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Foreign media: Japan’s involvement in the South China Sea to kill three birds " " outraged Chinese – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 22nd: foreign media said recently, the Japanese defense minister suddenly announced a high-profile visit to the United States to: in the South Sea action will enhance the China level. This includes the United States and Southeast Asian countries in the United States and Southeast Asian countries, with the United States and Southeast Asian countries to carry out bilateral and multilateral military exercises, and help Southeast Asian countries to strengthen military. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website published in September 21st entitled "Japan South Sea cruise China stone carving three" article said that Japanese work has always been rigorous and detailed plan for free, by willful decision making based on the unique. The time involved in a high-profile Chinese South Sea, even Japan has its full China anger, special strategic considerations, but also can kill three birds. First of all, in order to ensure the survival and development as a strategic resource poor Island, Japan’s leadership has decided to continue to improve the military, break peace constitution, and to focus on overseas trade channels and strengthen regional hot intervention and influence. Japan’s so-called "strategic objective to return to a normal state, should not have a World War II comprehensive colonial aggression and expansion, but a more active interest across the frontier guard. In this case, the probability of the war in Japan in the depth of his or her local cause of conflict should not be high, but the possibility of a military confrontation or even disputes in the territorial waters of the disputed area and the international hot spots. Secondly, from the United States presidential election only less than two months time, no matter who is elected, Japan must take the new president and the new government may risk the Obama government’s "return to Asia policy change policy to a minimum. And the most effective means of risk prevention, is Japan in its own direct battle and pull together in times of trouble as a bargaining chip to lock in the United States and other countries (Australia) in the future will continue to intervene in the Asia Pacific region and commitment. Finally, through high-profile involvement in the South China Sea, to reshape and strengthen the image and role of Japan as a regional leadership in the Western Pacific region, and contain and weaken China’s regional influence. From the perspective of military strength, Japan and the United States, believe that its naval and air forces, both in technology and equipment, the quality of personnel, and other aspects of combat experience, all of China have a considerable advantage, once the conflict with China, will have a relatively large chance of winning.相关的主题文章: