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Bitcoin Sportsbook makes it easy for sports enthusiasts to bet on their favorite games. With an online forum that uses bitcoins as their currency option, anyone can participate in the activity. Even people who live in areas where gambling is illegal are able to play because there is no sharing of personal information. Every user establishes an anonymous account with the site and uses their virtual wallet to load bitcoins into their account.

There are a huge number of sports to choose from on a Sportsbook site. Players are able to place bets on sports as varied as badminton, darts and rugby. The games are those that are scheduled all over the world and people do not have to be local to be able to place their bets on them. Because these betting sites have less overhead and more players, they are often able to offer better odds and larger payouts than other gambling options.

Bitcoin Casino is run in a similar manner. Players establish an account through the same method as they do with Sportsbook and can then begin playing a large variety of casino games. All of the most popular casino games are included like slots, poker and table games like blackjack and roulette. Slot games are a frequent favorite and they can be played for fun or for money. In fact, all of the casino games can be played for entertainment only until the player is ready to try their luck at winning the jackpot.

Online betting games are easy to use and they can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. They make it easy for people to play in private and from the comfort of their own home. By using bitcoins each player can relax and enjoy the site without worrying about any risk of identity theft or current exchange rates. The deposits and withdrawals are all instant and players can cash out whenever they are ready.

Betting sites that offer both casino and sports betting are a great opportunity because people only need to establish one account to play in both forums. Members who do not have a sports match they are interested in will still be able to find plenty of betting entertainment to keep them busy.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: for charity organization identification into the credit record net August new resort to deceit in Beijing – in 31, according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced today that the "measures" charity, "measures" clear, foundation, social organizations, social service agencies fraud in the application, by the civil affairs the Department revoked finds charity organization, the organization and the directly responsible persons included in the credit records, and released to the public. The following is the full text of the "method": the first method of charitable organizations identification, in order to regulate the identification of charitable organizations, according to the "People’s Republic of China charity law" (hereinafter referred to as "charitable law"), formulate these measures. Second charitable organizations, such as foundations, social organizations and social service organizations, which have already been established before the promulgation of the charity law, apply for identification as charitable organizations, and apply these measures. Third civil affairs departments of the people’s government at or above the county level recognized the charitable organizations of their registered foundations, social organizations and social service organizations. Fourth foundation, social organizations, social service organizations apply for the accreditation of charitable organizations, shall comply with the following conditions: (a) the application with the corresponding social organization legal person registration condition; (two) to carry out charitable activities for the purpose, scope of business in accordance with the provisions of the "charity law" article third; an annual charity event for the annual expenses and administrative expenses in accordance with the provisions of charitable organizations, Civil Affairs Department of the State Council; (three) not for profit, revenue and operating balances are used for charitable purposes as stipulated in the articles of Association; and the fruits are not property sponsors, donors or members of the organization in the distribution; some rules about the remaining property transferred to other charity the organization to the same or similar articles of Association; (four) a sound financial system and reasonable salary system; (five) other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations. Fifth any of the following circumstances, not identified as charitable organizations: (a) there are no laws and regulations and the state policies and regulations as the charity organization is responsible for the situation; (two) the administrative punishment within two years prior to the application; (three) for the Civil Affairs Department included in the list of unusual (four); there are other violations of laws and regulations, national policy behavior. Sixth applications are recognized as charitable organizations, social organizations should be voted by the members (representatives) conference, the foundation and social service institutions should be voted by the Council; the competent business units should also be agreed by the competent authorities. Seventh apply for charity foundation, to the civil affairs department shall submit the following materials: (a) application form; (two) in accordance with the provisions of article fourth and there is no way to the fifth cases mentioned in the written commitment; (three) summary of the meeting in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of article sixth called the meeting formed. In addition to the materials stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the social organizations and social service organizations that apply for charitable organizations should submit the following materials to the civil affairs departments: (1) explanations of the reasons for application, the purposes of charity, and the development of charitable activities; (two).

民政部:申请慈善组织认定时弄虚作假纳入信用记录-中新网   中新网8月31日电 据民政部网站消息,民政部今日公布《慈善组织认定办法》,《办法》明确,基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构在申请时弄虚作假的,由民政部门撤销慈善组织的认定,将该组织及直接责任人纳入信用记录,并向社会公布。以下为《办法》全文: 慈善组织认定办法   第一条 为了规范慈善组织认定工作,根据《中华人民共和国慈善法》(以下简称《慈善法》)的规定,制定本办法。   第二条 《慈善法》公布前已经设立的基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构等非营利性组织,申请认定为慈善组织,适用本办法。   第三条 县级以上人民政府民政部门对其登记的基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构进行慈善组织认定。   第四条 基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构申请认定为慈善组织,应当符合下列条件:   (一)申请时具备相应的社会组织法人登记条件;   (二)以开展慈善活动为宗旨,业务范围符合《慈善法》第三条的规定;申请时的上一年度慈善活动的年度支出和管理费用符合国务院民政部门关于慈善组织的规定;   (三)不以营利为目的,收益和营运结余全部用于章程规定的慈善目的;财产及其孳息没有在发起人、捐赠人或者本组织成员中分配;章程中有关于剩余财产转给目的相同或者相近的其他慈善组织的规定;   (四)有健全的财务制度和合理的薪酬制度;   (五)法律、行政法规规定的其他条件。   第五条 有下列情形之一的,不予认定为慈善组织:   (一)有法律法规和国家政策规定的不得担任慈善组织负责人的情形的;   (二)申请前二年内受过行政处罚的;   (三)申请时被民政部门列入异常名录的;   (四)有其他违反法律、法规、国家政策行为的。   第六条 申请认定为慈善组织,社会团体应当经会员(代表)大会表决通过,基金会、社会服务机构应当经理事会表决通过;有业务主管单位的,还应当经业务主管单位同意。   第七条 申请认定慈善组织的基金会,应当向民政部门提交下列材料:   (一)申请书;   (二)符合本办法第四条规定以及不存在第五条所列情形的书面承诺;   (三)按照本办法第六条规定召开会议形成的会议纪要。   申请认定为慈善组织的社会团体、社会服务机构,除前款规定的材料外,还应当向民政部门提交下列材料:   (一)关于申请理由、慈善宗旨、开展慈善活动等情况的说明;   (二)注册会计师出具的上一年度财务审计报告,含慈善活动年度支出和管理费用的专项审计。   有业务主管单位的,还应当提交业务主管单位同意的证明材料。   第八条 民政部门自收到全部有效材料后,应当依法进行审核。   情况复杂的,民政部门可以征求有关部门意见或者通过论证会、听证会等形式听取意见,也可以根据需要对该组织进行实地考察。   第九条 民政部门应当自受理申请之日起二十日内作出决定。符合慈善组织条件的,予以认定并向社会公告;不符合慈善组织条件的,不予认定并书面说明理由。   第十条 认定为慈善组织的基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构,由民政部门换发登记证书,标明慈善组织属性。   慈善组织符合税收法律法规规定条件的,依照税法规定享受税收优惠。   第十一条 基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构在申请时弄虚作假的,由民政部门撤销慈善组织的认定,将该组织及直接责任人纳入信用记录,并向社会公布。   对出具虚假审计报告的注册会计师及其所属的会计师事务所,由民政部门通报有关部门。   第十二条 本办法由民政部负责解释。   第十三条 本办法自2016年9月1日起施行。相关的主题文章:

Pleasant credit in the United States suffered a collective prosecution net loan investors should pay close attention to what Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? I have a complaint [click], Sina help you exposure to them! Source: net loan home pleasant loans, which listed on the NYSE in the U.S. P2P net loan platform, because half the share price rose 10 times, especially in the United States company LendingClub shares plunged in the background, as the Internet financial China Guanjue global star. However, over the past week, pleasant loans stalls event. The first is the introduction of new regulations in Chinese net loan day, pleasant loan stock price plummeted more than 20%; after the U.S. market sensitive lawyers act immediately announced last night, will represent the purchase of credit pleasant stock investors, launched a lawsuit against pleasant credit and its executives, beg for justice. Pleasant loan price chart so pleasant lending in the end what event stalls, American lawyer charges is not based on? Pleasant credit current crisis, will not be affected on the domestic credit pleasant net loan investors, if there is what? Although many domestic incident reports, but today no horse brother of skimming over the surface, to do with the readers deeply exclusive. The lawyer accused pleasant credit what crime? Yesterday, the New York law firm Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman LLC, published a lawyer advertising, said it was launched in China P2P pleasant net loan lending platform and its executives collective action. The collective action will be represented in May 11, 2016 to August 24, 2016 during the purchase of the pleasant loans stock investors. Advertising appeal in October 25th before the registration of investors joined the action group. The most of the reports is relatively simple, no horse brother went out to look for the original file under the firm charges the view, to understand the basic situation, simply say so: the firm charges pleasant loan company, and the two main executives, CEO and CFO in Han Cong Yu issued pleasant credit first quarter earnings from May 11th this year, by August 24th China net loan regulations released during the (class period), through the company’s 2 quarter earnings and other public channels, and loan investors to provide false or misleading information to investors during this period at inflated prices to buy stock in pleasant loans, the new regulations released after the disclosure, pleasant credit slump in this period of time to buy stocks and pleasant credit investors suffered heavy losses. The law on the grounds, requiring the defendant to compensate the losses of investors. The firm is accused of points in collective proceedings, no pleasant loans to the disclosure of the following important facts, or make false or misleading statements, in violation of the U.S. federal securities laws: (1) pleasant loans is encountering increasing customer Piandai behavior. (2) Chinese government to implement the anti fraud supervision rules, will have a negative impact on a loan business. (3) therefore, pleasant credit statement on its business, operations and expectations are inaccurate, misleading or lack of theory

宜人贷在美遭遇集体起诉 网贷投资人该关注哪些问题 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   来源:网贷之家   宜人贷,这家在美国纽交所上市的P2P网贷平台,因为半年时间股价涨了10倍,特别是在美国同行LendingClub股价暴跌的背景下,被当做中国互联网金融冠绝全球的明星代表。然而,过去的一周,宜人贷摊上大事了。先是在中国网贷新规出台当天,宜人贷股价一夜暴跌超过20%;之后美国市场嗅觉灵敏的律师们立即行动,昨晚宣布,将代表购买宜人贷股票的投资人,对宜人贷及其高管展开集体诉讼,讨要公道。 宜人贷股价走势图     那么,宜人贷到底摊上了什么大事,美国律师的指控到底有无根据?宜人贷目前经历的危机,会不会对国内的宜人贷网贷投资人有影响,如果有会是什么?国内对此事件虽然报道不少,但都浮光掠影,今天无马哥就来跟读者们做些深入独家的解读。   美国律师指控宜人贷什么罪?   昨天,美国纽约律师事务所Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC刊登了一则律师广告,称正在发起一起针对中国P2P网贷平台宜人贷及其高管的集体诉讼。该集体诉讼将代表于2016年5月11日到2016年8月24日期间购买了宜人贷股票的投资者。广告号召投资人于10月25日前登记加入诉讼团。   国内的报道大都比较简单,无马哥特意去找了下该律所指控的原文件查看,了解到基本情况,简单地说是这样:   律所指控宜人贷公司,及其两位主要高管,CEO方以涵和CFO丛郁,从今年5月11日发布宜人贷第一季度财报,到8月24日中国网贷新规发布期间(集体诉讼期),通过公司2次季度财报和其他公开渠道,向宜人贷投资人提供虚假或误导性信息,导致这期间投资人以虚高的价格购买宜人贷股票,在新规发布后,真相揭露,宜人贷股价暴跌,导致这段时间购买宜人贷股票的投资人损失惨重。律所以此为由,要求被告赔偿投资人损失。     律所指控要点,是在集体诉讼期间,宜人贷对以下重要事实没有进行披露,或做了虚假或误导性的声明,违反了美国联邦证券交易法规:   (1)宜人贷正在遭遇日益增多的客户骗贷行为。   (2)中国政府实施的反欺诈监管新规,会对宜人贷业务造成负面影响。   (3)故此,宜人贷对其业务、运营和预期的声明均是不实、具有误导性或缺乏合理基础的。   是无理敲诈还是合法维权?   那么,美国律所这些指控,是有事实根据呢,还是像我们在国内商业报道中,经常看到的阴谋论判断:美国人想做空中国公司,或者一帮美国律师又想借机敲诈了。   宜人贷对此作了官方回应:我们知悉2016年8月26日在美国加州中区联邦地区法院针对我们公司提交的起诉状。我们认为该起诉状中的指控没有任何依据,并准备积极应诉、维护公司的权益。   在无马哥看来,双方屁股决定立场,都未体现全部真相。律师的指控不全对,但也非全无道理。为什么?   首先,无马哥要说,宜人贷的股价,不管是长时间的暴涨,还是突兀的暴跌,完全都是非理性的,没有体现出基本面的东西。   事实上,早在5月11日宜人贷发布第一季财报后,无马哥就专门写了篇文章,提示宜人贷靓丽业绩背后的风险。无马哥所得结论,完全源于公开信息,包括宜人贷的季报,如果投资人在投资决策中足够理性的话,好好看看财报,是能够看出潜在风险的。   无马哥在宜人贷8月份发布第二季度财报后,又据此发表了新文章,表示对宜人贷潜在风险的判断不变。这些风险在公开财报中加以分析,也是能够得出结论的。可惜绝大多数人并未体现出投资本该有的理性和独立判断,只会看到业绩表面信息和跟大流,结果宜人贷股价继续大涨。   另外,网贷新规对宜人贷来说,实际上并非负面信息,甚至相反,可以看做是一种利好——因为在合规性方面,宜人贷目前做得算是国内领先的。如果股票投资人理性的话,宜人贷股价应该上涨而非暴跌。   投资人本来是可以从公开财报等信息中看出投资风险的(具体下面再补充);如果足够理性的话,新规出台后股价也不该下跌。所以无马哥觉得,大部分投资人是非理性的。从这个意义上说,律所的指控缺乏依据。   但另一方面,律所的指控也非毫无道理。像宜人贷这种高利贷模式,贷款人骗贷现象绝不会少(无马哥在第一篇文章中就有披露),贷款人的信用质量也肯定很差,潜在违约率和坏账率都会很高。这些信息和潜在风险,恐怕宜人贷并未给予投资人足够充分和显著的提醒。的确,没有多少投资人会趴在财报上,并去挖掘更多信息(包括阅读无马哥的两篇分析文章,这点对于美国投资人来说要求有点高了),来具体详细地分析一项投资的各种风险。正因为如此,认真看财报的巴菲特成了股神。这就是价值投资者的价值所在。   网贷投资人该关心哪些问题?   那么,这个事情跟我们网贷投资人有什么关系呢?那些不看财报的美国散户,亏了不也是咎由自取吗。   OK,其实投资的道理是一样的,对网贷投资人来说,照样要看基本面。   在宜人贷长期高居行业内多个第三方评级中前三的情况下,无马哥算是很早、并且持续对宜人贷的投资人提出预警;在前些天无马哥列出比较靠谱的21家推荐平台中,专门剔除了宜人贷(和其它个别平台),对此不少读者留言问为什么,也有一些投资人担心,已经投进去的钱要不要提前撤出来。下面无马哥就再来说一遍理由。宜人贷的问题不在于合规性或其他方面,而在于因高利贷模式导致的资产质量差!   就是说,平台本身不会跑路;但是,部分网贷投资人的钱,可能会要不回来、或只能要回一部分、或至少收益会比预期的低。理由在之前的两篇文章中已经做了阐述,大家可以点击这里链接查看(第一篇、第二篇),这里无马哥再补充几点之前文章中没有提及的信息:   1、宜人贷超过80%的贷款人是最低信用的D级,贷款利率高达39.5%,已经比法定的36%无效利率线高出3.5%,从最高法院的司法解释来说,高出的这3.5%费用,贷款人是可以要求不付,甚至可以要求拿回已经付过的这部分费用。如果扣掉这部分的话,宜人贷7%的风险备用金提取比例,就只剩一半了。宜人贷招股说明书中的贷款利率和收益率2、据《新京报》今天一则报道,“宜人贷方面昨日对新京报表示,宜人贷公布的是全周期累积坏账率。贷款时间越长,风险累积越长,是自然的现象。‘我们对坏账的预期和华尔街的沟通是全周期坏账在8-10之间,目前实际是4-5左右,完全在我们的预期之内。’”   那么,姑且不论宜人贷的风险备用金不会像前面所说的扣掉3.5个百分点,8-10个百分点的官方预期坏账率,也已高出风险备用金覆盖范围,那么,超出的部分坏账,该由谁来承担?是由宜人贷用自己资金赔付给投资人,还是由投资人自己承担?   如是前者,宜人贷的业绩不会那么漂亮,股票投资人受损,律所的指控将有依据支撑;如是后者,网贷投资人利益受损,不会拿到本来就不算高的预期年化收益率!(这个问题在提给宜人贷公关人员后,尚未得到官方的回应。)3、有一个更糟的潜在可能性,就是宜人贷的累积坏账率将超过官方预期的10%。这个预测是有根据的,而且一个有力的依据,就在宜人贷的财报中!   宜人贷2016年第二季财报中披露的坏账率信息   从上面财报中的表格可以看到,宜人贷最早时的信用质量最好的A级贷款,目前的累积坏账率都已经攀升到了9.1%!而现在宜人贷超过80%以上是最差的D级贷款,你说以后累积坏账率超10%,会感到意外吗?   无马哥该说的都说了。面对这种坏账率攀升的投资风险,投资人何去何从,请自行决定吧。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:’s first quarter revenue estimates fell 8% worse than expected after the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks news Beijing time 25 days morning news announced today that as of fiscal year 2015 December 31st fourth quarter and full year unaudited earnings. expects revenue in the first quarter of 11 billion 800 million -123 billion yuan, analysts estimate for 12 billion 390 million yuan. The company’s stock price fell later. reported fourth quarter adjusted earnings per share of $0.18, estimated at $0.16; fourth quarter net revenues of $2 billion 150 million, estimated at $1 billion 900 million. The gross profit margin in the fourth quarter was 24.1%, up from 24.9% in the same period of last year; the active users in the quarter were 19 million 800 thousand. On the same day, shares closed up 12.69 U.S. dollars, or 2.34%. shares fell to $11.65, or 8.19%, in the after hours trading at 06:53 (Beijing time 25 07:53). For the past 52 weeks,’s highest price was $30.72, and the lowest price was $10.37. Editor in chief: Zhang Yujie SF107 唯品会一季度收入预估逊预期 盘后重跌8% 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间25日上午消息 唯品会今天发布了截至12月31日的2015财年第四季度及全年未经审计财报。唯品会预计第一季度收入为118亿-123亿元人民币,分析师预估为123.9亿元。该公司股价盘后走低。   财报显示,唯品会第四季度调整后每股收益为0.18美元,预估为0.16美元;第四季度净营收21.5亿美元,预估为19亿美元。   第四季度毛利润率24.1%,上年同期24.9%;当季活跃用户为1980万。   当日,唯品会股价收涨12.69美元,涨幅2.34%。在随后截至美国东部时间06:53(北京时间25日07:53)的盘后交易中,唯品会股价跌至11.65美元,跌幅为8.19%。过去52周,唯品会的最高价为30.72美元,最低价为10.37美元。 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

Scientists in drug control activities: change the genetic ant foraging behavior of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania recently published research report, their genetic activity can be controlled by drugs so as to change the behavior of worker ants. Studies have shown that histone acetyltransferase plays a crucial role in the establishment of social behavior of ants. Inhibition of drugs by injection of some kind, can change the foraging behavior of ants. Sina Technology News Beijing on February 9th news, according to foreign media reports, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania recently in "science" magazine published a research report, their genetic activity can be controlled by drugs so as to change the behavior of worker ants. The researchers believe that, because of the same mechanism or similarity, this finding suggests that the same approach can also be used to regulate and control other animals, and even to control human behavior. In order to reprogram the brain of ants, Professor Sherrie Berger, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, led the research team to conduct in-depth research on the control of genetic performance. Genetic control of genetics can open or close a genetic gene without causing permanent changes in DNA. The researchers found that the genetic reprogramming of the brain can alter the foraging behavior of the ants by genetic control of this layer. A group consists of two workers, big workers large, stocky; large head, powerful mandible. They can drag the larger food and is responsible for the fight against foreign invasion. A little smaller, is a clever worker, they will organize and hire other workers to work. A large number of small and large worker worker, the proportion is about two more than a. In this previous study, histone acetyltransferase was thought to be associated with memory and learning ability in rats. By increasing and removing these chemical information, the body can regulate itself, determine how to express genes, and thus effectively regulate gene opening and closing. Professor Berger’s team had found that epigenetic control can decide whether an ant is large or small worker worker. In other words, the same gene can generate two kinds of ants, but by external control can determine whether they are large or small worker worker. Previous studies show that in small groups of workers, the growth of brain genes more active. In order to protect themselves, the intracellular DNA is tightly wrapped together, and the DNA nucleic acid chains are surrounded by histones. By a known as acetylation of chemical process, clean up the DNA nucleic acid chain around the space, let the DNA nucleic acid chain exposed, which makes easier to read and write and gene transcription. By increasing and removing these chemical information, the body can regulate itself, determine how to express genes, and thus effectively regulate gene opening and closing. Researchers have found that this type of genetic modification can be used to alter the behavior of ants. Head of the research team, one of the University of Pennsylvania biologist Daniel himora said, "the research results show that the ant has the behavior of ductility characteristics. Other animals can also pass

科学家药物控制蚂蚁遗传活动:改变其觅食行为   美国宾夕法尼亚大学科学家近日发表研究报告称,他们可以通过药物控制蚂蚁的遗传活动从而改变工蚁的行为。   研究发现,组蛋白乙酰转移酶对蚂蚁的社会行为的建立起到非常关键的作用。通过注射某种抑制类药物,可以改变工蚁的觅食行为。   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月9日消息,据国外媒体报道,美国宾夕法尼亚大学科学家近日在《科学》期刊发表研究报告称,他们可以通过药物控制蚂蚁的遗传活动从而改变工蚁的行为。研究人员认为,由于机理相同或相似,这一发现表明同样的方法也可以对其它动物实施行为调整和控制,甚至也有可能实现对人类行为的控制。   为了实现对蚂蚁大脑的重新编程,美国宾夕法尼亚大学科学家谢莉-伯杰教授带领研究团队对表现遗传学控制进行了深入的研究。表现遗传学控制可以对某种遗传基因进行打开或关闭,同时又不会造成DNA的永久性改变。研究人员发现,通过对这一层的遗传控制,可以对蚂蚁大脑进行再编程,从而改变它们的觅食行为。   工蚁群体主要由两种工蚁组成,大工蚁体型较大、身材健壮;头部硕大,下颌骨强大有力。它们可以拖动较大的食物,并负责对抗对外敌入侵。小工蚁体型较小,是一种更聪明的工蚁,它们会组织、雇佣其它工蚁干活。小工蚁的数量较多,与大工蚁的比例约为二比一。 在此前的研究中,组蛋白乙酰转移酶被认为与老鼠的记忆和学习能力有关。   通过增加和移除这些化学信息,身体可以进行自我调节,决定该如何表达基因,从而有效地调节基因的开和闭。   伯杰教授的研究团队此前研究发现,表现遗传学控制可以决定一只蚂蚁究竟是大工蚁还是小工蚁。换句话说,同样的基因,可以生成两种蚂蚁,但是通过外部控制可以确定它们究竟是大工蚁还是小工蚁。此前的相关研究表明,在小工蚁群体中,关于大脑成长的基因更加活跃。为了自我保护,细胞内的DNA是紧密地包裹在一起的,DNA核酸链周围包裹着组蛋白。通过一种被称为乙酰化作用的化学过程,清理DNA核酸链周围空间,让DNA核酸链暴露出来,从而使得基因更容易被读写和转录。通过增加和移除这些化学信息,身体可以进行自我调节,决定该如何表达基因,从而有效地调节基因的开和闭。   研究人员发现,这种类型的表现遗传学修正可以用来改变蚂蚁的行为。研究团队负责人之一、宾夕法尼亚大学生物学家丹尼尔-希莫拉表示,“研究成果表明,蚂蚁具有行为延展性特征。其它的动物也可以通过组蛋白修正实现表现遗传学方式的调节。”当研究人员向小工蚁喂食一种可以抑制乙酰基从组蛋白上剥离的药物后,这些小工蚁会变得更善于觅食,而且能够觅得更多食物。而当研究人员喂食另一种可以阻碍乙酰化作用的药物时,这些小工蚁觅食成果则小得多。对于大工蚁来说,抑制类药物不会对它们的觅食行为产生变化。但是,当研究人员向成年大工蚁的大脑中注射抑制剂时,大工蚁的觅食能力大增,已达到与小工蚁相似的水平。 同样的基因,可以生成两种蚂蚁,但是通过外部控制可以确定它们究竟是大工蚁还是小工蚁。   研究人员还发现,只需要一次性注射抑制剂,就足以让大工蚁保持小工蚁的觅食水平长达50天。对于年幼蚂蚁的大脑来说,还有一个重要的成长窗口,即“脆弱性表现遗传窗口”,在此窗口期,年幼蚂蚁更容易受到周围环境因素的影响。一个关键的因素就是组蛋白乙酰转移酶,这种酶可以向组蛋白添加乙酰基。在此前的研究中,组蛋白乙酰转移酶被认为与老鼠的记忆和学习能力有关。伯杰教授表示,“从哺乳动物研究角度来看,很明显这是一种与学习和记忆有关的重要蛋白质。研究发现,组蛋白乙酰转移酶对蚂蚁的社会行为的建立起到非常关键的作用。”(彬彬)相关的主题文章:

Part of the funds have been withdrawn from the market in August, holding over 100 million yuan super retail quietly approach A shares sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares during the stock market: the most simple way to pick up the money holiday there are private people in WeChat circle, the property market funds began to A shares, in a recent issue of private equity products. There are a lot of subscribers is removed from the property market investors. In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August, over 100 million yuan of super retail investors have begun quietly approaching, compared with July increased by 174 people, which shows that smart funds have begun to act. Significant signal: part of the funds have been withdrawn from the property market, quietly into this place, Yang Jian these days there is a most widely circulated piece: many cities people go out to play after a circle to find out, he suddenly did not buy a house qualification. From September 30th to October 6th, just seven days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Nanning, Nanjing, Xiamen, Zhuhai and Dongguan have issued new market regulation policies, to restart credit limit restriction. "Golden nine silver ten" this argument should be the first appeared in the property market. When the stock market is good, a few retail selling stocks, now sell stock speculation a lot. What is the property market to herd or go to the bottom of the stock markets? During the National Day holiday, there are private persons in the WeChat circle said, the property market funds began to fight A shares, in the recent release of private equity products, there are many investors who withdraw from the property market investors. In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August, over 100 million yuan of super retail investors have begun quietly approaching, compared with July increased by 174 people, which shows that smart funds have begun to act. The property market crazy A shares for the price adjustment is like a mirror, reflecting the diverse choices of different social groups, people began to fling caution to the winds investment property, there are people taking advantage of the high selling real estate, even listed companies have also joined the "real". According to incomplete statistics, this year, a total of 76 listed companies issued real estate transactions bulletin, which listed companies together to sell, some are in order to protect performance, and some are in order to protect the shell. In this regard, insiders said, listed companies have joined the real force, from one side shows that the current real estate market overheating situation, on the other hand, the choice of listed companies holdings of real estate property, send a signal to the market, the prices may have been in the stage of the top, with the sale value. This Bo Tao investment that, in the short-term real estate asset shortage and rapidly added leverage, individual city prices rise rapidly, may be short-term is not persistent, in contrast, A stock market after a long time of finishing concussion, A shares in the market to benefit from the new economy stock price has begun to appear. Xu Cheng asset general manager Chen said, in the liquidity overflow, asset shortage era background, A stock market has indeed replaced the real estate assets to become public value preservation, value-added potential, but the lack of money is the effect and confidence. Compared with the real estate, the A share market has been discussed

部分资金已撤离楼市 8月持股超1亿元超级散户悄然进场A股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   国庆假期期间有私募人士在微信圈表示,楼市资金开始转战A股了,在近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者。此外据中国结算公司数据显示,8月持股超1亿元的超级散户已开始悄然进场,较7月增加174人,这些都说明聪明资金已经开始行动了。   重大信号:部分资金已撤离楼市,悄悄进入到这个地方   杨建   这几天有一个流传最广的段子:许多城市的人外出游玩一圈之后回家发现,自己突然没有买房资格了。   9月30日至10月6日,短短七天时间,北京、天津、苏州、成都、郑州、无锡、济南、合肥、武汉、深圳、广州、佛山、南宁、南京、厦门、珠海、东莞陆续发布新的楼市调控政策,多地重启限购限贷。   “金九银十”这个说法最早应该是在楼市出现的。当股市行情好的时候,卖房炒股的散户不在少数,现在,卖了股票炒楼的也不少。那到底是去楼市追风还是去股市抄 底?国庆假期期间有私募人士在微信圈表示,楼市资金开始转战A股了,在近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者。此外据中国结算公司数 据显示,8月持股超1亿元的超级散户已开始悄然进场,较7月增加174人,这些都说明聪明资金已经开始行动了。   楼市疯狂 A股连续调整   房价就像一面多棱镜,映照着不同社会群体的多样选择,有人开始不顾一切投入楼市,却有人在趁高抛售房产,甚至连上市公司也纷纷加入“卖房”大军。据不完全统 计,今年以来共有76家上市公司发布房产交易公告,其中上市公司扎堆卖房的,有一些是为了保业绩,还有一些是为了保壳。   对此,业内人士表示,上市公司纷纷加入卖房大军,从一个侧面表明当前楼市有过热的态势,另一方面,上市公司选择此时减持房产物业,也向市场传递了一个信号, 即楼价可能已经处于阶段顶端,具备了出售的价值。对此博道投资认为,房产短期在资产荒及急速加杠杆效应下,个别城市的价格快速上升,可能短期并不具有持续 性,相比而言,A股市场经过较长时间的震荡整理,A股市场中的受益于新经济的个股性价比已经开始显现。   旭诚资产总经理陈�表示,在流动性泛滥、资产荒时代的背景下,A股市场的确有替代房产成为民众实现资产保值、增值的潜力,但是缺的就是赚钱效应与信心。相较 于房地产,A股市场经过了去年以来的调整,继续出现大的系统性风险概率极低,反而比目前疯狂的房市更加具备投资价值,一旦A股出现一波稳定的反弹行情,将 极有可能吸收部分房产投机的资金。   值得注意的是,有私募人士在微信圈表示,在其近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者,这些从楼市撤出来的资金已经开始有步骤的布局A 股。另有私募人士也表示,随着资产荒的持续,此时的股市比楼市更安全,显然已经通过炒房获利的大佬们也必定意识到了这一点,他们把目光悄然转向了有很多潜 在机会的股市。那些从楼市撤出来的群体,更愿意让私募基金等专业机构投资者替他们管理资金。   有数据显示,信托新增A股开户数8月环比增加近140%,一 方面券商和基金子公司在证监会“八条底线”压力下被迫停止通道业务和配资业务,导致大量资金转为通过信托渠道进入A股;另一方面,房价经过一轮暴涨后,资 金借道私募配置股票的需求在增加;中国结算公布的8月统计月报也显示,8月末持有A股流通市值超过1亿元的自然人有4392人,环比7月末增加174人。   人大重阳金融研究院客座研究员万�表示,在目前资产荒的背景下,楼市和股市都是市场资产配置的主要配置对象,而近期房价高涨则主要是因为市场恐慌因素导致 的。由于楼市和股市的市场需求群体、功能定位等不完全相同,市场目前讨论的“楼市对A股有抽血作用”实际上并不是很明显。   私募普遍仓位不高 等待加仓时机   尽管上证指数依然围绕3000点附近持续震荡,私募基金管理者却在备足“弹药”,等待加仓良机。   每日经济新闻记者采访了多家私募了解到,国庆较多私募都是持股过节。因为本身的仓位并不高,普遍的仓位都在4-5成左右,后期加 仓的空间都较大,只是等待一个加仓的机会而已。据记者了解,对后市非常乐观并且安全垫充足的私募基金,仓位才会加到六七成左右;对行情悲观的基金,目前仓 位只有一两成左右。   统 计显示,最近三个季度以来,私募基金产品成立数量和规模均逐步增加。截至2016年8月底,基金业协会已登记私募基金管理人17085家。已备案私募基金 39704只,认缴规模8.03万亿元,认缴规模比肩目前公募基金的规模。截至2016年8月底,按正在管理运行的基金总规模划分,管理规模在20-50 亿元的私募基金管理人421家,管理规模在50-100亿元的160家,管理规模100亿元以上的140家。   对于接下来的加仓信号,部分私募基金经理认为需要从这个几方面去把握:首先是超预期的改革措施,如果接下来改革推进力度和速度超越市场预期,市场必然会予以 积极回应,市场整体估值会得以抬升;其次是情绪面的改善,去年高点以来的3次阶梯式下跌,让投资者损失惨重,市场需要赚钱效应提振人气;最后需要关注房价 大涨后的情况,最近一年来房价飞涨,要关注居民资产配置转移的情况,而目前已有迹象表明有部分楼市资金已经开始转战股市了。   旭诚资产认为当前行情可从三大方向进行战略性建仓:   1、有真实产业链整合需求的上市公司,此类标的不能单纯寻找待转型的小市值公司,还需根据新政中各类借壳认定指标进行选股,需要更多的考虑上市公司的经营情况以及真正需要产业链整合的上市公司。   2、震荡行情中,消费类等防御型行业将有资金回流,投资者可重点关注。   3、市场上比较活跃的概念股,如国企改革、PPP的热点。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: