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Guangxi’s first high-speed Wu Liu bridge across the full range of breakthrough is expected to open in 2017 Nanning evening news (reporter Wang Zhipeng correspondent Huang Dakun Ventura) Guangxi is currently the largest investment in expressway construction, the longest mileage, passing through the county (District) is a freeway most Wuzhou Liuzhou Expressway (hereinafter called Wu Liu speed) on 2017 opened to traffic. The day before the Wu Liu Chong Kou bridge to achieve high-speed wolf all through, become the first full width across the board through the bridge. It is reported that in October 29th, Wu Liu Chong Kou bridge high speed wolf last piece T beam successful completion of erection, marking the bridge smoothly through the full range of. Wu Liu high-speed line a total of 4 bridge, 16 tunnels, the wolf mouth bridge is one of the key projects, a total length of 1224 meters, the construction process of cantilever pouring. The design of the bridge structure is complex, the terrain is grim, it is the difficulty of the construction of the largest project, it is a breakthrough for the development of road construction and transport channels laid a solid foundation. It is understood that the Wu Liu high-speed main line construction mileage of 214.4 kilometers, connecting line mileage of 100 kilometers, of which Wuzhou is 60 kilometers long. Wu Liu is the Guangxi high speed highway network planning "six vertical and eight horizontal seven line" in the "4 horizontal" (Cangwu longan Tsui) is an important part of the highway to shuolong. According to the national highway network planning (2013 – 2030), the project has been officially listed as Baotou to Maoming National Highway (G65) contact line, into the national high net (G6517) category. Wu Liu high-speed line in the town of Changzhou water district of Wuzhou City, which is connected with the opening of the Guilin has been built in the Wuzhou Expressway and Wuzhou Ring Road, stop at the East Liuzhou interchange in Liuzhou city overpass in the vicinity of NATO Beacon Hill 3 kilometers, connecting with the main line of expressway from Liuzhou to Guilin, via Wuzhou, Guigang, Liuzhou, guests 4 city and Changzhou District of Wuzhou, Cangwu County, Tengxian City, Guiping, Pingnan County, Jinxiu County, Xiangzhou County, the Liujiang River County, Luzhai County, Liuzhou city and the District 10 county (city) district. The simultaneous construction of Pingnan East, Xiangzhou, Donghua, river, estuary, Baisha, Guoan to Dong heart, a total of 8 lines of Dayao, connecting line construction mileage of 100.143 km. Wu Liu highway project by building a two-way four lane Expressway standard, project estimates a total investment of 19 billion 654 million yuan, completed in 2017.相关的主题文章: