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Environmental tax is expected to released: let the polluters pay – public channel from 2008 onwards, Renmin University of China school dean Ma Zhong for the "environmental protection law (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "environmental protection law") of the draft and busy. Lasted eight years, to August 29th this year, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the twenty-second meeting, the draft for the first time to consider the environmental protection tax law finally ushered in the dawn. Ma Zhong revealed to the weekly Times reporter, to participate in the drafting of the draft environmental tax, both university personnel, is also the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of finance, the tax department of staff, "we agree in the general direction of legislation". Treasury Secretary Lou Jiwei said that the draft, the draft legislative principle is "tax translation", "translation" from the sewage charges to the environmental tax levy object and the current sewage charges levied for consistent, atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise. Ma Zhong in an interview with die Zeit reporter, the speech reveals a sense of regret: sewage charges into environmental taxes, which is a very important thing. It would be a pity if you just moved." The Policy Research Office of the State Council Development Research Center, deputy director of the environmental Chen Jianpeng times weekly in an interview with reporters said: "since, sewage collection rate is relatively low, after the tax reform, the Tax Department tax may make some changes." He stressed that the introduction of environmental protection tax law this year, in addition to the central environmental Inspectorate group, the Ministry of environmental protection set up three division, China’s environmental governance is a noteworthy focus. Shaanxi Ankang a fertilizer plant responsible person to die Zeit reporter, said: we are staring at the industry’s introduction of this law." In his view, the current sewage fee translation design is only temporary, such as the future of high polluting industries such as chemical fertilizer industry is bound to face a reshuffle of the tax burden. Once the implementation of the draft, fertilizer industry will become an opportunity to capacity. Some small businesses do not have the money to control pollution, will certainly face elimination." He has been in the factory to negotiate with the local sewage treatment, increase the cost of pollution. The value of the environmental tax is the tax reform party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the implementation of the tax legal principle, "legislative law" to "legal tax" to make specific provisions, the NPC Standing Committee of the first separate tax laws. From the beginning of 1990, for sewage companies, environmental protection departments will levy sewage charges. 2003-2015, the country’s total sewage charges levied about 200000000000 yuan to pay sewage charges of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households accumulated a total of about 5000000 households. Finance minister Lou Jiwei said that the sewage system plays an important role in the prevention and control of environmental pollution, but compared with the tax system, sewage charges system has insufficient rigidity, law enforcement and local government departments intervention and other issues, it is necessary to carry out environmental protection fees. Ma Zhong was analyzed, the local government for local enterprises to reduce the cost, may limit the environmental protection department of the sewage charges: "Beijing and Tianjin had already raised the rate of sewage charges, because they have the economic strength and determination to improve the environment. It’s hard to say in other provinces." Report相关的主题文章: