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Food-and-Drink Restaurants often ready to try new recipes and new food trends once calendars turn to a new year. They do this to keep everyone in their kitchen and serving staff thinking of new food ideas. But at the same time some delicious, traditional foods never see fit to change. If certain restaurants serve the same excellent, juicy prime rib night after night to great acclaim, or if great Italian restaurants continue to serve their customers with delicious calamari, seafood and pastas year after year, there does not seem to be great incentive to stop. However, it seems that with each New Year changes, food trends change too. Some of the top tips to watch for in 2013 .e from Restaurant Magazine, which offers up the following food trends as some of the ones to watch. The magazine notes that Some of these developments are mainstream trends among major players, others are edgy urban movements that may or may not spread to the wider American public, and some are in the process of evolving from leading-edge to mainstream. Chicken is back in the Spotlight Your basic chicken? a trend? How is it so? The magazine notes that New quick-service and fast-casual fried-chicken concepts are popping up, offering Southern or spicy takes on a classic. Chicken in Italian meals is a mainstay, Hispanic-accents are flavoring some chicken dishes and maybe other chicken flavors from different countries are next. Vegetables move to the Mainstream Flavorful, roasted, steamed vegetables are hitting their stride with restaurant diners. Their use in salads, main courses, tasty sides and more are giving flexibility for vegetables with their customers. Great grains make the dinner Grains help fill customers stomachs. Pastas remain a mainstay, but what about protein-packed polenta, couscous or bulgur? In fact, even Bon Appetit brings it home with its new year recipes list of some wonderful tasting appetizers. Its Soft Thyme-Scented Polenta sounds heavenly to our eyes and ears, for its simplicity and its delicious favors within. After Thai Food is South American food Food styles .e in waves and the great Asian confluence of flavors and pleasure is still in full swing. But another wave has .e from South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Peru in recent years, and is making many fans of adventurous eating. In many U.S. restaurants, diners are taking to South American grilled meats, chimichurri sauce, ceviche, seafood dishes and happy, tasty cocktails served up with the regions distinguished national liquors. Drinks Make the Meal Speaking of tasty beverages, its truly be.e part of American culture to add in drinks with their meals. Whether the meal insists on fancy new cocktails to .plement it, or new blends of exquisite wines to add a flavor match, refreshing beverages are definitely something to watch for in 2013. All of these trends and more are making 2013 a great year to resolve to eat out more often and cure the cooking-at-home blues. Youll be glad you did. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: