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Drops travel began layoffs, plans to cut 1000 people – the Sohu of science and technology today is really great Internet day, Ali is also the Tencent Jingdong double 11, 18 year old birthday. Big companies can go today is not easy, which actually crossed many obstacles, only the founding team really clear. So in the face of rapid valuations can grow up by even two horses, actually is very envious of the East. However, the way of growing frustrations may indeed ultimately, Tencent Ali investment drops have not fared well, a buddy of [Penguin ecology] revealed that drops of ongoing layoffs, while Beijing’s net car about the details of the new deal is also to be announced. It is said that it is only said that this is the case: 1 drops have now begun to lay off, mainly on the express business to cut people. Now the abolition of or are in the process of hundreds of people, and it is said that the goal is to remove the entire layoffs of one thousand employees, mainly related to the team express service line. 2 the layoffs, to some extent, is a product of the merger with Uber china. Before the merger with Uber China, there are about 6000 drops, Uber China has nearly 1000 people. Although the founder of the v-mobile bicycle Wang Xiaofeng, head of Uber China Liu had no choice but Zhendeng drops, many employees still choose to leave. So after the merger, the number of employees around 7000 employees, many of them repeated jobs. Personnel structure optimization is a very important reason for the layoffs. 3 pairs of express business layoffs, but also because the network about the new deal. From the recent reports of the leasing company, can see the network about the new car, drops in the first-tier cities in order to shrink, the driver also lost. The model is very general, the driver service is also very general express business, is about the new car network the main law enforcement object. The market is shrinking, the team is reduced to some extent, almost inevitable. Drops on the express business layoffs, to some extent, also reflects the impact of the network about the new deal on the car. 4 express business status is also rapidly falling. Prior to the merger with Uber China, the express is the most important drops inside the fastest growing business, because the main cost of the express business is the largest single largest contribution to the largest sector GMV. At the same time, the express business is also a major part of the Uber with PK. The reason why the reason why the birth of a small amount of traffic, largely because Uber China with the main price of the people’s excellent step to grab a lot of market share drops. That is now eaten after eating Uber China, the size of the subsidy, the main price ratio, the main aggregation of sensitive business groups sensitive business, it is not so necessary. This is a diaojingongcang. 5 express business to reduce weight, but also means that the story of the change in the bit. Effect of continuous winter capital is gradually emerging, resourceful as music and Jia Yueting recently are soft, began to admit that the capital chain is facing pressure. Drops of pressure is also a lot of natural, but compared to music, drops or.相关的主题文章: