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Harbin Nangang qianyiji "new name" industrial cluster ready on November 1st Heilongjiang daily news recently, only 55 degrees below zero in the global implementation of fast charging six minutes, charging capacity of more than 90% of new materials for power battery production base, to start construction in the new material industrial park in Harbin District of Nangang, supporting the construction of industrial park has started a month ago a variety of cold, pure electric vehicle fast charging vehicle has entered the commissioning phase of the assembly. As the core components of new energy vehicles, a cold fast charging battery, with a global breakthrough patented technology, "affect" the 14 high-tech enterprises in the domestic group located in Nangang District, 16 mainland industrial chain supporting enterprises to participate in the cooperation. To cold fast charging battery new material as the core, the new energy electric vehicles as the representative of one hundred billion scale "new brand" industrial cluster ready has a number of the world’s leading technology. 55 degrees below zero, discharge more than eighty percent, fast charge for more than 6 minutes, charging capacity of more than 90%, can travel for 200 kilometers, can be recycled for more than 30 thousand times, more than 20 years…… Around these new digital materials, battery "Refresh" to start the construction of production base for orders, qianyiji industrial scale domestic extremely cold area of new energy and new materials industry chain cluster project, walked into the orbit of the market. Have a breakthrough patented technology of power battery of Beijing Bo Xinyuan Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zhang Bo told reporters: "new energy and new materials industry cluster projects including Xiyuan -2.4 billion Wh cold fast charging system of power battery production base, Dongfeng zonbo new energy electric vehicle project, the city logistics vehicle charging infrastructure projects, the new material -PTC fever materials, carbon nano materials, graphene composite materials industry, Hai Hua Bo – intelligent equipment integration of rail transit equipment production base, Internet plus Beidou mobile Internet + big data operation platform, pure electric car rental service platform eight project operation. The incubator of Harbin new energy science and technology building, and promote the production base of linkage, in the Arctic region to build new energy pure electric vehicles, power battery, charging facilities, heating equipment, new materials, rail transportation equipment, Internet plus Beidou electric car rental, logistics distribution, operations base project and related industrial projects, from research and development production operation service extends to the terminal." Harbin city Nangang district Party committee secretary Liang Ye told reporters: "Nangang District Science and technology resources to give full play to the advantages of agglomeration, technology plays, take the road of innovation, through the platform, fangshuiyangyu and Zhuchaoyinfeng way, play one hundred billion scale high-tech industry cluster" EMU "effect, promote the leapfrog development of Nangang regional economy". According to reports, at present, 30 domestic enterprises into the cluster the strength of new energy and new materials, the whole industry chain in the Great Northern Wilderness, black graphite, Tianjin power of God, Haihua electronics and well-known automobile company Dongfeng Special vehicles, Beijing car as the representative, the formation of industry cluster innovation platform linkage mode. Among them, 14 high-tech enterprises have been settled in Nangang District Business Incubator – Harbin new energy science and technology building. Zhang Bo told reporters: "from the cold fast charging system power battery patented technology to join forces.相关的主题文章: