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Guilin a small 14 year old female netizen intimidation with beast in two rape of Guilin evening news (reporter correspondent Jiang Xuan Chen Zuanmao) 20 year old boy Wang Bin (a pseudonym) an 14 year old female friends snow (a pseudonym) home dating after being refused, they were threatening to snow, forced to have to promise. Unexpectedly, after the encounter, Wang Bin beast big hair, the use of force and forced the relationship between light snow. Yesterday, Wang Bin was sentenced to six years imprisonment by the people’s Court of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous county. In February 26, 2016, Wang Bin added "snow man" as a friend by searching for "nearby people" through QQ. Because of fellow villager’s reason, light snow soon told the other’s age, address and other information. Look at the snow chat gap, Wang Bin QQ album, that girl is very juicy, they lied to the next day is my birthday, about snow home together in the birthday party, the result was rejected. Wang Bin immediately turned face, accusing the snow not to face, claiming to find people to her house to see a play once dundian. The snow is very scared, worried about Wang Binzhen take revenge himself, but had to promise. The next afternoon, Wang Bin drove her motorcycle to the place where she agreed to take her home. Stay in the house for a while, Wang Bin let snow accompany him into the room to sleep. Do not want to see the snow, Wang Bin stepped forward and put it into the room, and then forced grabbed her neck threatened not to strangle you ". Snow was pinched out of breath, had to nod consent. Seeing her compromise, Wang Bin took off herself and her underwear, and after a disorderly mess, she raped her. 28 early morning, Wang Bin raped light snow again. In the morning, when sending light snow to leave, Wang Bin warned her not to spread the story. After returning home, Snow told the parents of the matter, and report to the police. Subsequently, Wang Bin was arrested by the public security organs. Forensic identification, Wang Bin used tissue paper and light snow vaginal wipes STR classification results consistent, confirm Wang Bin rape facts. The court held that, Wang Bin violation of women’s will, coercion, violence, adultery age of fourteen young girls, their behavior has constituted the crime of rape, then the above verdict.

桂林一小伙恐吓约见14岁女网友 兽性大发两次强奸   桂林晚报讯(记者蒋璇 通讯员陈缵茂)20岁小伙王彬(化名)邀约14岁女网友小雪(化名)到家中约会遭拒后,便对其进行威胁恐吓,小雪被迫只好答应。不料见面后,王彬兽性大发,使用武力强行与小雪发生关系。昨日,王彬被恭城瑶族自治县人民法院依法判处有期徒刑六年。   2016年2月26日,王彬通过QQ搜索“附近的人”,添加了小雪为好友。因为是老乡的缘故,小雪很快将自己的年龄、住址等信息告诉了对方。聊天间隙,王彬翻看小雪的QQ相册,发现女孩十分水灵,便谎称次日是自己的生日,约小雪到家中一起参加庆生会,结果遭到拒绝。   王彬立马翻了脸,指责小雪不给面子,声称要找人去她家蹲点见一次打一次。小雪十分害怕,担心王彬真的打击报复自己,无奈只好答应下来。   次日下午,王彬开着摩托车到与小雪约定的地方将她接回自己家中。在屋内呆了没一会,王彬就让小雪陪他进屋睡觉。见小雪不愿意,王彬上前一把将其拖进房间,然后用力掐住她的脖子威胁说“不给就掐死你”。小雪被掐得喘不过气,只好点头答应。见她妥协,王彬脱下自己和她的衣裤,一阵乱亲乱摸后,对其实施了奸淫。28日凌晨,王彬再次强奸了小雪。当天上午,送小雪离开时,王彬警告她不能将此事外传。   回到家后,小雪将此事告诉了父母,并向警方报案。随后,王彬被公安机关逮捕归案。经法医鉴定,王彬使用过的纸巾及小雪阴道擦拭物STR分型结果一致,确认王彬的强奸事实。   法院经审理认为,王彬违背妇女意志,采取胁迫、暴力手段奸淫不满十四周岁幼女,其行为已构成强奸罪,遂依法作出上述判决。相关的主题文章: