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Health The state of Victoria in Australia is seeing a rapid increase in the number of crimes being .mitted. Victoria Police recorded 391,325 offenses state-wide. This was a direct increase of 8.2% from the number of offenses recorded in 2010/2011. The early 2013 too is seeing an alarming increase in all kinds of crimes being .mitted in Victoria with indecent assault being one of them. All victims of crime are subjected to mental trauma and the government of Victoria sensing their dis.fort and helplessness has put in place a law which provides the victims support service by providing them adequate monetary .pensation as well as counseling. Whether it is a victim of armed robbery, violent robbery, home invasion aggravated burglary, child abuse, child sexual abuse, indecent assault ,sexual abuse, domestic abuse, physical abuse, stalking threats to kill, workplace assault, homicide, culpable driving, dangerous driving, murder, road rage, breach of Intervention Order, threat to harm, bullying or any other violent crime; all are eligible to approach the government of Victoria for appropriate .pensation and counsel ling. To help these victims get their due .pensation and counseling from the government, Victims of Crime Counseling & .pensation Services based in Victoria, lends a helping hand in order to provide them free, prompt and professional financial advice and support for all kinds of crime. Victims of Crime .pensation & Counsel ling Service in Victoria is basically a private entity which has been at the forefront of providing referral services and support to victims of crime in Victoria. We are the only national victims of crime service provider in Australia and also refer to solicitors in New South Wales and South Australia who are experienced in supporting victims of crime.We have been operating in Victoria, Australia, for the last fifteen years and specialize exclusively in facilitating Free State government funded entitlements to victims of crime. Till date we have assisted in over 6000 crime .pensation applications and believe in Supporting the rights of Victims of Crime in Victoria, Australia. With our .mitment to help all kinds of victims get the best support and referral services for the crime .mitted against them, we make our best effort to provide victims support service .For us every crime is viewed as a violation of a persons right including indecent assault. We understand that this type of assault is sexual in nature and any person who has indecent contact with another or takes indecent liberties with a person without his or her consent is guilty of indecent assault. We help victims of such indecent assault get their rightful .pensation from the government of Victoria which also considers this assault a strict cognizable of fence. We at Victims of Crime help victims who approach us get the maximum .pensation from the state government and also provide them counselling, legal advice and assistance and also make the victims and their loved ones understand that the offender does not need to be charged in order to apply for crime .pensation. Our highly experienced solicitors & psychologists make sure that the victims of crimes receive the best financial and recovery About the Author: 相关的主题文章: