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Men do low price collusion intermediary tax evasion 23 million villa 7 million according to the Xinhua news agency to do low prices to reduce the tax is part of the housing intermediary touting the "magic weapon", but this behavior once they are found, not only need to make up for unpaid taxes, the tax department will be severely punished, and this part of the additional economic losses often lead to disputes. Recently, the first intermediate people’s court together with the brokerage contract dispute case, the second instance judgment of housing intermediary to pay higher proportion of responsibility. The Han Yu Real Estate Consultants Ltd. intermediary, Zhao Moumou the villa located in Pudong New Area where the sale price of 23 million yuan, while the Commission signed confirmation and Han Yu company, agreed to sell this transaction all taxes included a commission of not more than 1 million yuan. Later, Zhao and Han Yu Yang staff meeting, consensus do low prices. Han Yu company staff held power of attorney, the price of 7 million yuan of real estate sales contracts and other materials of false tax returns, the actual taxes paid only 1 yuan. During the period, Zhao Moumou 3 times to give Yang et al. 750 thousand yuan". Twenty million yuan transaction volume by fraud downsizing into $7 million, one million yuan of tax has shrunk to $10 thousand. The huge difference caused by the tax department of the suspect, the tax staff soon found Moumou tax evasion behavior, and the payment of business tax, personal income tax more than 170 yuan, the additional fines of more than 57 yuan, and make a decision on the tax administrative penalty, a fine of 82 yuan. In addition, in this case, Yang guilty of bribery and bribery of non national staff, has also been subject to criminal punishment, was sentenced to 8 years. After Zhao Moumou to repay the money, filed a lawsuit against the company that the Han Yu, and Han Yu company prior to reach the tax plus commission of not more than 1 million yuan of the tax agreement, part of more than 1 million yuan should be borne by the company and Han Yu Han Yu, the company compensation for the tax penalty, including late fees, intermediary commission, etc. the economic losses of nearly 3 million yuan. Court of first instance held that Zhao and Han Yu company personnel agreement by doing low prices of tax evasion, Zhao Moumou my fault for the loss of staff; the implementation of the false tax returns, the company also has the fault of Han Yu Moumou loss. Considering the degree of the fault of the parties, the court found for Zhao economic losses, Zhao and Han Yu, each bear 50% of the responsibility, to order the Han Yu to Moumou company should pay more than 70 yuan. Both sides refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the city intermediate people’s court. Court that, Han Yu as the intermediary service agency major companies should bear a greater proportion of the relative responsibility, ordered the company to compensate Han Yu Moumou economic losses more than 98 yuan. Hot news: Shanghai District 5 and 8 appointed deputy mayor of which 6 people after 70 Shanghai will build 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery Hongqiao airport aircraft collision insurance was 3 million yuan reward. When Captain Shanghai’s show canteen boss wages 1 million 600 thousand run away jailed for 1 years 10 months with three-dimensional city construction相关的主题文章: