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"Fake divorce" from the left is hidden:   marriage may not be easy — real estate — people.com.cn original title: "fake divorce" is hidden: from the left turn may not be easy recently, Shanghai broke the tightening of mortgage rumors, the property market turnover rose, local residents choose to buy the phenomenon of divorce enter the "hot" stage. According to reports, in August 29th, Shanghai Xuhui District Bureau of Civil Affairs divorce registration office was to divorce divorce people Jibao, from more than 7 am start line. 4:30 in the afternoon the divorce registration office had to take temporary measures to "closed", and posted a notice to the parties divorce registration please come back one day to take a number of relevant affairs at the door. The divorce to buy a house, which in the end is the trouble which? Marriage away, the law will have any hidden trouble? The law never "fake divorce" of China’s "marriage law" provisions of article fifth of both men and women, marriage must be completely voluntary, no party to be forced or any third party to intervene. Article eighth requires the marriage of both men and women must personally go to the marriage registration authority for marriage registration. In accordance with the provisions of this law, shall be registered, issued a marriage certificate. Obtain a marriage certificate, that is to establish the relationship between husband and wife. Not for marriage registration, shall apply for registration. It can be seen that the implementation of the marriage system of our country is as long as the marriage registration, the parties shall divorce registration formalities, both parties of the marriage is declared, the legal consequences of the so-called "fake divorce" and "really divorce" is the same. However, some people are luck, eventually too late for regrets. "Fake divorce" for both life and wealth in March 2015, Ms. Xie and her ex husband Mr. Zhang to court, requesting revocation of the two sides signed the divorce agreement, to restore the marriage between the two sides. The trial, Ms. Xie said excitedly, and Mr. Zhang is married in January 5, 1998 February 2010 the two sides, the birth of a child, as the child grew up, two people for the children can get better education, and want to buy a school room, but at this time of the purchase of the policy has been out, Mr. Zhang name has a house again purchase of two suites, not only need to pay a high down payment, loan interest rates can not enjoy preferential. Agency staff said to them to circumvent the law by buying fake divorce, remarry etc. real line. However, Mr. Zhang divorce not only agreed to pay Shoufu, does not agree with the marriage, also said the property has been split is completed, Ms. Xie has no right to continue to live in the house. Mr. Zhang’s view of Ms. Xie is not recognized, said the two sides is indeed because of emotional breakdown of divorce, the property has been split up, there is no false divorce. Finally, after the court’s interpretation, Ms. Xie understand the law, accept the reality is no longer required to remarry, change lawsuit to revoke the relevant property of Ms. Xie and Mr. Zhang signed the divorce agreement in terms of requirements for segmentation. After the trial, Ms. Xie told the judges of the case, the most want to resume marriage, money can not earn, but the child is the most important, she would like to provide a child相关的主题文章: