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Mobile-Cell-Phone At last, what you have been waiting for so long time have .e to pass, that the first of its kind, and real as earth itself, the dual boot operating system supporting Smartphone has been released as an upgraded version of Diamond T5353 and it is called Double Diamond King. The operating systems it support is both Google Android 1.6 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 which offer almost everything you would expect from an operating system, and even tripled the effect when used together. Despite the fact that there are recently many Diamond 2 duplicates flooding in, trying to race with one another in worth, Double Diamond King occupies an exclusive point as lead in Smartphone market, since it has the first and ultimate classic Diamond design, also supported with limitless function abilities and .patibility with almost any kind of program that you would like to install in. The hunter team of CNDIGIT at last catched the upgraded version of Diamond T5353 running on two operational systems, both Google Android 1.6 and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, and they even made up a demonstration video in order to prove it is not fake, since there are many faking cases seen in particularly this kind of thing. This feature, with its evidence supported is expected to be such effective that other features of the Smartphone put aside, and the .pany expects a treasure out of solely finding the dual boot technology on the phone. Also, it is not in vain that they expect this much, ergo Smartphone with dual boot technology been in lips of every Smartphone fan. So this is surely going to be like a gift given by the producers to them. Still, other functions of the Double Diamond King is extremely useful too, they are just not unique. However it can also be said that they are unique as a pack, since there are not many other phones which include all these features in one. Well maybe most importantly it has a screen in size of 240×400 pixels resolution and 3.2 inches, WQVGA with toughened glass, and its of course a touch screen, since no less can be expected from that gigant of a screen. This screen is mounted on a vacuum stainless steel body, which means it can be hardly damaged. Also, the famous classical design of Diamond phones is in .bination with aesthetic Clone HTC style. And since it has the particular style of quadband, you can find phone support anywhere in the world. It is Wi Fi .patible, and it has Wifi edge support. Let us inspect the hardware qualities, however no much can be said when the phone actually has Marvell PXA3130 with 624 mhz on it. And believe it or not, it also has 256m ram and 512m rom. This is a damn fast machine, for a Smartphone, I can tell. Of course, as it is expected to be no less, its camera has 5.0 megapixels with night shooting, granted support with infrared illumination. Double Diamond King does not disappoint music fans too, with its .patibility with all video formats and support of both mp3 and mp4 it is indeed going to be quite handy. Maybe a bit unnecessary for music, but surely those who would like to hear the news everyday without needing any other device would be happy that it also supports fm radio. You can use its flash light in front of rear in case you may need extra light for anything! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: