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Entertainment mogul with Mistress British shopping was shot (Figure) wash the rice with Chinese mistress photographed shopping Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Macao entertainment tycoon Chinese rice washing (Zhou Zhuohua) enjoy the first return to Macao in the mid autumn blessing of Qi, with the palace Chen Huiling Festival, and mainland users to watch and mistress, Berlin Chan [micro-blog] love Mandy Lieu British leisure shopping to buy clothes on before, Mandy was more like a good character, make the network friendly dumbfounded. Micro-blog users Immersy designer -yuki PO on the summer before catching wild tycoon with shopping in London to watch the mistress, said he didn’t recognize tycoon and mistress, think of each other came and asked him what he was doing, he did not react, then boast good character Mandy, so he was not what the gossip. His mistress Mandy praise good character, so users were dumbfounded, "Immersy designer -yuki Xia" is in the very mistress? In this regard, he explained: "speak very polite, there is no harsh tone of my feelings. In addition to the third problems to see her, I did not feel bad, after all, I am a passer-by." (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: