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Fujian Medical Insurance Office introduced the New Deal: such as insurance fund fraud against pharmaceutical companies – Sohu News newspaper internship in October 28th, has just set up a month of Medical Security Management Committee Office of Fujian province (hereinafter referred to as "Fujian medical insurance office issued the" notice ") Office of Management Committee of Fujian Province on further medical security against fraudulent medical insurance funds and acts against the interests of patients" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), just "full moon" health office will first fire burn to the Medicare health insurance fund as the foundation. "China business newspaper" reporter learned that the regulation of pharmaceutical circulation field chaos is required to control Medicare fee requirements, is also the focus of this round of health care reform. Today (October 29th), in the eighth session of the annual meeting of Chinese pharmaceutical entrepreneur, deputy director of the State Planning Commission, deputy director of the food and Drug Administration Wu Zhen said that the rectification of circulation chaos is the focus of health planning work next. "We must solve many problems of circulation, the more circulation, the more the cost. In fact, the core of the two vote system is to compress the approval process, I personally think that the medical insurance fee will still have a great effect." "Notice" that will implement the blacklist system, to carry out special rectification for defrauding Medicare fund circulation of medicine to chaos, including drug supplies manufacturers, operators and the circulation of Medicare designated hospitals, pharmacies and physicians. For the implementation of "two votes", issuing false VAT invoices, "Guopiao money laundering" bribery, medical institutions, medical personnel of medical security system management and not timely delivery without justifiable reasons of drug supplies (including imports) supply production enterprises, pharmaceutical material consumption and distribution enterprises will be included in the medical insurance in Fujian Province the "blacklist management system". For Medicare designated hospitals, pharmacies and physicians, pharmacists accept bribery leads to excessive medical treatment, medicine and medical treatment and the number of false false bills and other potentially fraudulent hedging behavior are also in the scope of punishment. The "Circular" said, Fujian Province medical insurance management system of medical insurance fund refused to pay to be included in the "all products purchase price or cost of health care related agencies blacklist, and terminate the insurance related qualification, units and individuals included in the" black list "will be published in the media and website taben. It is understood that, as the country’s first comprehensive health care reform pilot provinces, Fujian Province in September 28th this year, the first in the country to set up a health insurance office, which also marks the Fujian provincial health care management agencies in place. Recently, the Fujian provincial Party Committee Organization Committee issued "on the set of problems in the management system of district health insurance" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), requested by city municipal health care institutions and functions of integration, accelerate the establishment of City Medical Security Management Bureau, straighten out the management system of medical security, and management responsibilities. City Health Insurance Bureau listed in the City Finance Bureau, the relatively independent operation, the formation of a real right to work, director of the agency. Fujian medical insurance office director Zhan Jifu also served as deputy director of Fujian Provincial Department of finance, is love with "break the Kowloon flood situation" to describe the formation of the medical insurance office. "For a long time, the existence of the ‘decentralized functions of medical insurance management system, Kowloon flood’ phenomenon, such as a number of related medical supervision departments of medical institutions to force"相关的主题文章: