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Guangzhou informed the 5 people around the "four winds" and corruption case – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Liu Huaiyu Sui Ji Xuan) the afternoon of September 29th, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection announced a recent investigation of the masses around the "four winds" and the problem of corruption case. 1 Baiyun District Office of illegal cash subsidies paid tianjin. During the period from 2010 to 2015, the director of Baiyun District Office Du Jun, chief of the people and integrated service department Zhou Xiushan jointly decided, the district civil office unit area civil air defense communication station Zhou Qiyao through great funds, taking "flood control professional team" 141 thousand and 700 yuan of special funds, on behalf of the Spring Festival holiday fee "issued to the district the office of all employees. Du Jun and being placed on probation, party a serious warning by Zhou Qiyao, Zhou Xiushan on suspicion of bribery being expelled from the party, transferred to judicial organs, illegal payment of money to be recovered. 2 Liwan District aurum-o yuan primary school principals Li Xiaotian violations of financial discipline, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies. In the period from January 2013 to June 2015, Li Xiaotian illegal Liwan District Dongjiao Street East Jiao jingjilianshe funded funds 221 thousand and 530 yuan into the school union accounts, and which will be 111 thousand and 260 yuan in relief funds, subsidies and incentives in the form of payment to the school staff. Li Xiaotian by administrative warning, illegal payment of money to be recovered. 3 Panyu District Shawan Town, Longwan village Party branch secretary and village committee director Liang Huiwen issued Tianjin illegal subsidies. During the period from 2013 to 2015, Liang Huiwen presided over the village committee meeting, decided upon execution of the subsidy standard for Shawan Town, the other in the name of automobile maintenance, depreciation, insurance subsidies to the village committee cadres subsidies, issued a total of 176 thousand yuan. Party a serious warning by Liang Huiwen, illegal payment of money to be recovered. 4 Haizhuqu District Jianghai street jingjilianshe Hong Wei president and Party branch committee Jian Wensheng organization of public funds. The evening of January 16, 2015, Hong Wei jingjilianshe through the city in 2014 the fire inspection, Jane Vincent jingjilianshe organization part between the team members, union cadres and other economic and social security staff, a total of 28 people to dinner to celebrate a hotel in Panyu District. The dinner cost 4325 yuan in jingjilianshe collective account reimbursement. Jian Wensheng by the party warning, illegal public funds costs to be recovered. 5 Huadu District Court of the Executive Board of executive assistant (deputy director) Liu Qiliang to accept the management object dinner. November 25, 2014, Liu Qiliang, as the implementation of the judge on the case of debt disputes, in the process of handling the case, the people involved may affect the fair execution of official banquets. Liu Qiliang by the party warning, illegal acceptance of the dinner to be returned.相关的主题文章: