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Coffee With everyone watching carbs and calories, can Italian food really be healthy? If Italian food is so fattening why do I know so many skinny Italians? Not all Italian food fits the stereo type of piles of pastas under sauce, meat, and cheese. Authentic Italian food has many healthy options and some regions in Italy actually use rice more than pasta in their dishes. In general, the people who live along the borders of the Mediterranean Sea are very healthy. There is even a weight loss diet that is based on the foods .mon to the Mediterranean area. This diet actually includes an occasional glass of wine! Some of the characteristics of healthy Italian food: Balance-true Mediterranean food includes beans, seafood, fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains, and pasta that are eaten in moderate portions. Olive oil is the main fat in the diet-though Italian food is not considered low fat, olive oil is known for many health benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease. Often olive oil is used instead of butter. Minimal fatty foods-the meats are often lean and there is a minimal of butter used, many sauces are tomato based instead of cream based. Absence of fried foods-Italian dishes rarely includes fried food on the menu. High percentage of vegetables-Italian diets usually include about 60% vegetables that are prepared in a variety of ways and included in a large number of Italian dishes. Casual dining-it may seem like Italians eat a lot because they are at the table so long, but they actually eat in moderate portions because they take their time and dont rush through a meal. Tomatoes-there are many health benefits to eating tomatoes and they are one of the main ingredients in Italian dishes. The tomatoes may be sun dried, fresh, pureed, or cooked. As the Italian young people gravitate towards the western lifestyle and the habit of eating fast foods, the healthy Italian diet is lost. The Italian government is .bating that by educating children in school about the health benefits of the Italian diet and healthy eating in general. The health education campaign is countrywide. For westerners who enjoy Italian food but choose to watch their carbohydrate intake, there are many Italian dishes that dont have pasta as an ingredient and though tempting, the garlic bread can always be skipped. Some Italian dishes that arent pasta based include the following: Chicken with sun dried tomatoes Roasted lamb Sausage and peppers Chicken Parmesan Meatballs (extra large served on their own) Roast chicken with fennel Chicken Marsala Many herbs are believed to have medicinal and health enhancing properties. One main ingredient in Italian food is garlic. It is easy to get fresh garlic and it is in almost every Italian recipe. Garlic is known for being a natural antibiotic (broad spectrum). It is also believed to boost the immune system and its a powerful antioxidant. For some people, consuming garlic can even repel mosquitoes! Adding fresh vegetables to any diet is going to increase the health of the person who adds them to their diet. Large salads made with deep colored lettuce and lots of fresh ingredients can be the start of any Italian meal. When you are planning on going out to eat healthy food, you can choose an Italian restaurant like Mama Jennies Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria, and Catering, which is located in Florida. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: