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GeTian again denied pseudopregnancy! Liu Xiang also speaks Wu Sha derailed? Text: Xiong Xiaoyao is not the first two days in a biography of Liu Xiang in the reality show to marry his girlfriend Wu Sha video, let a lot of people are surprised to eat melon. Day! Liu Xiang wants to be married again!? Together with the previous sharp eyed viewers also found that Liu Xiang had brought the ring finger. All signs seem to add up to verify what? And in the integrity of the show yesterday, we have seen such a scene of dog abuse. Wu Sha’s surprise appearance, Liu Xiang was taking advantage of the booing!" "Kissing!". However, our Xiangfei up directly gave Wu Sha a powerful overbearing Princess hold, and then quietly held. Tut! This wave of dog food! A little sweet! But it’s not over yet! Insiders pointed out that in fact not out afterwards in an interview, the amount of information is more!!! Liu Xiang exposes married: Jingjing they also asked me how not to propose. But I actually proposed. I asked you to get married, you know? After marriage, you know?" WTF!? This is what this is not marry ah, that has been married!? Can only say: it is flying trapeze, speed of my clothes! You know, more than a year ago, Liu Xiangcai just got divorced from ge! The news broke the news, ex-wife Gregory day on the hot search. Ge Tianceng is a big fan of Liu Xiang, the two met in love for many years and 4 months, and were married in September 2014 licensing. But the good times don’t last long, marriage lasted only ten months away!!! Divorce about half a year, Liu Xiang exposed and former girlfriend compound, after he also micro-blog high-profile love, the object is the legendary former girlfriend, women’s pole vault athlete Wu Sha. Two composite after sweet anomaly, micro-blog often show affection, spilled food. But Liu Xiang and Wu Shagang was married, Liu Xiang’s ex-wife GeTian micro-blog. Ge day is also said to be very miserable. From the beginning to get married, they broke the news of a variety of black history, was said by Liu Xiang, etc.. After the divorce, was also said to be cheated false pregnancy, etc.. Now Liu Xiang was also married, or have a lot of friends again, then GeTian choking back online, direct reply that rumor pseudopregnant people will have the retribution, "said the parties hope to stand out dignified and imposing. Liu Xiang and Wu Sha also suspected of innuendo, in a netizen said in reply "responsible to tell you what did you ask, what do the two athletes." Spearhead not only pointing to her ex husband Liu Xiang, also pointed to Wu Sha, this is to imply? Off the rails!? Full of grievances! Oh yes, two people divorced when GE days also deleted such a state. Later on the show is also feeling the sobbing, some quite interesting words. For example, she said: before the people, what things would like to repair the bad, and now the people, what things would like to change the bad. Also said that after the divorce her fairy tale dream woke up…. Ah ah! It was a long time drama… Reverse note相关的主题文章: