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Freshman military training school 8 days not reported the theft of students of 13 mobile phone hard, finally admitted to the University of Xingtai Lee, pretended not to participate in military training and high blood pressure. Its real purpose is to steal the newborn cell phone and money. Think unnoticed, but because of his things, was arrested in September 15th. Since the school year began in September, is located in Shijiazhuang City, Luquan Economic Development Zone, a university student dormitory, playground of military training occurred more than one after another mobile phone theft. And the incidence of the time is in the new period of military training, multiple cases of attention in Shijiazhuang City, Luquan District Public Security Bureau of Interpol squadron. Captain Li Gang immediately arranged for two groups of police in the vicinity of the campus to carry out detective work. A group of police responsible for the theft of students to understand the details, the other group of police began to touch the platoon to visit. Police handling the scene through the investigation, the investigation of stolen students, the case will be strung together, and found that more than one cell phone stolen by a person. Another group of police in the campus visit, learned that in the campus a courier delivery point, a man sent by courier three second-hand mobile phone. The police handling of the above carefully combed judged, found that mobile phone mobile phone features and students’ the man mailed stolen highly consistent. After investigation, the man is the mobile phone mail University of the first grade college students lee. Two groups of police investigators will be aware of the situation after a comprehensive analysis, that Lee is a major suspect. The police decided to arrest its implementation, and careful dispatched immediately. In September 15th, the suspect arrested Lee on campus. Under questioning, the suspect Lee (male, 21 years old, Hebei, Xingtai) is a freshman freshman year freshman. According to Lee explained, because of family financial difficulties, the home for the tuition cost a lot of money to alleviate the burden to the family, in the registration of military training, he focused on the freshmen’s property, produced the idea of theft. Subsequently, he made high blood pressure lies in not to participate in military training under the condition for the implementation of the theft and create favorable conditions, and opportunistic crime, just 8 days time, a total of 13 mobile phone theft on campus and more than 500 yuan in cash. At present, the suspect Lee has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: