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 Installing outdoor cable or Cat6 outdoor cable can be very difficult task. There are certain guidelines you should follow and specific cable types to use.  This is one person’s opinion of some of the things that should be reviewed and thought about when installing outside or underground.

Many providers sell cable for exterior network use that is not necessarily for that type of location. There are many factors that go against its longevity and use.  Some of these are the most obvious and overlooked.  You should be trying to beat the problems that weather and moisture present to your installation. We’ll say more about that later, but they are the big destroyers.  It’s your enemy and can take an expensive installation and ruin it. 

Try stripping back the protective sheath on wiring that has been run outside in the open and see if the weather or moisture has gotten to it.  A simple clue is once you strip back part of the casing you find water dripping out of it. This can completely decimate your data throughput and transfer rate and begin to deteriorate the cable itself. If you’re an installer you don’t want to have to go back to a site and re-install it all over again. Random data crashes and complaints from customer installations can be hard to detect and even harder to resolve.  No one wants to dig up a buried line just to have to replace it

The outer jacket should be like having a line of defensive line team that can defend you from your enemy, in this case the elements and the UV rays and the like. Sun bathers are very familiar with trying to block the damaging effects of the Sun’s rays.  This type of element attack can destroy the jacket and the inside jacket.  Suppliers can sell you a plain old PVC indoor cable jacket and in many cases maybe that can be OK with you, but not when you’re running it out side or underground.  A UV rated jacket is also essential as is a Gel filled inside and LLPDE jacket (Linear Low – Density Polyethylene).  It helps protect against moisture, animals, microorganisms and temperature. So, know the downsides be smart and avoid them by using the right materials and the right supplier.



NOKIA CEO hinted that it will return to the mobile phone market, but not impatient for success, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 22nd morning news, in 2013, NOKIA mobile phone business for 7 billion 200 million U.S. dollars sold to Microsoft. Recently, NOKIA hinted that it will return to the mobile phone business in different ways. According to the agreement with Microsoft, from this year, NOKIA can re launch the NOKIA brand mobile phone. In the past, NOKIA has undergone many major transformations. NOKIA CEO Rajiv · Su (Rajeev Suri) on Sunday night in the Barcelona Mobile World Conference (NWC) media and analysts conference, said, considering the brand recognition of NOKIA and its mobile phone, return to the mobile phone market will be an opportunity". Last summer, Su told the German magazine that NOKIA was trying to find an authorized partner to design and manufacture mobile phones this year. However, he said Sunday that NOKIA is not eager to launch its own branded mobile phone. He said: "this may be launched in 2016, or may be 2017." Mr. Su believes that NOKIA will gain the opportunity to provide brand authorization to "appropriate partners". As for how NOKIA looks for the right partner and when we’re going to see NOKIA’s mobile phone again, Mr Su says, "there’s no timetable. We don’t need to be impatient. According to the specific situation, we will explore this issue with one or more appropriate partners." He also said: "we think this is a good business model, because the NOKIA brand has a good retention rate. Brand awareness is still high in all major markets. We also think that if you use NOKIA brand in a product, then this will be the opportunity to launch high-end products, including high-end in the price." His statement suggests that NOKIA’s future mobile phone products will be rivals for Apple’s iPhone and Android flagship machines. "For us, this business model does not include traditional manufacturing and channels, we just provide brand licensing, and partners need to pay to use our IP and brands," said Mr li. What we want to do is the design of the equipment, and if the partners do not meet our standards, then we need to take appropriate control measures." Is it possible for NOKIA to consider working with Foxconn to launch mobile phones together? Prior to this, Foxconn is authorized partner of NOKIA N1 tablet PC. The tablet launched in November 2014, using the Android system and NOKIA Z starter. On this issue, Su Li said that he is not yet sure. He also said that the right partners need the right "design capabilities, channels, and money" to go global". "We don’t have a timetable yet, and we don’t worry. It may come in 2016, or it may be later. But I think it’s a huge business opportunity for us, because the ultimately licensed business, like the software based business, will help profit." (Wei Jin)

诺基亚CEO暗示将回归手机市场 但不急于求成   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月22日早间消息,2013年,诺基亚以72亿美元的价格将手机业务出售给了微软。而近期诺基亚暗示,将通过不同方式回归手机业务。根据与微软之间的协议,从今年开始,诺基亚可以重新推出诺基亚品牌的手机。   在过往历史上,诺基亚有过多次大幅转型。诺基亚CEO拉吉夫·苏立(Rajeev Suri)周日晚在巴塞罗那移动世界大会(NWC)前的媒体和分析师会议上表示,考虑到诺基亚及其手机的品牌认知度,回归手机市场将是一个“机会”。   去年夏季,苏立对德国杂志表示,诺基亚正尝试寻找授权合作伙伴,于今年设计及制造手机。不过他周日表示,诺基亚目前不急于推出自主品牌的手机。他表示:“这可能会于2016年推出,也可能会于2017年。”   苏立认为,通过向“适当的合作伙伴”提供品牌授权,诺基亚将获得机会。关于诺基亚如何寻找合适的合作伙伴,以及我们将于何时重新看到诺基亚品牌的手机,苏立表示:“没有明确的时间表。我们不需要急于求成。根据具体情况,我们将与一家或多家适当的合作伙伴共同探索这一问题。”   他同时表示:“我们认为这是一个不错的商业模式,因为诺基亚品牌有着良好的留存率。在所有主要市场,品牌认知度仍然很高。我们也认为,如果在某一产品中采用诺基亚品牌,那么这将是推出高端产品的机会,包括在价格上的高端。”他的这一说法表明,诺基亚未来的手机产品将是苹果iPhone和Android旗舰机的对手。   苏立表示:“对我们而言,这一商业模式中不包括传统的制造和渠道,我们只是提供品牌授权,合作伙伴需要付费使用我们的IP和品牌。我们希望做的是设备的设计,而如果合作伙伴没有符合我们的标准,那么我们还需要采取适当的控制措施。”   诺基亚是否可能考虑与富士康合作,共同推出手机?此前,富士康是诺基亚N1平板电脑的授权合作伙伴。这款平板电脑于2014年11月推出,采用Android系统及诺基亚Z启动器。对于这一问题,苏立表示,他目前尚不确定。   他同时表示,合适的合作伙伴需要适当的“设计能力、渠道,以及资金,从而走向全球”。“我们尚未确定时间表,同时也并不着急。这可能会于2016年到来,也可能会更晚。但我认为,对我们来说这是一个巨大的商业机会,因为最终基于授权的业务与基于软件的业务类似,都会对盈利带来帮助。”(维金)相关的主题文章:

The ancient Egyptians used to know how much the national goddess cure eye makeup brains? Lead: the eye is one of the most important link in the overall makeup! For centuries, women have been struggling to make it even more beautiful and beautiful! Whether smoked or exaggerated blue eye shadow makeup, is the process of successive attempts by the beauty! But did you make it? The ancient Egyptians painted eye shadow to cure the disease! (source: National goddess makeup posters fashion network) is one of the most important link in the overall makeup! For centuries, women have been struggling to make it even more beautiful and beautiful! Whether smoked or exaggerated blue eye shadow makeup, is the process of successive attempts by the beauty! But did you make it? The ancient Egyptians painted eye shadow to cure the disease! Is it true? Today will take you to sit on the weave beauty time machine, back half a century, to see those years of effort, eye makeup! Ancient Egypt, ancient Egypt beauty makeup history interesting: in ancient Egypt, no matter at that time after the stunning square Egypt Cleopatra, and then the ordinary Egyptian people, all like the eyes carefully disguised as glamorous smoke gray. According to the relics and documents handed down from ancient Egypt, Egyptian men and women, from servants to Queens, each of them will use black and green powder, smeared thickly around the eyes. Because they believe that eye shadow has the magic of the sun god, not only can make yourself more attractive to other people’s attention, but also can prevent the infection of eye disease. In 40s of 40s with brilliant fashion makeup makeup: Representative: Zhou Xuan said in 40s, the most representative is ever known to every family singer, such as white light, Zhou Xuan et al. A classic eastern female charm came into being in this era! At that time, the society gradually stabilized, the economy began to recover, and women began to accept the baptism of western culture, know and willing to dress up themselves, so cosmetics are springing up around life. In 40s 40s the makeup makeup Keywords: depth gradient drawing; earth color; Eye Makeup: makeup reserved 40s rose and emphasized elongated eyeliner, calm and reserved in makeup exudes a charming sense. Using the deep and gradual painting method, the rich autumn earth color is used in the eye, not deliberately show color tension, in order to show a calm and introverted sense of makeup. This navigation Cheng Peipei Cheng Peipei slightly sweet 60s neutral Makeup: Representative: Cheng Peipei Li Lihua; the last century in 60s, whether in history or in the beauty of fashion is a turning point in the swing, build in 60s the Oriental female is more emphasis on makeup, which is more representative of the first our contracting households’ Cheng Peipei and pear family origin "Amy sister" Li Lihua! Careful observation is not difficult to see, whether it is Cheng Peipei or Amy sister have common characteristics in shape and makeup, slightly sweet in the neutral agitation visible swing 60s is fire! Key words: Li Lihua Li Lihua of champagne – coloured eye shadow; white eyelid Makeup: 60s Airlines

古埃及人用眼影治病 国民女神的眼妆心机知多少?   导语:眼妆是整体妆容中最重要的一个环节!几个世纪以来女人们为了让它变得更加精致美丽,也是很拼的!无论是烟熏还是片状夸张的蓝色眼影妆,都是历代美人们不断尝试的过程!但是你造吗?古埃及人涂眼影居然是为了治病!(来源:海报时尚网) 国民女神   眼妆是整体妆容中最重要的一个环节!几个世纪以来女人们为了让它变得更加精致美丽,也是很拼的!无论是烟熏还是片状夸张的蓝色眼影妆,都是历代美人们不断尝试的过程!但是你造吗?古埃及人涂眼影居然是为了治病!是真的吗?今天编编就带大家坐上美妆时光机,回顾半个世纪,去看看那些岁月里的的眼妆心机吧! 古埃及 古埃及   美妆史趣事:   在古埃及不论是当时惊艳四方的埃及艳后还是当时的普通埃及民众,都喜欢把眼睛精心化装成迷人的烟灰色。而据古埃及流传下来的遗物和文献显示,当时埃及的男男女女,从仆人到皇后,每个人都会用黑色及绿色粉末,厚厚地涂抹在眼睛周围。因为那时的他们相信,眼影具有太阳神的魔力,不仅能让自己更加吸引到别人注意,同时也能防止眼疾的传染。 40年代眼妆 周旋   辉煌风尚的40年代眼妆:   代表人物:周旋   说到40年代,最具代表的就是以往家喻户晓的歌姬,如白光、周璇等人。一股经典的东方女性魅力在这个时代应运而生!当时社会逐渐安定、经济开始复苏、加上女性开始接受西方文化的洗礼,懂得也愿意时间好好打扮自己,也因此化妆品正如雨后春笋般出现在生活四周。 40年代的眼妆 40年代的眼妆   关键词:深浅渐层画法;大地色系;内敛   眼妆部分:40年代的眼妆部分强调拉长且上扬的眼线,于沉稳内敛的妆感中散发出妩媚感。利用深浅渐层画法将浓郁秋瑟的大地色系使用于眼周、不刻意展现色彩张力,以展现出沉稳内敛的妆感。 本文导航 郑佩佩 郑佩佩   略带甜美中性的60年代眼妆:   代表人物:郑佩佩;李丽华   上世纪的60年代,无论在美妆史还是在时尚圈都是一个具有转折性的摇摆年代,60年代的东方女性也是更加的重视妆容的打造,当中比较有代表性的就是“第一侠女承包户”郑佩佩还有梨园世家出身的“小咪姐”李丽华!仔细观察不难看出,无论是郑佩佩还是“小咪姐”在造型和妆容上都有共同的特质,可见略带甜美的中性风潮在摇摆的60年代很火呢! 李丽华 李丽华   关键词:香槟系浅色眼影;白色下眼睑   眼妆: 60年代的妆感中带着线条感,特别强调眼妆的部分,会通过香槟色or淡粉色的眼影打底来整体提亮眼周,浓郁的黑色眼线,并搭配白色的下眼睑,会形成自然的眼窝,形成一种复古的反差妆感,并搭配浓密的睫毛膏,强调眼型。 王祖贤 王祖贤 王祖贤   柔美中性风尚的80年代眼妆:   代表人物:王祖贤;翁美玲   随着改革开放的到来,和影视技术的不断发展,八十年代的女性对妆容显出了更多的重视度!黑黑的粗眉更是说明了这一时期的妆容,依然承袭了60年代的中性风尚,更加喜欢英气的感觉。当中以王祖贤和女神翁美玲最为突出。柔美中透露一丝英气和俏皮的意味你喜欢吗? 翁美玲 翁美玲 翁美玲   关键词:大面积晕染;冷色眼影   眼妆: 80年代的妆感,冷色 (蓝色,紫色) 烟熏妆为主要的代表,通常会使用相对偏冷色系的眼影,大范围的晕在眼睛的周围,演变到90年代,转而以同色系的深浅,去晕出眼型的妆感。 本文导航 朱茵 朱茵 朱茵 朱茵   怀旧俏丽的90年代眼妆:   代表人物:朱茵   1995年朱茵因在电影《大话西游》中饰演痴情又可爱的紫霞仙子而受到广泛的关注,除了精湛的演技之外,当然和她的高颜值也是分不开的!所以提到90年代女星,很多人都会想起这个,俏丽甜美又个性十足的姑娘吧! 眼影妆   关键词:片状蓝色眼影向层次感的眼影妆过度   前期片状式眼影法让眼睛看起来更加浮肿   到了90年代的眼妆,出现了很多彩色的眼线取代了黑色眼线,并且出了多功能性的睫毛膏,可以形成自然的假睫毛般的效果。然而无法强调眼型,喜好以蓝色单一色系,以及片状式的画法,让东方人的眼型,因此变得浮肿。   以眼影层次晕染法突显眼型   透过至少两种深浅不同的颜色,把握将浅色放在眼窝,深色放在眼皮处的技巧让眼部轮廓看起来更加的深邃。过去较具珠光感的眼影,比较常被单一色系的使用在眼窝,但现今潮流,会将它使用在眼型较为凹陷处,例如眼尾的暗沉处,会使用打亮,或是眼头的部分,让大地色系更加凸显。 片状蓝色眼影向层次感的眼影妆过度   如今,眼妆的种类有好多,其主要功能更多是为了加强轮廓感,打造更加立体的妆容,那么亚洲人到底适合哪种眼妆呢?   中国人的肤色比较偏黄,淡粉、淡橘、粉紫色、杏色都是非常适合中国人的颜色,颜色不仅自然又能让黄种人肤色显得更健康,亮丽。再加上我们中国女性的个性都比较温柔含蓄,所以比较自然的颜色都因此更加适合。   膏状眼影:膏妆眼影在近几年流行,能达到透明油亮感、自然的妆感,方便携带,易涂抹。但缺点是易脱妆,适合中至干性皮肤。使用膏状眼影时一定要以少量为主,千万不要涂抹过量,过量的话眼影膏会堆积在双眼皮皱褶处。双眼皮的人在很短的时间就会发现在双眼皮折缝处出现堆积,妆容显脏。如果大量使用在眼部干纹多的地方,短时间内眼部的纹路会变得非常明显。   粉状眼影:粉状眼影在化妆品市场上比较普遍,能使妆容持久,易着色,比较干,适合中至油性皮肤。   哑光质地:适合自然妆效,眼睛浮肿的女性更为适合。细腻珠光质地适合于任何肌肤,质感柔滑易涂抹,细微的珠光使眼部看起来更亮丽。金属闪亮质地是时尚party的专宠,这种质地眼影比较流行。如果眼部浮肿,涂抹时要小心哦!   液体眼影:更加清透流畅适合夏天。但是要切记,涂完后建议稍等几秒风干后再缓缓张开双眼哦!液体眼影质地更加轻薄流畅度高,不易积线不晕染,妆效更持久长达16小时,更好的帮助打造完美眼妆,得益于其完美质地,才能造就如T台秀般的多重极致色彩,妆效更自然。 本文导航相关的主题文章:

Ten years old what? Japan Apple Store discovered the film machine – Sohu digital Zhongguancun online news: after the news that Apple’s future will be in the Apple  Store to provide consumers with film service, but Apple has begun and screen protective film manufacturers to cooperate. Recently, a protective film installer –TrueClear  was developed for a Belkin film in a retail store in Japan. Pro. TrueClear  Pro film is (picture cut from video)     mobile phone screen will first clean, then stick the paper surface is clean, then put the film on TrueClear  on Pro, iPhone will buckle down the lid from the tail of the excess part of the film equipment out, then the mobile phone is removed and the top layer of the tear film, and finally clear the air bubble film can be. TrueClear  Pro film is (picture cut from video)     the news that the current Japanese retail store employees have received special film tools from Belkin TrueClear  Pro, the price of film tools according to the model and the different materials, roughly between $19-37. If the customer is not satisfied with the film effect, Apple will try to provide a new free of charge film, once again for customers. It is not clear how to charge and charge for the first time. 十年老手算什么? 日本苹果店惊现贴膜机-搜狐数码中关村在线消息:此前有消息称苹果未来将在Apple Store内为消费者提供贴膜服务,而且苹果已经开始和屏幕保护膜厂商进行合作。近日,在日本的一家零售店出现了一款专为Belkin贴膜打造的保护膜安装器–TrueClear Pro。 TrueClear Pro贴膜器(图片截自视频)   首先将手机屏幕擦干净,然后再用粘纸将表面彻底清理干净,之后把贴膜在TrueClear Pro上放好,将iPhone倒扣,盖上盖子,此时从设备尾部将多余的贴膜部分扯出,然后将手机取出并撕掉最上面那一层的膜,最后清除膜内的空气泡即可。 TrueClear Pro贴膜器(图片截自视频)   消息称目前日本的零售店员工已经收到了来自贝尔金的专用贴膜工具TrueClear Pro,这部贴膜工具的价格根据型号和材质的不同,大约在19-37美元之间。如果顾客对贴膜效果不满意的话,苹果还会尝试免费提供一张新的贴膜,为顾客再贴一次。至于首次贴膜服务如何收费、是否收费,目前尚不清楚。相关的主题文章:

IPhone officially opened the China Mobile 4G HD calls Dumbo Reuters (high Jing Yu) that is open mobile payment Apple Pay, February 20th, the Apple Corp began to domestic users push operators new profile, iPhone 6 6S, iPhone 6 Plus 6S Plus officially supports VoLTE HD voice calls. Where’s VoLte? Many 4G users will encounter such a situation, when using the 4G network to the Internet, if a call comes in, the mobile phone will automatically fall back to the 2G 3G network, because 4G network is only data network (that is usually to browse the web, micro-blog, WeChat does not contain a brush) voice service, and VoLTE to solve the problem of 4G network in the voice business. VoLTE is the abbreviation of Voice over LTE, it is a kind of IP data transmission technology. When working, without relying on the previous 2G 3G network, all the services are carried on the 4G network, which can realize the unification of data and voice services on the same network. In other words, through the support of VoLTE, we can not only enjoy high-speed data service in the 4G network, but also can use it for higher quality voice and video calls. In addition, the VoLTE phone connection time is also shorter. It’s only about 2 seconds, and in the past, dialing has to wait at least 6-7 seconds, and the drop rate of VoLTE is almost zero. How to upgrade iPhone users? 1, support models: iPhone6, iphone6 Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone6s Plus. 2, operators: operators need to open relevant services, currently only support China Mobile, and China Unicom and China Telecom has not yet provided relevant services to iPhone users. 3, mobile phone SIM card: because VoLTE is based on the 4G network, so the use of SIM card must be China Mobile’s 4G USIM card, otherwise it can not be used. 4, system: need to upgrade to iOS 9.2.1 and updated version. 5, update the operator profiles: General qualified users in the mobile phone access network will automatically receive operators new profile push, if you do not receive it, can go to settings – General – on the machine and then double-click the name of the operator can be updated in the "cellular mobile network". Select "voice and data, to enable VoLTE function. 6, send SMS opening: after updating the configuration file, Beijing mobile users send SMS "ktvolte" to 10086 can officially open high-definition voice service. In terms of tariffs, although high-definition voice will consume 4G traffic, Beijing Mobile said it will continue to use the existing long on time billing methods, included in the existing packages, the traffic generated during the call process does not charge traffic charges. It is understood that, as of the end of January, China Mobile has a total of 141 city 13 provinces opened Volte.

iPhone正式开通中国移动4G高清通话功能   飞象网讯(高靖宇 文)即开通移动支付Apple Pay后,2月20日,苹果公司开始向国内用户推送新的运营商配置文件,iPhone 6 6s、iPhone 6 Plus 6s Plus正式支持VoLTE高清语音通话功能。   VoLte好在哪?   很多4G用户都会遇到这样的情况,在使用4G网络上网的时候,如果有电话打进来,手机会自动回落到2G 3G网络,因为4G网络仅为数据网络(即平时浏览网页、刷微博、微信)不包含语音业务,而VoLTE则解决了4G网络在语音业务方面的问题。   VoLTE是Voice over LTE的缩写,它是一种IP数据传输技术。进行工作时,无需依靠之前的2G 3G网路,全部的业务都承载与4G网络上,它可以实现数据和语音业务在相同网络上的统一。   也就是说,通过VoLTE的支持,我们不单单可以在4G网络中享受到高速率的数据业务,此外还可以用它来进行更高质量的语音、视频通话。   此外,VoLTE电话接续时间也更短。大约只有2秒,而以往拨号至少要等待6-7秒,并且VoLTE的掉线率几乎为零。   iPhone用户如何升级?   1、支持机型:iPhone6、iphone6 Plus、iPhone6s、iPhone6s Plus。   2、运营商:运营商需要开通相关服务,目前仅支持中国移动,而中国联通和中国电信目前还未向iPhone用户提供相关服务。   3、手机SIM卡:由于VoLTE是基于4G网络的,所以使用的SIM卡必须是中国移动的4G USIM卡,否则也无法使用。   4、系统:需升级至iOS 9.2.1及更新的版本。   5、更新运营商配置文件:一般符合条件的用户在将手机接入网络后会自动收到新的运营商配置文件推送,如果没有收到的话,可以前往“设置-通用-关于本机” 然后双击运营商名称即可,更新完成在“蜂窝移动网络”里选择“语音与数据”,即可启用VoLTE功能。   6、发送短信开通:在更新完配置文件后,北京移动的用户发送短信“ktvolte”到10086即可正式开通高清语音业务。   在资费方面,虽然高清语音会消耗4G流量,北京移动称将沿用现有按时长计费的方式,纳入现有套餐,通话过程中所产生的流量不收取流量费。   据了解,截至1月底,中国移动共有13个省141个城市开通了Volte服务,包括浙江、江苏、湖南、贵州、广西、北京、福建、上海、广东、江西、海南、河 南、湖北的全部或部分地市。相关的主题文章:

Dong Mingzhu is not Luo Yonghao, GREE can not be a hammer, Tencent science and technology selected high-quality media articles, described in this article is the author’s independent point of view, does not represent Tencent science and technology stance. The teacher Niu (public No.: WeChat brag) Dong Mingzhu is one of the people said to keep a promise inviolate, mobile phone, GREE launched its own products, mobile phone and mobile phone do however do not equate. Chinese the mobile phone market is not objective, no restrictions of any kind, as long as the money can be a mix, so you will see the star machine, the Internet, mobile phone manufacturers and other traditional custom machine for various purposes and the emergence of mobile phone products. Subjectively, smart phones have become the central link of smart home and Internet of things system, and then evolved into the traditional manufacturers to seize the flow of the entrance tool, the objective condition is that the domestic smartphone industry chain mature enough to allow manufacturers to spend money to launch their own branded mobile phones. Tear out the popularity is not necessarily a good thing in the past year, the most popular words in the domestic mobile phone industry is "tear X", jabber become a symbol of the characteristics of this industry, whether executives between the battle of wits, or public relations aspects of the game, GREE is also no accident "became a member of the X team tear" in. "Thief, liar", this is the evaluation as head of GREE Dong Mingzhu to rival counterparts, it is interesting, "China entrepreneur" magazine was uncharacteristically think Dong Mingzhu is rational, is necessary for the GREE mobile phone marketing. In the fight, GREE more harm than good, a hammer is a lesson. Before Dong Mingzhu, Luo Yonghao in the mobile phone industry can be said to be "upside down", from the industry’s well-known brands to small individual users, basically been scolded by Luo Yonghao. Admittedly, Luo Yonghao and hammer mobile phone in this way quickly accumulated a lot of popularity, coupled with the product itself, the performance is also good, many passers-by turn pink, however in the old war of words the negative effects but did not disappear, "Joe Dingji, Luoding force" (Jobs redefines the mobile phone again, Luo Yonghao idiot) definition appear in the major sites of the thread of this sentence many times, so that later in the conference, Luo Yonghao had one by one reference to the ridicule of friends, to reduce the harm of negative news hammer brand in this way. Until the hammer T2 release, there are still a majority of the old and constantly refresh cognitive limits, then go through to wash your own white goods are not recognized, Luo Yonghao in the early days of the hammer brand "use unscrupulous divisive tactics" harm not only continued, and even intensified, Luo just summed up the reason for his harsh criticism of media editors love the brand ", and to never tolerate their point of view, the Luo in the Soushenji in dialogue Feng Tang, but with" is that they’re not healthy to the qualitative methodology of the people do not agree with Luo Yonghao. The quality of products flow out, the second generation is also going to the whole channel distribution, GREE really do, but this is done based on the objective conditions, the front said, mobile phone industry OEM system is mature enough. Because there is no real news, we can not directly GREE mobile phone and OEM related once, but if from the quality point of view, the first generation of GREE mobile phones in the quality side

董明珠不是罗永浩,格力也成不了锤子腾讯科技精选优质自媒体文章,文中所述为作者独立观点,不代表腾讯科技立场。文 牛老师 (微信公众号:吹牛)董明珠是一个言而有信的人,说要做手机,格力就推出了自己的产品,然而做手机和做好手机并不能划等号。中国的手机市场百无禁忌,不客观地说,只要花钱都能掺和一脚,所以你会看到有明星机、互联网手机、传统厂商的定制机等出于各种目的而出现的手机产品。主观上智能手机越来越成为智能家居和物联网体系的中心环节进而演变成传统厂商抢占流量入口的工具,客观条件是国内智能手机产业链成熟的足以让厂商花钱就能推出自己的贴牌手机。撕出来的人气不一定是好事过去一年时间,国产手机行业最热闹的词是“撕X”,磨嘴皮子成为了这个行业的标志性特征,不管是高管之间的斗法,还是公关层面博弈,格力也无出意外的成为了“撕X”队伍中的一员。“小偷,骗子”,这是作为格力掌门人的董明珠给对手同行的评价,有趣的是,《中国企业家》杂志却一反常态的认为董明珠是理性的,对于格力手机的营销而言是必要的。参与口搏,对格力而言弊大于利,锤子就是前车之鉴。董明珠之前,罗永浩在手机行业中闹得可谓是“天翻地覆”,从业界知名的品牌到微小的个人用户,基本上被罗永浩骂了个遍。不可否认,罗永浩和锤子手机通过这种方式快速的积攒了大量的人气,再加上产品本身的表现还不错,不少路人转粉,然而老罗在骂战中的带来的负面效应却并未就此消失,“乔定机,罗定逼”(乔布斯重新定义手机,罗永浩重新定义傻逼)这句话无数次的出现在各大网站的跟帖里,以至于在后来的发布会上,罗永浩不得不逐一的引用网友的调侃,通过这种方式来减轻负面消息对锤子品牌的伤害。一直到锤子T2发布,仍然有一大部分人对老罗这种靠不断刷新认知下限,然后通过产品的去给自己洗白的方式不认可,罗永浩在创业初期的“不择手段”对锤子的品牌伤害不仅在持续,甚至越演越烈,而老罗却只是把原因归结为自己“刻薄的批评过媒体编辑们喜欢过的品牌”,而在对无法宽容自己的观点,老罗在搜神记中对话冯唐时,却用“那是他们心里不健康”来定性这群不认同罗永浩方法论的人。品质不入流产品拿出来了,第二代也马上要全渠道铺货,格力确实做到了,只不过这种做到是基于客观条件,前面说了,手机行业代工体系已经足够成熟。由于没有切实的消息,我们不能直接把格力手机和贴牌机关联在一次,但是如果从品质的角度来看,第一代格力手机在品质方面的表现实在不入流,在某些方面甚至不及贴牌产品,山寨厂出的一些高仿产品都要比格力手机出彩,这恐怕与在中国家电行业深耕多年的格力身份不符,相比之下,作为新秀的锤子,却先后拿到了IF、星火工业等设计奖。关于格力手机的评价,我们找到了一些媒体的评测,大致的观点有“这货1600元?”、“499元不能再多了”、“配置糟糕,拍照画质失望”,“三年不换成了笑话”。不太入流的品质直接让格力在手机市场吃了闭门羹,最终销量只有5-6万台,要知道这还是在经销商报销的情况下实现的,可能这个数字对于格力而言是可以接受的,但如果是一家初创手机厂商甚至是老品牌,这样的销量恐怕熬不到第二代产品,大可乐手机倒闭、天宇停工、夏新寻求出售都是先例。对比之下,董明珠曾经在众多媒体面前胯下的5000万台销量,对现在的格力来说,用天文数字来形容毫不为过,这种放卫星式的口号,很难让人把她和在格力一路打拼过来,甚至被称之为营销女王的董明珠联系起来。格力的专利不等于格力的手机专利董明珠做手机,清楚的认识到了专利的重要性,这种未雨绸缪的眼光确实是在基层摸爬滚打上来的高管高瞻远瞩的地方,也因为如此,董明珠在这方面也没有口下留情,比如炮轰小米“如果雷军(微博)没有技术创新,没有自己的专利技术,就输定了”。如果只谈专利,董明珠的这些观点是值得认同的,但需要明确,或者说被董明珠混淆的一点是,“格力持有的专利,不等于格力的手机专利”。过去近30年的时间,格力一路走来,在家电市场做了大量的专利储备,截至2015年,格力有的专利累计14000项,其中近5000多项是发明专利,被誉为是中国空调行业中拥有专利技术最多的企业,也是唯一不受制于外国技术的企业,但问题就在于此,格力的专利多数来自于空调行业,或者说制造业,而手机市场的命脉是通信专利,这个领域不是格力的专长。乐观的说,格力可以在通信行业和竞争对手,供应链的厂商进行一定范围的交叉授权,悲观的说,格力在手机市场的通信专利持有量约等于零,所以董明珠手里的专利武器并不可怕,腰板也没有说的那么硬,至少在手机市场是这样。对董明珠和格力而言,做手机真的不是“分分钟的事情”。预计的销量和现实的销量差了1000倍如果说格力空调一年卖5000万台,这是一个绝对可以得到认同的数字,但如果说格力手机一年要卖5000万台,那么这个数字绝对浮夸,尽管从一个消费电子市场进入另一个消费电子市场,本质上不算跨界,但对于格力来说依然陌生。单纯的直说销量,锤子手机第一代卖了25万台,一加手机1的销量是150万台,奇酷360的第一年预估销量为500万台,乐视超级手机则是400万台,已经在国产手机行业摸索了多年的魅族销量也只有2000万台,初来乍到的格力就把自己的销量喊道5000万台,我们不能说董明珠这样对外夸海口是乱了心智,但用浮夸来形容绝不为过。最终,公布成绩单的时候,摆在格力面前的现实是只卖了5万台,差了整整1000倍。格力的浮夸不仅体现在销量的预期上,也体现在产品细节和理念上。格力做自己的手机,很有一种当成明星定制机来做的感觉,最典型的是开机画面,因为除了明星手机,基本没有一家常规的手机厂商会把自己的开机画面设计成自老板以及老板的寄语画面,这种口味直接奠定了格力的产品基调,且不说他是好还是坏,至少是非主流的。如果说产品有信仰,用老板的开机画面来传递信仰并不是不可,甚至有可能变成创新,然而这种做法对董明珠和格力不合适,因为在手机市场,格力没有忠实用户群体,没有忠实用户,就谈不上信仰。回到生态系统上来,越来越多的厂商在自己的硬件之外,打造软件和服务生态,通过一整套的产品和服务圈住用户,连罗永浩都在这方面有所尝试,比如以Smartisan OS为切入点培育自己的用户基础,而在这方面,格力手里只有一台并不怎么起眼的手机,这也让人很好奇,没有太多的故事摆在台面上讲,董明珠和格力真的希望靠卖这样一款手机来赚钱? 有机情之每日三分钟:二代格力手机售价或超3000元【160127】相关的主题文章: