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Fuzhou overnight two small altitude falls have died   a sigh night – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn this autumn, the two families, destined to be a sad memory. Overnight, Fuzhou, a group of two boys, falling from the sky, ending a young life! Occurred in the building Jiajian Hualin Road, another occurred in Taijiang Fu Xinyuan district two machine. The young man, the night from the 40 floor to fall 13 in the morning, the reporters came to the touchi garden district two, building No. 7 in front of the building, a man is washing the building before seven and ground on the edge of the vehicle. "The young man fell in beside the car." One resident said. The scene of the public told reporters, many of them are the owners, but the houses are rented to others, because men are not small owners, so early in the morning they received a telephone district property, to come back to help confirm the identity of the deceased, whether for their tenants. At the scene, some residents said that the man was Nanping, 21 years old. Reporters in the Property Office learned that the police have not yet mastered the identity of the deceased, the building tenants too much, one by one owner, landlord police information registration is still in the office, one by one investigation. Falls ago bought a cup of coffee, the reporter learned that the young man is the 13 day at half past two in the morning, from the top 7 Building (40 floors) fall. In more than and 20 minutes before the falls, the man also went to the entrance of the Wanjia supermarket. Because the time falls in the middle of the night, at that time no one noticed until about 4 in the morning, before being found. Reporters then came to the door of the District of 10000 convenience stores, convenience stores are 24 hours of business. The shopkeeper said, listen to the night watch brother said, buying a cup of coffee when the man into the shop, but to buy coffee when wearing clothes and seemed to fall dead when the clothes are not the same, but the purchase of coffee was taken to the attic. For this fall related to the incident, the police said it is still under investigation. The key building a hotel room, the man from the falling reporter then went to the building Jiajian Hualin road to falls, another man was at 8 last night. Drop dead place, in the basement of the building in the basement of the keys to the side of Hualin Road entrance, but also caused some trouble getting out of the vehicle. Witnesses Liu told reporters that he was in the building after dinner, ready to go to the library to drive away, but found a young man lying in the garage entrance, there seems to be no signs of life. Reporters learned that the man falls is the guest, a hotel of the key building in the outsiders, about more than and 20 years old, falling from the hotel room, suspected Dutch act. Reporters then confirmed from the police there are men fall dead event, the family has come to deal with related matters, the cause of death has ruled out homicide, the police are still investigating the situation. (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章: