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UnCategorized We can now say that the summer is really launched the first major pop concert on Wednesday presented outdoors – and a glorious evening! – Parc Jean-Drapeau. The American group Dave Matthews Band opened the musical summer in rallying around 10,000 spectators on the river bottom. Weather aside, nothing to say except that after the last gray days, it was good to spend the evening outside. The rays of the sun accompanied the Nigerian Femi Kuti during her performance of about 45 minutes, opening for Dave Matthews and his cronies. He deployed his Afrobeat rhythms in the right mood, what other African funk lovers will enjoy when the artist returned to Montreal in a little less than one month (July 5, at Metropolis), in Jazz Festival. And the Dave Matthews Band? Equal to itself. A set of very competent musicians, totally invested in their performance, but having a directory rather average. So average, in fact, that even the new songs from Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King – by far the best of the band’s discography – lost their pungent flavor to the soup Louisiana funk-rock group that serves more than 15 years ago . This Big Whiskey And The King GrooGrux, it must be stressed is the fifth album on the group to begin sales in the first position on the Billboard charts. A feat that says less about the quality of these new songs (though very good, let us repeat) on the enthusiasm of fans of Matthews, Vermont and Maine, have made the journey to Montreal to enjoy his show. Which began with a piece of choice for fans, Bartender (from the album Busted Stuff, 2002). A long progression of rock-pop harmonies simple – in fact, stretching over a dozen minutes on stage, one of the longest repertory group, period. Too long even to start the evening: the Irish flute solo, two-thirds of the piece, soon broke the momentum of the Band, a group impervious to musical modes, anti-trends since its inception in the early 90s. On stage, seven musicians: all classical bass guitar, drums, a trumpet player, saxophonist, a violinist and leader Matthews, guitar neck. By nature reserved, he briefly addressed the crowd, preferring to let his songs speak. Twenty in nearly 2:30, we’re talking about a concert generous. A concert that has found its stride when the sun went down. Dynamic, often muscular, the concert yesterday was less a case of success (even solid Jimi Thing, Spaceman and pretty Funny The Way It Is the new album have delighted fans) than individual performances, a succession of fiery solos each of these musicians, making banal compositions of small fireworks pop. It is especially this, the Dave Matthews Band: not craftsmen, but workers of pop. Core to the book. With that, maybe the group could one day be a really good book. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: