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Green travel campaign launched Gofun travel to lead the people to Green Travel News – September Beijing in 23,   22, the first green travel Campaign sponsored by the Chinese City Public Transportation Association of the launching ceremony held in Beijing automobile museum. Gofun travel time as a representative of the business car to participate in the green travel theme activities in the implementation of green transport development concept to express their feelings, highlighting the environmental friendly, efficient way to travel. It is understood that Gofun travel as a new energy car when the car rental representative enterprises, on-line since February of this year, with a continuous improvement momentum in the industry, and actively committed to innovation, more convenient and stylish green travel mode. In order to help the event, the organizers invited 100 college students to participate in the group, in addition to the FUN element also highlights the young fan Gofun travel, fashion fan. This green fashion driven by the green wind also won a lot of attention to the scene and the relevant leaders of the green travel industry. It is reported that the theme of the trip is green traffic thick travel". The emphasis is on reducing the time, economy, health and environmental costs of travel through the selection of a more appropriate means of transportation. At the same time, to encourage the public to consider their own and social commitment to the premise of the cost of transportation, from the individual and social perspective, try to choose economic, intensive green transport. The Gofun travel launch of new energy vehicles when compared to the general introduction of the promotion of walking, bicycle travel and bus travel has obvious advantages. As we all know, many users now have a strong sense of environmental protection, but also very supportive of the environmental day, green day and other activities. While Gofun travel its new energy vehicles to light up the green travel, but also fully meet the needs of users of high-frequency vehicles. Gofun travel in line with the concept of environmental protection for the public service for the user to create a more valuable travel program. Gofun travel on behalf of the new energy vehicles time-sharing car is a green way to travel, on the one hand to reduce the pressure of the user’s travel in the city, on the other hand can also allow users to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds while easily travel. It is reported that the green travel campaign started only national development green transportation, improve the capacity of sustainable city herald. In the future, in the process of improving the green transportation system with low carbon and high efficiency, there will be more powerful measures and more innovative programs, saving travel time and cost, and improving the ecological environment. Gofun travel will also work with the majority of users to jointly safeguard our living environment, leading the future of green travel new life.相关的主题文章: