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Concept of poverty alleviation model people called "sheep" Secretary – Beijing, Beijing, November 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhao Jianhua) recently, China there are a lot of people are remembering a grass-roots officials led the people out of poverty — Jiang Shikun. He served as the CPC Guizhou Province, Qianxi Prefecture Qinglong county Party Secretary, were local people called "sheep secretary". He can prescribe medication for the sick sheep, to the village work shoe soles are worn but unaware. At present, there are 592 key counties for poverty alleviation and development in China, Jiang Shikun has worked for one year in Qinglong county. According to the CPC Qinglong County Deputy Secretary Wang Qin introduction, Qinglong is a typical Karst area, only 0.77 acres of arable land per capita, a number of indicators among the 592 impoverished counties of the last one, is one of the poorest areas. 2010, Jiang Shikun, deputy director of the county of Ren Qinglong. At that time, the county population of less than 30 thousand, there is no guarantee of water supply, the village road 70% of the county, many people rely on grain to maintain food and clothing. A local reporter interviewed said that the mountain farmers will seek out land in the land of stone on the hillside, even sized one, to sow a kind of corn (maize). Working in Qinglong County for 6 years, Jiang Shikun every year to work in rural areas more than 200 days. He often talked with farmers to night, and people together with the grass, sheep, breeding experts have independent intellectual property rights of the "Qinglong sheep". Over time, people called Jiang Shikun as secretary of the sheep". Today, the county’s poverty reduction by half, the per capita disposable income of farmers doubled, infrastructure and public services to improve the overall, so that people praise the outstanding performance. Unfortunately, in April this year, Jiang Shikun suffered a heart attack on a business trip on the way, after the rescue invalid died, only 46 years old. Deputy director of the office of Qinglong He Boguo said, heard of Jiang Shikun’s death, the local people lament the sad. 11, China Ministry of human resources and social security and the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office held a national teleconference, awarded Jiang Shikun "national poverty alleviation model" the honorary title, and held Jiang Shikun deeds report. The report of the meeting, Wang Qin, He Boguo, Jiang Shikun these former colleagues recalled his work in Qinglong, bit by bit. Busy work, so that Jiang Shikun had no time to take care of his family. His daughter, Tian Shanling, started boarding school in junior high school. High school 6 years time, every night 10:55, father and daughter will call. Dad busy, afraid to miss the appointment time, set the alarm clock on the phone at 10:55 in the evening, remind me." Tian Shan Ling until admitted to the University, "Dad said I grow up, don’t worry about me, he could work. On the night of my father’s belongings, my father’s cell phone suddenly rang, and he had kept the 10:55 alarm clock with me, but I couldn’t hear my father’s voice any more." 11 at the meeting, Tian Shan Ling about 10 minutes in the whole lump. Many sad stranger who smell. (end)相关的主题文章: