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Reference-and-Education Whether you’re considering a career as a court reporter or looking for a reliable reporter to provide you with court reporting services, it’s important to understand the skills of the trade. Not only must reporters have excellent stenography and listening skills, they must also be accurate, detail oriented, and grammar and punctuation experts. In addition, court reporters need to understand legal terminology, follow courtroom and legal protocol, and act professionally at all times. If you want to get a head start go learn about court reporting schools in Grand Prairie Texas . Stenography Skills Court reporters use a steno machine to transcribe the spoken word into text. These machines feature a 22-button keyboard that is used to enter syllables and sounds. Unlike at computer keyboard where each letter key represents a letter of the alphabet, the steno machine’s keyboard keys represent syllables and sounds. These keys are used in conjunction with one another with combinations of keys creating a printed symbol representing the sound uttered. Once trained in stenography and with a great deal of practice, a stenographer is capable of transcribing text at rates far faster than even the fastest typists. After creating a steno tape of the proceedings, the tape must be translated from the steno machine’s shorthand into readable text. The reporter either reads the tape into a dictation machine for later transcription or translates and types the tape. Fortunately, new technologies, such as real time reporting, are largely eliminating this tedious task. Real Time Reporting Skills Technology has progressed to the point where "real time" court reporting is a reality. With real time court reporting the reporter’s steno machine is connected to a computer and real time reporting software. Other legal participants can connect to the real time feed and view the transcribed text as soon as it is transcribed by the real time reporter. A real time reporter must be a skilled stenographer who is also comfortable with technology. Not only must the transcription be set up properly amongst all participants, the real time reporter may also need to package the transcripts for distribution. Communication Skills Whether a reporter specializes in traditional stenography or real time reporting, excellent communication skills are a must. In order to transcribe the spoken word into text, a court reporter must be an attentive listener. In addition to being able to hear the words being spoken, the court reporter must also know how to properly punctuate the resulting sentences so that the sentences accurately reflect the speaker’s meaning. For example, a misplaced comma could change the meaning of a sentence. It is the court reporter’s job to ensure that the meaning is clear and accurate. Professional Skills Court reporters must have a professional appearance and act professionally at all times. They work in a variety of settings including at depositions, mediations, and trials. They are in the presence of lawyers, judges, juries, witnesses, and litigants and must act appropriately and impartially. The reporter is responsible for creating an accurate, legal record of the proceedings and must act dutifully. In many states, a court reporter must be licensed or certified with some states requiring that the court reporter is also licensed as a notary public. For example, in Texas, court reporters must be certified by endorsement or by passing a state licensing examination. Once licensed, court reporters in Texas must accrue ten hours of continuing education with two and a half of those hours focused on ethics and rules in order to renew their license. There’s more to court reporting than meets the eye. A court reporter must be highly skilled, professional, and committed to service. Sunbelt tailors a wide range of litigation support solutions specializing in a worry-free approach empowering litigators to turn their full attention to winning their case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: