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Chinese man in Jeju Island Han’s opinion on random. Visa original title: Chinese frustrated man in Jeju Island or not random. Chinese visa to enter the Global Times correspondent in South Korea [Li Mei] according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on 18, in order to avoid travel to Jeju Island to sign the identity of a 50 year old male Chinese, on the 17 day at 8:45 in the morning to a local Catholic Church, a 61 year old South Korean women are praying stabbed 4 knife after the escape. After the attack, when the victim of fashion conscious call 119 emergency call and was taken to hospital for help. But because of the assassination chest wound too deep, serious injuries, the woman died on the morning of 18. Reported that the China attack the man took a taxi to escape to the location of the distance 40 kilometers from the Seogwipo area. Later, the local police to capture the man’s action trajectory by road surveillance cameras, and in 7 hours after the incident will be brought to justice. Korean national daily said, according to the suspects confessed that he had two ex-wife, has derailed and ran away from home. This month, 13, he was able to travel to Jeju Island in order to avoid identity, and plans to exit on the 22 day. The incident that day, because he felt the recent lousy, originally wanted to go to confession hotel near the church. But to see the victims in prayer, he remembered his ex-wife two, then angry, then kill italy. According to the investigation of the case of Jeju west police station director Pu Jinan, if the suspect the content is true, he should be on the two ex resentment vent to other women, which belongs to the "hate women" of crime. At present, the police consider the suspect prior to purchase weapon on the island of Jeju, and carrying a weapon into the church and other crime plot, "homicide" plan to apply for formal arrest warrant. In accordance with the Korean criminal law, such as homicide was established, will be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty. Yonhap said on the 18, Jeju Island 8 China vicious incident tourists beat a local restaurant, the female boss caused by cerebral hemorrhage occurred shortly before. According to information provided by the local police department of Jeju, as of July this year, 347 foreigners in Jeju Island crime, nearly 70% for the Chinese people (240). South Korean public opinion was advocated by the South Korean government fully reflect whether to continue to allow Chinese people to enter Jeju Island visa free. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: