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Health In our modern society being tall is thought to be as an asset to people’s personal and working life. Many individuals who are not tall wonder what they can do to be able to increase their height. It is possible to use stretching workouts to increase height no matter how old and out of shape you are. There are many of these kinds of exercises that work well but in this article we will concentrate on five stretching exercises to increase height that will help people get started. – Do The "Super Stretch": A good all round stretching exercise which extends the spinal column is the Super Stretch. Stand straight and lean back gently as you lift your arms up and reach your hands as far as possible. The stretching effect must be felt in the lower part of the spine. People can also do this exercise lying down. Three sets of ten repetitions must be done and each repetition should last 5-8 seconds. – The Wall Stretch Exercise: You can also use the Wall Stretch exercise to help extend your back in an effective manner. Lean against a wall keeping your back straight. Now make an effort to stand on your toes whilst you take your arms up and stretch them as high as possible. Keeping your back flat against the wall might be a bit difficult at the initial stages. Three sets of ten repetitions with every repetition lasting 5-7 seconds. – The "Downhill Racer" Exercise: You possibly can stretch out both your legs and your spine using an exercise named the Downhill Racer. Keeping your legs shoulder width apart stand straight. Your arms must be kept behind your back. Now bend as far forward as you can go while slowly swinging your arms back to their full extent. This exercise should be done in three sets with each set having ten repetitions that last 5-7 seconds. – Two Leg Lift: The fourth exercise which we are going to speak about is the two leg lift and this work out helps to extend your spine and also provides a better posture to your body by strengthening your back muscles. To perform this exercise lay face down with the palms down and to each side. Then while keeping your feet together, slowly lift your legs up in the air as far as you can, hold for 3-4 seconds and then relax. Repeat three sets of ten repetitions of this exercise on a daily basis. – Hanging: Hanging from a bar is the last exercise that we are going to re.mend for increasing your height in a natural way. This work out helps to extend your spine as well as legs. Keeping your hands wider while hanging can help to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles. To get best results, this exercise should be done for at least 30 minutes per week. As talked about earlier, stretching exercises will help to increase your height in a natural holistic way. There are many different varieties of stretching exercises that may help to extend your spinal column and legs. People can get started easily with the five exercises above however once they have them down they ought to think about learning how to do more by going online. Just key in stretching exercises for height gain on any search engine and you would find all the information that you need. Good healthy nutrition is also very important for gaining height besides physical exercises. About the Author: By: Travel Care Air – Travel Care Air explores the recent trend of rural hospitals closing their doors and how the air ambulance industry has stepped in to help people in need. 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