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Business Every business has it’s share of problem customers. But it is how you handle these troubled individuals that sets successful businesses apart from the failures. In this article we will cover the top 5 problem customers and discuss strategies you can use to curtail their destructive behaviour. 1 – The Bully Don’t confuse the bully with your normal dissatisfied client. A bully is a customer to whom anger is the first response to every problem. It is easy to identify a bully through their abusive language, excessive demands and their ability to reduce your staff to tears in minutes.. To handle a bully use your customer database to keep track of every incident and consider adding a note to their file to warn your employees of their explosive temper. Finally if they be.e too much give them a shape up or ship out ultimatum. Some bullies will walk, storm off to do business with your .petitors but most will modify their behavoir once they know you’re willing to stand up for yourself. 2 – Your Royal Highness This is a customer who thinks very highly of themselves and expect either a certain amount of respect or fanfare in any contact you have. Whether they deserve the extra fanfare doesn’t really matter. Depending on how you handle these customers they can be a dream or a nightmare. If you don’t deliver the courtesy, respect or deference they expect they will be.e a problem but if you give them the treatment they expect royals can be.e your most loyal customers. To give you a practical example the client may dislike your staff calling them by their first name, this problem can be resolved easily, just add a note to their record in your customer database. 3 – The Needy Wench Ever dated someone who was really needy? Well these people don’t just make needy lovers they are also needy customers. As customers they need allot of assurance before making a purchase and significant post sales contact to keep them happy. Here is how you can manage a needy client: Consider lengthening your sales funnel, by offering extra information you can help cater to this group of clients. You can also implement automaticpost sales contact points to maintain your relationship with needy clients. Although they require extra attention needy clients can also be very generous, your extra efforts could mean valuable back end sales and helpful testimonials. Just use your customer database to send them personalised offers and feedback questionnaires. 4 – The Indecisive CEO If you offer a highly customizable product or service beware of the indecisive client, they could send you to the poor house!. These are clients who simply can’t make up their mind! They are forever shifting the goal posts on your project. As a result they can be quite a drain on your resources. You’ll do your best for them but at the end of a project they are known to moan about the quality of your finished product, push for extra work to be done (without extra payment) or even demand a refund. One way to deal with these clients is to save all correspondence in your customer database software. In the event of a dispute you can then refer back to the original (or amended) instructions or to your final agreement. Ideally if you identify an indecisive client you should try to bill them on an hourly rate rather than fixed price contract. This way they can change their mind as much as they like without sending you bankrupt. In most cases they are less likely to make unnecessary changes when they have to pay for it themselves. 5 – Price Sensitive Clients This is someone whose primary concern is price and price alone. The cheap skate will hound you for a better price. If you try to negotiate with this type of customer you will just end up wasting your time and devaluing your product. Negotiating with this type of customer will eat up your time. And honestly this is time that could be better spent elsewhere. Price sensitive clients have no loyalty, as soon as they see a better deal they will desert you. There is one method for turning a cheap skate into a loyal customer; referral programs. For example if you have a recurring product or service you could offer them 5% off their monthly fee for every new customer who they refer to you. They get your product or service at a lower price and you get new business, everybody wins! You can also automate this process by using a customer database system with a referral program module. Now you know the problem customer groups to look out for and how to manage them. When faced with bullies, cheap skates and everything in between, with the right systems in place you can turn problem customers into dream clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: