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X security Chengdu why so afraid [Abstract] may be worried that the public security implementation of X light, will put themselves on a horse and in the teeth of the storm, in a sneaky way, people may not be able to pay attention to. But this practice, in the end, proved to be silly and ridiculous, but increased public distrust. Author: Zhang Feng (Tencent · US columnist) recently, friends joked: Chengdu, really become "do not want to leave the city". If you want to leave Chengdu, the most convenient is the departure from the Shuangliu Airport or the east railway station, and the two places, have adopted a "weak photon human security apparatus, generally speaking, is to use the X light. Especially the Shuangliu Airport, this "photon security instrument" is the entry examination, even to the airport, also cannot avoid. I believe that the vast majority of users are the same as me, do not really understand the weak photon human security instrument structure. If you go to the hospital, those responsible doctors, generally do not recommend you go to X light. Annual physical examination, according to X light is the highest technical content of a program. The thick iron trait (perhaps the lead, said lead can prevent X light), "Beware of ionizing radiation" warning, giving people an impression: this thing is not to cannot but don’t experience. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Ma Jianhua, a professor of Biomedical Engineering at Southern Medical University, flew from Chengdu to Guangzhou. He is very worried about the security of X light: first, radiation has a cumulative effect, if you often, especially for those who often travel by plane Chengdu white-collar workers, the annual exposure to dozens of times, may be a lot of worries. Second, for special populations, such as pregnant women, according to X light, may affect the fetus. X light exposure increases the risk of developing thyroid cancer in immature children. Although after graduating from high school did not learn physics, I can guess the Shuangliu Airport to respond to the crisis: the amount of radiation is very small, only the continuous light for several days and nights to get cancer; or, the accident probability is very low, is the probability of X light irradiation of a cancer, also less than 1/100000 of it — but, you know, Shuangliu Airport passengers per year import volume of more than 40 million people, even tens of millions of probability one, it may hurt a person. Shuangliu Airport may argue that after 911, many U.S. airports use such security measures. But even in the years when Americans are at their most insecure, this approach is controversial. It is not only a violation of personal privacy, whether it is really improve security is also a suspect. This year, many European friends came back and said, even if there have been several terrorist attacks, the refugee problem is more and more headaches, but European countries did not use the option to upgrade security measures. Compared with the "strange" foreign tourists, Chengdu does not seem to be aware of this danger. In fact, early in the morning, Chengdu east railway station began to use the security equipment, local media have reported, but did not cause too much concern. X light the Shuangliu airport security, many foreign friends are discussed, and finally led to a serious crisis of public opinion. It is ironic that today.相关的主题文章: