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Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao Hotel opening soon take you to see the land of idyllic beauty Jinmao Plaza, aerial view of the pool of the El Luxor Hotel hotel rooms viewing map September 30, 2016, the highly anticipated Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao hotel guests will be officially opened. As a central region of the first hotel, is also the first company in Sihu officially settled Mei International Top Class Hotel, Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao hotel opened Changsha El Luxor Hotel will redefine high-end level, high-end innovation Changsha area hotel layout. Hotel layout fusion distant history cultural fusion long history and culture of the ancient city of the Millennium Hotel layout and international luxury hotel brand to meet the history and modern fusion Changsha is a cover and contain everything City, here is not only the heritage of thousands of years of history, cultural heritage, more vibrant inexhaustible creativity. As to the authority, highly praised the Luxury Collection brand choice Changsha as the first step to develop China market, when thousands of years of history of the ancient city in the international luxury hotel brand, not only opened the door to explore a Changsha rich culture and tradition, but also created the city of modern art and design and delicacy charming landmarks. Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao hotel choice in Lake built, around the new commercial, shopping and entertainment center, are handed down while adjacent architect Zaha Hadid – Mei Sihu International Cultural Arts Center, the hotel general manager Eddie Tang has proudly said, "no matter what the guests came to the Changsha. Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao hotel is an ideal choice to let them enjoy the experience of the Chinese city of thousands of wonderful. We look forward to creating authentic travel for global travelers experience, and provide excellent service for them." A new chapter Changsha high-end hotel market will pull the curtain of general manager of hotel owners, Changsha Mei Sihu Jinmao hotel owners representative Su Jihua, has many years of management experience in Hotel industry. Talking to reporters about the high-end hotel market in Changsha, said that in his view, the high-end hotel market in Changsha has experienced three stages of change. The last century at the end of 90s to the beginning of the new century, more and more local hotel is a dragon and a tiger in combat, but also very few high-end hotels; and when brands such as Sheraton, Ting gradually entered the Changsha, people are increasingly choosing these international hotel brand consumption…… And now, high-end hotel market is the Luxury Collection brand All flowers bloom together., settled, not only to Changsha hotel pattern will also bring influence, to Changsha people passing out of the ordinary hotel culture, let them enjoy the holiday in the city in the sense of "land of idyllic beauty", the concept of Leisure City will show to the extreme. Here is your "the Peach Garden" luxury brand that has always been dedicated to opening a door to the world’s most exciting and desirable destinations for travelers around the world. Each hotel and resort hotels are unique, different styles; perfect presentation of authentic local culture and infinite charm. Extremely rich and desirable destination experience, through unique, reflect the local characteristics of the activities, leading guests to explore a unique location. Hotel restaurant hotel restaurant is worth mentioning that, Changsha Mei Sihu gold.相关的主题文章: