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Harbin 200 mobile patrol control car all day long road to capture the vehicle illegal yesterday, the traffic police department of the punishment all kinds of traffic violations 4909, which relates to the bus 68, taxi 24, 62 Taiwan Hong Kong Tian Moldova, yellow car 13 units, and the use of mobile capture illegal 450. At present, the ring closed Kang An Road construction, and Kang Ning Lu fluent Street has become the main part of the diversion Road, the driver does not want to see the car in order to pass, next to the road frequently have retrograde clogging, big traffic safety problems, the traffic police will take a step along the tour to ease control, mobile patrol control car all day long open video illegal remind the driver vehicle, not luck, mobile capture lock will be punished. In parallel with the adjacent Kang An Lu Kang Ning Lu at present almost all crane flow saturation, connecting Edmonton road and Kang An Road smooth street every morning like a one-way street, High German map traffic monitoring data show that the Kang Ning Lu, fluent Street during the rush hour average speed of 8 kilometers per hour, in addition to the reasons so slowly traffic is large, and some vehicles often illegal road retrograde contention channel grab for. The reporter visited the scene found that the fluent Street two-way 4 lane, the early peak from Cade square to the big market under the direction of the road vehicle retrograde row was tied on to the driveway, the vehicle can not to normal traffic intersection, "put to death" phenomenon is prominent. In the next retrograde Kang Ning Lu up to two sections, one is the direction to Ningqiao Kang Xuefu Road in Corelle Qiaokou District, the vehicle coming suddenly before the next retrograde isolation belt after the U-turn, two is to Ningqiao Kang Gu Xiang in the direction of the bridge car crossed the double yellow lines in the coming New Gu Street intersection then forced gasser back to the left turn lane. According to reports, because of the subjective illegal Ningqiao Kang traffic accidents, directly affect the poor dealers along, Gu Xiang area traffic police have been deployed police, the fluent Street of Kang Ning Lu, "things are under scrutiny, sparse block road retrograde illegal vehicles. According to the traffic police department, to concentrate and the newly formed 13 "Jiuwei squad" and other patrol police together for the next retrograde contention channel grab the line, running red lights and other serious traffic violations, highlight the strengthening of "punishment" and "the maximum punishment". At the same time, the traffic police department will be dispatched more than and 200 mobile car illegal recording, increase the frequency of illegal patrol multiple sections, all-weather to capture evidence and illegal vehicle lock punishment. Traffic police tips: 1, the next road retrograde behavior is very dangerous, so the traffic accident caused by the party responsible for the whole. 2, the reverse driving violations, traffic police will impose a fine of 200 yuan, driver’s license to remember the penalty of 6 points.相关的主题文章: