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"Double 11" peak "shopping" experts remind you to avoid false discount "double eleven shopping cart put what? Ask Amway." "Double eleven, the list is"…… Similar problems in the circle of friends recently. But for some impatient commuters, said than done fast, has a week in advance into the shopping state. I have been connected to a dozen orders a day every day, close to express delivery must be carried out in two batches upstairs." White collar leaflets said last month the electricity supplier started "double 11" activities, simply seize various preferential buy a seasonal clothes and skin care products, plus all snacks snacks and fruit fresh, mostly directed "seckill", "group purchase", "double 11" looting "promotion. Commuters Liu said, almost all electricity suppliers are engaged in "double 11" promotion, so seize the opportunity. It has received orders, something out of the hill fast reactor. See the "promotion" blindly orders recently, many stores launched scheduled activities scheduled in advance to "double 11" that day, doubling the amount of deposit, but also enjoy other preferential order in advance, to attract a lot of people. But it was also found that due to lack of understanding of the promotion rules, to save money, it is difficult to get. At the store "double deposit", "buy three sent a" propaganda Pudong New Area, Miss Li to spend energy to pick three clothes, pay down payment after waiting for orders in November 11th. But later, she found that the promotion rules is not "three free", but "three after another". That means she’s going to get a discount and buy a dress. But she didn’t like the style. Contact the store, service personnel said to buy other also can enjoy "buy three get one, but must be in order to point at 0-2 a.m.. "That means I have to buy a dress and stay up until the wee hours of the morning." At this time, Miss Lee began to regret, not only did not fancy clothes, and November 11th is a working day on Friday, they do not want to stay up late shopping. Consumer rights experts remind consumers of online shopping, to verify the authenticity of online shopping discount promotional advertising, to fully understand the accurate information of goods, early attention ready to buy goods, pay attention to the stage of the sales price, avoid the seller first and then discount price discount for the false deceived. Art, part-time model pretty tug of war between electricity suppliers were four, related jobs recruitment. Since late October so far, artists, customer service, graphic models and other positions to set off a round of recruitment peak. According to the net data show that Taobao under the category of daily new art, copy, model number of jobs are more than 300, of which three to four as a part-time job. A recruiter is the electricity supplier said, there are a lot of IT or engaged in the advertising industry to do part-time white-collar art or copy, the image of good temperament of white-collar workers also tried a part-time model, the use of spare time to earn extra money. "This week I have taken two days to catch different set." A 27 year old female white-collar workers are part-time small Taobao models, shooting more than and 200 sets of clothes every day, 80 yuan each, I invited a few days of annual leave, this a few days to earn more than a few months wages, but also very hard to shoot." The provincial development and Reform Commission "double 11" ban "the first price and then discount (this video for extended use))相关的主题文章: