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"Donkey" water release today national 1000 point mapping "Sohu" entertainment audience pajamas "donkey water" release today as Pei Kuishan, Kuishan Pei Ren Suxi as Zhang Yiman, as president of the Sohu to artists entertainment happy twist second movie "donkey" water today in the national release, film adaptation of Zhou Shen, Liu Lu of the same name drama, and by the two person screenwriter, director, in more than half a month roadshow and more than 1000 point mapping, "water" a "donkey pajamas" national audience. Many more celebrity big V spontaneous support, and Lu Chuan, Siqin Gaowa Rao Xueman, director, etc. in view of the high force recommended actress. The actress was more Suxi become budding goddess nightwear". The movie theme song "I want you" also with the film burst red. As a happy twist second film, the film "donkey" water adaptation of drama, many industry insiders praised its "strength over" Sherlock worry "". The movie "the donkey" water roadshow first stop start from Beijing, in the media university station, 111 minutes viewing will harvest 178 times laughter, then traveled to Tianjin, Xi’an, film Chengdu, Shenyang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, a "night suit of tens of thousands of spectators.". Especially in the 1000 point mapping, more than 50 city nearly 60 thousand viewers ahead of "laugh", and to praise the film back. Allison, Liu Shuailiang played Zhou Tienan Bu Guanjin as authentic sense of joy to present the absurdity touched the audience High couldn’t stop laughing is worth mentioning is that the original drama stage since 2012 since, in dozens of city national tour full heat spread for several years did not return at the box office, including the University of Cambridge, Princeton University, also become the nearly hundred sea the troupe to universities outside the rehearsal super drama IP, has also attracted the "Sanlian Life Weekly" "Southern Weekend" and other cultural media attention. Happy twist CEO Liu Hongtao said, the choice of the film as a fun twist second, took a fancy to its black humor kernel. Director Zhou Shen and Liu Lu in the control, the film "water" donkey authentic show drama essence, and batted on the basis of reality, even in advance for a month of rehearsal, a month after the shot is two months shot. The film is also invited to the Ang Lee family trilogy photographer Lin Liangzhong served as a guide for the film screen escort. In addition, the film golden sentence endless. Among them, "I will become the annual gold pajamas he", many of the audience laughed and said "I was also the nightwear". All the actors superb acting self flying collocation, the sudden burden is to touch the audience High be caught off guard. The film with new good bursting point, the transfer film set people thinking connotation, actress Zhang Yiman suffered so many viewers said that distressed, actor Ren Suxi is still "fear", "still want to, not now that the thought of drama, just want to cry." "The drama strength" screen "four new spark collision angle" disturbing from the stage to the movie screen, also with the strength to conquer the audience members of the stars. Ren Suxi, Pei Kuishan, Han Yanbo, and other artists to have after the stage, a group of "thoroughly tempered".相关的主题文章: