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The United States and Europe meeting focused downside risks to Europe hit two week low of Huitong news network February 19th this week U.S. fed and ECB meeting on interest rates have been published, emphasized in both agree without prior without previous consultation over the past two months, the economic downside risk is increasing. Affected by the news, the euro against the U.S. dollar once fell to nearly two weeks low. When investors digest the relevant information, the exchange rate of the currency on the back of the consolidation area around 1.1100. Before the euro fell below 1.1100 level, the lowest hit 1.1070, which is the lowest point in two weeks, and after the discovery to support and recover part of the lost territory. However, the rebound is still limited to 1.1100 of the region. In terms of technology, the most immediate support positions are 1.1055 (200 day moving average) and 1.0963 (100 day moving average). Once there’s a breakthrough, the top resistance levels are 1.1178 (February 17th highs), 1.1200 (10 day moving averages) and 1.1249 (February 15th highs). Beijing time at 4:40 on February 19th, the euro against the U.S. dollar reported 1.1094. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美欧会议纪要聚焦下行风险 欧 美触及两周低位   汇通网2月19日讯——本周内美联储和欧洲央行的议息会议纪要先后公布,两者不谋而合地强调了在过去的两个多月里经济下行的风险正在增加。受上述消息面影响,欧元兑美元汇价一度跌至接近两周以来的新低。待投资者消化有关信息后,该货币对的汇价重新回到1.1100附近的整固区域。   此前欧元兑美元曾跌破1.1100水平,最低触及1.1070,这是两周内的最低点,及后找到支持并收复部分失地。不过汇价的反弹仍受限于1.1100的区域。   从技术上来看,目前最直接的支撑位在1.1055(200天移动平均线)和1.0963(100天移动平均线)。一旦有所突破,上方的阻力位有1.1178(2月17日高点)、1.1200(10天移动平均线)和1.1249(2月15日高点)。   北京时间2月19日4:40,欧元兑美元报1.1094。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: