股本的约10%。   东方证券:母公司8月净利环比降八成   东方证券发布财务数据简报显示,东方证券母公司2016年8月实现营业收入30920.09万元;净利润2545.00万元,环比下降80.55%。   中科金财:1亿参设合伙企业 拟投建运营金融资产交易中心   中科金财及全资子公司中科投资将与国富资本、宫晓冬,共同出资设立北京国富金财市场投资合伙企业,注册资金3亿元,其中公司出资1.02亿元,中科投资出资90万元。合伙企业拟与全国各地方政府或国企合作,投资建设并运营金融资产交易所或交易中心。   中南文化:拟逾6亿元收购游戏资产   中南文化拟购买极光网络90%股权。极光网络全部股权作价为74250万元,其90%股权交易作价为66825万元。本次交易对价由上市公司以发行股份及支付现金方式支付,其中,以现金方式支付26730万元,以发行股份的方式支付40095万元,发行股份的价格为18.58元 股,共计发行2158万股。同时,公司拟向不超过10名符合条件的特定投资者发行股份募集配套资金,募集配套资金总额为40095万元。募集配套资金主要用于支付本次交易的现金对价、支付本次交易相关的费用及建设极光网络研发中心。   精工钢构:拟3.4亿竞购瑞丰银行4.22%股份   精工钢构拟以自有资金参与竞买浙江绍兴瑞丰农村商业银行股份有限公司约5727.86万股内部职工股,占瑞丰银行总股本的4.22%,投资总金额不超过3.4亿元。瑞丰银行是浙江省首批农村商业银行,总部位于浙江省绍兴市,现有注册资本13.58亿元,员工1900余人,同时在嵊州作为主发起行设立嵊州瑞丰村镇银行。   科陆电子:中标约1.35亿元人民币尼泊尔国家电力局项目   科陆电子于近日收到尼泊尔国家电力局发来的《中标通知书》,确认公司为新金堤-巴哈必色220 400 kV 输电线路总包项目的中标联合体单位。中标金额约1.35亿元人民币。本项目是公司在尼泊尔电力市场的首个超高电压等级EPC项目。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The Fed’s George: the U.S. economy is strong enough to raise interest rates should adhere to the gradual U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 3 days Bloomberg said, Kansas Governor Esther George said that despite the global economic conditions make people skeptical, but the U. S. economy "the strong degree seems to be sufficient to maintain positive growth;" unless there is a big change, otherwise FOMC should adhere to the progressive interest rate hike timing strategy; every time depends on the economic situation in December; the interest rate is the gradual tightening begins late. George’s written speech on Tuesday in Kansas City shows that the Fed’s policy is unlikely to respond to every impulse in the financial market; the improved economy is the basis for further interest rates". If the waiting data fully confirm that the economic outlook is good, it is risky for the fed to wait for too long to make policy decisions; the Fed is paying close attention to the impact of job losses in the energy sector on the overall economy. In addition, George said that low interest rates may exacerbate the risk appetite of the market; long term growth continues to require investment acceleration; the United States has yet to solve the problem of too big to fail. Editor in chief: Li Pin SF171

美联储George:美国经济足够强劲 应坚持渐进加息 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间3日彭博称,堪萨斯城联储行长Esther George表示,尽管全球经济状况让人存疑,但美国经济“强劲程度似乎足以维持正增长”;除非出现重大变化,否则FOMC应该坚持循序渐进加息的策略;每次加息的时机都取决于经济状况;12月加息是渐进紧缩迟到的开始。   George周二在堪萨斯城发表演讲的书面文稿显示,美联储政策“不可能对金融市场的每一次脉冲做出反应”;正在改善的经济“是进一步加息的根据”。若等待的数据充分证实经济前景良好,那么美联储等待“过长时间”才做出政策决定是有风险的;美联储正密切关注能源行业就业岗位流失对整体经济的影响。   此外,George还称,低利率可能加剧市场的风险偏好;长期增长的持续需要投资加速;美国仍未解决大到倒不得的问题。 责任编辑:李栓 SF171相关的主题文章:

Sun Hung Kai Financial peripheral Hong Kong stocks driven by rising early built sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Market trends and market commentary peripheral oil prices fell, dragged down energy sector performance, U.S. stocks fell significantly. Dow fell 258 points, to close at 18066 points. The standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 32 points, to close at 2127 points. The NASDAQ fell 56 points to close at 5155 points. The proportion of ADR Hong Kong stock index closed at 22962 points, compared with the previous trading day down 253 points. The International Energy Agency (IEA) lowered oil demand forecast, and oil prices dropped to a week low. New York oil fell $1.39, to close at $44.90 a barrel. New York gold fell $1.90, to close at $1323.70 an ounce. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Board of directors dove speech to stimulate the rise of the periphery, leading Hong Kong stocks early to build. The Hang Seng Index rose more than 360 points, but the afternoon trend eventually fell 75 points, a sudden turn for the worse, to close at 23216 points. National index also rose 83 points after the fall, closed at 9571 points, the motherboard traded 73 billion 300 million Hong Kong dollars. The National Bureau of statistics, August above scale industrial added value increased by 6.3% real growth than market expectations, among the strongest automobile manufacturing industry, the first 8 months of year-on-year growth of 13.4%, driven by auto stocks early upward, but the afternoon by the big city dragged down fell, Geely (175.HK, $6.67) and the brilliance (1114.HK, $9.10 rose 0.3% and 1% respectively). According to local media reports, the Shenzhen market of Hong Kong stocks through business networking test before the official start, the securities business shares by the news, BS securities (1428.HK, $3.19) and royal securities (717.HK, $0.79) increased by 1.9% and 1.3%, respectively. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

新鸿基金融:外围上升带动港股早段造好 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   市场走势及评论   外围市况   油价下跌,拖累能源板块表现,美股显著下跌。道指跌258点,收报18,066点。标普500指数跌32点,收报2,127点。纳指跌56点,收报5,155点。ADR港股比例指数收报22,962点,较上个交易日收跌253点。国际能源总署(IEA)降低石油需求预测,油价跌至一周低位。纽约期油跌1.39美元,收报每桶44.90美元。纽约期金跌1.90美元,收报每盎司1,323.70美元。   昨日港股   联储局理事鸽派讲话刺激外围上升,带动港股早段造好。恒指一度升逾360点,惟午后走势急转直下,最终下跌75点,收报23,216点。国指亦先升后跌83点,收报9,571点,主板成交733亿港元。国家统计局公布,8月份规模以上工业增加值同比实际增长6.3%胜市场预期,当中汽车制造业最强,首8个月按年增长13.4%,带动汽车股早段向上,惟午后受大市拖累倒跌,吉利(175.HK,6.67港元)及华晨(1114.HK,9.10港元)分别上升0.3%及1.0%。据内地媒体报道,深圳市场港股通业务联网测试日前正式开始,劵商股受消息刺激,耀才证劵(1428.HK,3.19港元)及英皇证劵(717.HK,0.79港元)分别逆市上升1.9%及1.3%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Partial shares of investment linked insurance experience of open green January income products – Sohu financial daily economic news (blog, micro-blog reporter Tu Yinghao) in January 2016, the stock market and be closely related and mutually dependent investment linked insurance accounts sluggish performance. Recently, the reporter learned from the research report released by Warburg securities, investment insurance accounts in January average earnings of negative 10.72%, ranking system within 185 accounts only 41 accounts made positive income, accounting for about 20%. It is worth mentioning that, affected by the January A share market downturn, the average yield of investment linked insurance accounts hit a new low. Among them, the partial shares linked insurance accounts encountered "open green", none of the products achieve positive returns. However, in the period of partial stock investment insurance risk volatility, the investment steady class fixed income accounts ranked first. In January, fixed income accounts accounted for the top five in the yield. Warburg Securities Research Report shows that, from June 2015 to January 2016, the overall average return on investment related data can be obtained: negative 5.85%, negative 6.67%, negative 5.66%, negative 0.33%, 6.35%, 2.49%, 2.14%, negative 10.72%. In January, the aggressive insurance index was 20.19% negative. In addition, the mixed radical coverage index yield is negative 16.11%, the index type continuous insurance index yield rate is 19.39%. According to the account classification standard Warburg securities, aggressive account stock investment funds accounted for more than 80%, mixed aggressive accounts stock investment funds accounted for 50%~80%, including the index account, 94 partial stock account losses across the board performance, Sun Life Everbright aggressive the best gains rate is 0.36%, the worst performance of the season long bonus a negative rate of return of 37.34%. From the specific account level, in January, 185 accounts in Warburg securities ranked within the system, rate of return at the top of the accounts include: (0.62%) choose bright wisdom wealth and life wisdom selected No. 2 (0.61%), hykon increased profits steady type (0.58%), No. 3 Fu Hui life (0.55%) and China China sound account (0.55%), all kinds of fixed income accounts. It is worth mentioning that, in the 13 types of fixed income accounts, only Heng standard flexible configuration accounts loss of 0.53%, the other 12 accounts have achieved positive returns. In terms of the average return on the accounts, it also substantially outperformed other types of joint venture accounts. Warburg securities statistics show that in January the class of fixed income type account the average yield of 0.36% over the same period, exponential, radical type, mixed type, mixed radical conservative, strengthen the bond and currency debt type, the average yield of negative 19.39% and negative 20.19% and negative 16.11% and negative 9.44% and negative 2.12% and negative 0.56% 0.09%, respectively. The investment scope of fixed income accounts includes non standardized assets such as debt plan, real estate plan and fixed income trust scheme.

偏股型投连险遭遇开门绿 1月无正收益产品-搜狐理财  每日经济新闻(博客,微博)记者 涂颖浩  2016年1月,与股市唇齿相依的投连险账户表现低迷。近日,记者从华宝证券发布的研究报告获悉,投连险账户1月平均收益为负10.72%,排名体系内的185个账户中仅41个账户取得正收益,占比约为两成。  值得一提的是,受1月份A股市场低迷影响,投连险账户的平均收益率创出新低。其中,偏股型投连险账户遭遇“开门绿”,无一产品实现正收益。  不过,在偏股型投连险账户出现大幅震荡的时期,投资稳健的类固定收益型账户排名靠前。1月份,类固定收益型账户包揽收益率排名前五。  华宝证券研究报告显示,2015年6月至2016年1月可获取数据的相关投资账户的总体平均回报率分别为:负5.85%、负6.67%、负5.66%、负0.33%、6.35%、2.49%、2.14%、负10.72%。  1月份激进型投连险指数收益率为负20.19%。此外,混合激进型投连险指数收益率为负16.11%,指数型投连险指数收益率为19.39%。  按照华宝证券的账户分类标准,激进型账户投资股票基金比例占80%以上,混合激进型账户投资股票基金比例为50%~80%,包括指数型账户在内,94个偏股型账户全线亏损,表现最好的光大永明进取型收益率为0.36%,表现最差的季季长红利收益率为负37.34%。  从具体账户层面看,1月份,在华宝证券排名体系内的185个账户中,收益率名列前茅的账户包括:光明财富慧选(0.62%)、生命慧选2号(0.61%)、弘康平稳增利型(0.58%)、生命慧富3号(0.55%)和国华稳健型账户(0.55%),全部为类固定收益型账户。  值得一提的是,在13个类固定收益型账户中,仅恒安标准灵活配置账户亏损0.53%,其他12个账户均取得正收益。以账户收益率均值而言,也大幅跑赢其他类别的投连险账户。  华宝证券统计显示,1月类固定收益型账户平均收益率为0.36%,同期的指数型、激进型、混合激进型、混合保守型、增强债券型、全债型、货币型平均收益率分别为负19.39%、负20.19%、负16.11%、负9.44%、负2.12%、负0.56%、0.09%。  类固定收益型账户的投资范围包括债权计划、不动产计划以及固定收益类信托计划等非标准化资产。相关的主题文章: