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Medicine The world famous company Johnson & Johnson is the manufacturer of the Rembrandt teeth whitening system that is a company long and actively associated with the development as well as manufacture of teeth manufacturing products. It employs hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel that contains a twenty-five percentage of hydrogen peroxide concentration along with a pH of 8.5. The Rembrandt teeth whitening system also makes use of a plasma arc light unit which has a bleaching light that may be fitted with a Rembrandt Whitening Crystal that can enable a dentist to treat both the upper and lower teeth of the patient, simultaneously. The light waves used are of a blue-green coloration that allows specific wavelengths to activate some of the Rembrandt teeth whitening system’s tooth whitener and, thus enhance the whitening effect. The Different Ways in Which You Can Whiten Your Teeth with Rembrandt Rembrandt teeth whitening toothpaste called Intense Satin is probably the most inexpensive way to get and keep your teeth white; it contains natural enzymes found in the papaya called Citroxain and Alumisil, which polishes and removes stains gently. Using this toothpaste twice a day can assure you white sparkling teeth in as soon as two weeks with visible signs in just a few days. Rembrandt teeth whitening strips are the solution to consider if your teeth are severely stained and/or yellowish; the strips are made with foam like material that shapes to your teeth and thus, works quickly and efficiently without you having to worry about them moving or not having the full effect. The Rembrandt teeth whitening strips have peroxide and therefore you should follow precisely the indications provided of how long and how often you should use the strips in order to avoid any health hazards. A very popular Rembrandt teeth whitening produce is laser where the dentist will clean your teeth and in approximately two hours you will walk out with sparkling white teeth; however, laser teeth whitening is also the most expensive procedure of all but at the same time highly efficient. The procedures required for a Rembrandt teeth whitening system is more or less the same as those for other general and typical professional teeth whitening processes and, it may be mentioned that Rembrandt does not make use of paints on dental dams or activation of the whitening gel with a bleaching light? Before choosing the Rembrandt teeth whitening system to whiten one’s teeth, one may need to discuss matters with a dentist. Having said that, there is no doubt that Rembrandt is made by a world famous company that is sure to provide high quality teeth whitening. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: